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In 2012-13 Year starting from Mesha Samkraanti, Solar Transit into 20th Nakshatra (Poorvaashaadha पूर्व-आषाढ़) started on 29th Dec 2012, 5:22:38.44 Kenya Time (Meru Time) or 7:52:38.44 IST. Sun was at 252 deg 20'. D-1 chart drawn at equator with 38:18':18" E as longitude (of Mt Meru or Mt Kenya) is the Nakshatra Pravesha chart of Poorvaashaadha for the whole world.

Using Kundalee Software, select 'Medini' in the second combo box at top, and then select 'MeruWorldChart' from the first combo at top. Input 2012 in the left hand side box for year, and replace '1' (fopr Ashwuini or Mesha Pravesha) with '20' (the number of desired Nakshatra) in the large green text box at bottom. Then click 'SHOW' and you will get D-1 chart on world map.

It it you will find India in 8H (=8th house), excluding the southern tip of India. Lord venus is normal in 2H, but highly malefic Jupiter as 3L + 6L (3L means lord of 3rd ouse) sits in 8H bitter enmically and retrograde. Retrogression increases the strength of a planet. If it ios malefic, retrogression makes it more malefic.

Therefore, India in 8H with highly malefic Jupiter has very bad time from IST 7:52:38 , 29-12-2012 to IST 8:35:25 on 10-1-2013.

On an average, Sun resides for 13.3 days in a Nakshatra, but Sun is at its nearest point to Earth around 3 - 4 Jan, this Poorvaashaadha chart is effective for 12 days approximately.

Due to highly malefic Jupiter, weather conditions should be very bad in India, except in southernmost regions. In winter, very bad means more severe winter. On the other hand, Australia falls in 6H owned by malefic Jupiter and 6H itself being malefic. Hence, the same Jupiter should be bad for Australia. Being in southern hemisphere, Australia has summer, which should be hotter due to same Jupiter which causes severe cold in India. It is because a hot winter is good and not malefic, and a cold summer is good. Hence, a malefic Jupiter will increase the severity of both winter or summer in regions ruled by it.

Reports say India experienced abnormally cold winter with snowfall in UP, Haryana and Rajasthan, while Australia experienced abnormally hot summer with temperature crossing 50 degrees celsius.

Jupiter is associated with winds. Hence, it should cause cold wave in India and hot wave in Australia.

Another example :

Input 5 (in Kundalee Software as above) for Mrigshiraa in 2007 AD, and you will find highly malefic summer in India, confirmed by reports (

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