Uttarakhand Cataclysm Mid June 2013

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Annual Charts (Meshaarambha)

Two cautions are necessary :


If you use Medini mode then in the large green text-box at bottom in Kundalee Software's input data form you must type in the number of degrees. For instance,

zero for Meshaarambha (Annual chart),

13.33333333333333 for Bharani-Pravesha, 26.666666666666667 for Krittika-Pravesha, and so on ;

30 for Vrish-Pravesha, 60 for Mithuna-Pravesha, and so on ;

32.5 for second Pratyantara in Vrisha, 35 for third Pratyantara, and so on ;

35.208033333333333 for second Sookshma in third Pratyantara of Vrisha, 35.416666666666667 for third Sookshma, and so on ;

35.22536944444444 for second Praana in second Sookshma in third Pratyantara of Vrisha, 35.242705555555556 for third Praana in second Sookshma in third Pratyantara of Vrisha, and so on;

any other number not in conformity with any harmonics above for the chaqrt for that moment (gochara), e.g. the longitude of Sun in your birthchart in order to find World's or India's chart for that moment when you were born.


In all such cases there must be at least one space after this number if you want to save your comments (upto 32000 characters) in that text box. If there is no space after the initial number, you must not add your comments at all.

World Charts (Merucentric)


In Kundalee Software's input data form, select "Medini" folder and then on its left select "MeruWorldChart", and without changing any other thing change the year in left side box for year to 2013, and click SHOW button on the right. The D-1 chart and its map will open up for the time of Nirayana Sun's entry into Mesha. North and central India lies in 6H, Jup sitting there. Its lord Venus was highly malefic, being 6L + 11L + 10L and in enmical sign of combust Mars and Venus itself also combust in its worst enemy Sun. Mars was also enmical to Venus. Hence, these two strong benefics Sun and Mars gave only enmical fruits to 6H, to whicj malefic fruits of Venus and that of 6H were added to make it worse. The letter "u" of Uttarakhanda was viddha in SBC by Venus, Sun and Mars, and also by a malefic 12L Ketu.

Timing :
6H started from 13 deg 45'; in Vrish to 12 deg 41' in Mithuna. 360 degrees in annual charts are equivalent to one solar year. Hence, from Meshaarambha, timing of 6H started on noon of 28 May 2013 and ended on eve of 26 Jun 2013. Effective planets Venus, Sun and MArs had more aspect on latter half of 6H, hence main fruit of 6H had to come in 2nd half of 6H period. Same method should be applied to all charts, annual or otherwise, with only one difference : one year for annual chart's full length should be replaced with duration of that particular chart.


In Meshaarambha World Chart, Uttarakhand lied in 9H, but 9L (+12L) Mercury was exalted in 12H, which made it highly malefic. Letter "u" had SBC vedha by two killers : 11L exalted Sun in 7H, and 2L + 7L Mars in 7H, Sun being enmical and Mars bitter enmical to 9H.

India's Charts (Vidishaa-centric)


In Kundalee Software's input data form, select "Medini" folder and then on its left select "VidishaDeshaChart", and without changing any other thing change the year in left side box for year to 2013, and click SHOW button on the right. The D-1 chart and its map will open up for the time of Nirayana Sun's entry into Mesha. Uttarakhand lies in 6H and its lord Moon conjunct with killer Jupiter 2L + 11L and also with Ketu, all these three planets had SBC vedha on "u", and three more planets had vedha on "u" : Mars, Sun and Venus, Mars and Venus being combust in killer 7L Sun. Too many SBC vedhas increases the killer effect.


Uttarakhand lies in 4H. Its lord Moon was highly malefic, sitting in 6H with even more malefic Mercury which was exalted and 3L + 6L.

Nakshatra Charts : Sun's Entry into Mrigshira

World Charts (Merucentric)


Excepting South India, rest of India in 12H ans in SBC the letter  "u" has vedha from highly malefic and killer planets Mars and Moon : Mars 6L + 11L + combust in 3L Sun ; and Moon 2L. Moreover, 12H has three malefics : Moon 2L , Sun 3L, and Jup 7L + 10L (kendraadhipati Dosha) and atishatrugrihi). 12L Venus has no aspect on 12H.


Uttarakhand in 9H, but its lord Venus is controlled by 80% bhaavesha-drishti bitter enmical aspect of highly malefic 3L + 6L Jupiter seated in killer house 7H. Moreover, "u" has vedha from malefic 11L Sun, and 9H contains two enemical planets : Rahu and Ketu.

India Charts (Vidishaa-centric)


Uttarakhanda in 12H which is malefic. 12L is benefic, but with only 10' aspect on 12H, while extremely powerful and malefic Saturn which is 6L + 7L, retrograde, exalted in 3H, and conjunct with 7L Rahu which has 22' bitter enmical aspect on 12H. Ketu has SBC vedha on "u" and other planets have no aspect on 12H. On the whole, malefic and killer influences on 12H preponderate and 12H itself is bad.


Uttarakhanda in 8H. 8L is not malefic, but has only 30% aspect on 12H while extremely malefic and killer Saturn has 95% aspect on 12H ; Saturn is 2L + 3L, retrograde, in moolatrikona and in 3H.

Raashi Charts : Sun's Entry into Mithuna

Old programs about solar entry into raashis have been integrated into Kundali Software. In the large green textbox at bottom in Kundalee's input data form, type 30, or 60 and so on for the degree at which you want solar entry (samkraanti) chart and click SHOW. For other divisionals, use Switchboard > MAIN > Shodashvarga.

World Charts (Merucentric)


In MeruWorldChart, type "60" in the large green text box at bottom on input data form of Kundalee Software, and you will get World Chart for Sun's entry into Mithuna (60 degrees). In D-1, Uttarakhand in 12H with two enmical planets in 12H : killer Sun 2L in enemical sign, and Jupiter in bitter enmical sign, lord Mercury being a malefic : 3L + 12L with another malefic Venus 11L + 4L (kendraadhipati dosha plus 11L make Venus a malefic).


D30 has its lord Mercury as 1L + 10L in its own sign in 10H which is highly benefic. But moolatrikoni Rahu as 6L is strong and malefic there, aided by Mercury's enemy Ketu which is also malefic : 3L. Venus as 9L is benefic but killer as 2L, hence of mixed nature. Highly malefic and powerful Saturn in 6H has 77% aspect on uttarakhanda. Hence, in spite of a very benefic lord, there are powerful malefic influences too. The balance tilts in favour of malefics due to two malefic vedhas on "u" : Sun 12L in exaltation and Jupiter 4L + 7L with kendraadhipati dosha are both in 8H. 12L Sun in 8H has VRY and such a VRY planets becomes stronger and good for its sign if it is exalted, as we can see in 1579 AD's 360-years Divya Varsha Chakra (see at this website). But such a planet is malefic for other houses, including its viddha planet Ketu.

India Charts (Vidishaa-centric)

Solar entry into Mithuna (60 degrees nirayana) is noon 11:37:58 IST, 15th June, 2013.


Uttarakhanda partly in 12H and partly in 11H. 11L is killer by being 2L as well, and with Venus in 11H which is not good for benefics. But Mercury is svagrihi, although a malefic killer.


Uttarakhanda in killer 2H, and lord Moon in killer 7H, in enemy Jupiter's sign which has kendraadhipati dosha and malefic seat in 11H with eaxlted malefic Sun 3L with it : Sun and Jupiter having SBC vedha on "u".

Raashi's 12th Part : Pratyantara Pravesha

Nakshatra entry charts have only one type of sub-division : sun's entry into each half degree (such as 45.5 degrees, then 46 degrees, and so on, for which buttons have been provided on Chart-Maps.), but Raashi Pravesha Charts have two types of lower levels half degree chartrs, as well as Pratyantara (each 2.5 degrees) , as well as its lower levels Sookhma (12th part of 2.5 degrees) and Praana (144th part of 2.5 degrees).

Solar entry into Mithuna (60 degrees nirayana) is noon 11:37:58 IST, 15th June, 2013, and after 2.5 degrees of Sun the second Pratyantara of Mithuna starts at 02:49:48 IST on 18th June 2013, lasting for 63 hours 11 min 18 sec.

World Charts (Merucentric)


First Pratyantara is same as Mithuna Pravesha, and second Pratyanra ("62.5" degrees typed in input box of Kundalee) is as follows :

North and Central India in 4H, lord Venus benefic in 5H but in 4H there are three malefics : 7L Sun enmical to 4H with two combust planets : killer Jupiter 2L + 11L bitter enmical to 4H and 3L + 10L Mars combust in malefic Sun.


First Pratyantara is same as Mithuna Pravesha, and second Pratyanra ("62.5" degrees typed in input box of Kundalee) is as follows :

Uttarakhanda in 9H with 9L Mercury Mercury svagrihi in 9H but as 12L too, and conjunct with Rahu and Ketu both enmical to 9H. On the whole, it is not so bad in spite of nodes, but in SBC the letter "u" is viddha from two malefics " powerful malefic exalted Sun 11L in 7H and highly malefic Jupiter 3L + 6L combust in Sun in killer 7H. Hence, in 2nd Pratyantara of Mithuna, Uttarakhanda continued to be afflicted adversely, but not as acutely as in previous Pratyantara due to svagrihi Mercury.

India Charts (Vidishaa-centric)


First Pratyantara is same as Mithuna Pravesha, and second Pratyanra ("62.5" degrees typed in input box of Kundalee) is as follows :

Uttarakhand in 4H, 4L Moon in 6H, and 2L + 7L killer Venus in 4L. SBC has Ketu vedha on "u" and Ketu having 50% bitter enmical aspect on Uttarakhanda.


First Pratyantara is same as Mithuna Pravesha, and second Pratyanra ("62.5" degrees typed in input box of Kundalee) is as follows :

Uttarakhand in 2H ; llord Moon in friendly sign in 10H but with highly malefic Mars 6L +11L. Uttarakhand viddha with malefic Sun and Jupiter as before : 3L Sun exaltyed, and Jupiter kendradhipati dosha 7L + 10L both in 11H.

Sookhma, Praana and 'Desired-Time' Medini Charts


For making medini chart on World's or India's (or USA's) maps, type any number greater than 360 in the large green text box at bottom in the input data form, and click SHOW.

For making Sookshma medini charts, first note down the time of previous and succeeding Pratyantara timings and divide the interval with 12 to get the duration of one sokshma chart. Pratyantara charts are at intervals of 2.5 degrees of Sun, while Sokshma charts are at intervals of 12':30" (0.20833333 degrees). Manually compute the solar degree of Sookshma chart you want to see and input that degree in the large green text box at bottom in the input data form, and click SHOW. Here is an example :

The tragedy in uttaranchala was most severe in Kedarnath which had two worst cataclysms at 20:15 IST on 16th June 2013 and again at 6:55 AM next morning. Enter the date 16:06:2013 and time 20:15 in Kundalee Software's data input form on left hand side (do not touch any box on right hand side while using medini option), and in the large green box at bottom type any number greater than 360, for instance 400, and click SHOW. Output shows Sun at Mithuna 1:23':27.41". One Pratyanra is of 2.5 degrees, hence its 12th part is one Sookhma equal to 0.208333 degrees of 12':30". Divide 1:23':27.41" with 0.2083333333 degrees, the result shows 6.6765466667 Sookhmas have elapsed since the onset of Mithuna Samkraanti. 6th Sookhma began when Sun was at 1 deg 15' in Mithuna. Use hit and trial method in Kundalee to find out the time of 6th Sookhma, remembering that one arc-minute of Sun is equal to 24 minutes of time, one arc-second of Sun is equal to 24 time-seconds. At present, Sookhma and Praana cannot be made programmatically, hence do it manually. For Meru's (Kenya's) time (45E00 from Greenwich), 6thy sookhma in Mithuna's first pratyantara starts at 16:41:13 Kenya time (add 2.5 hours to get IST of India). You will find Sun at 1 deg 15' (or 14':60") in Mithuna in MeruWorldChart. For making Vidishaa-centric chart, add 2.5 hours to Merucentric Sookhma chart timing and then make slight changes in time to get correct solar longitude.

Sookhma Chart : Merucentric D-1

In D-1, Uttarakhanda is in 8H with 10L Sun enmically there, and 2L + 5L Jupiter combust and bitter enmically there. 8L Mercury was svagrihi in 9H but malefic because it was 8L + 11L and conjunct with anothet killer Venus 7L + 12L. Among other planets, only Saturn and Rahu had significant aspects on Uttarakhand : Saturn was exaltyed in 12H as 3L + 4L and retrograde, hence highly malefic having 62% neutral aspect on 8H, while rahu was in lagna but had enmical 74% aspect on 8H. Therefore, sum total of all influences was highly malefic.

Sookhma Chart : Merucentric D-30

Uttarakhand in 10H with lord Mercury svagrihi as 1L + 10L in it with 2L + 9L Venus but also with two enemies Rahu and Ketu. All other planets having any aspect were highly malefic. Mercury alone cannot negate five other planets, two of which are close relatives (nodes). Moreover, D-30 is much less effective than D-1 according to vimshopaka strengths of divisionals as mentioned in BPHS.

Sookhma Chart : Vidishaa-centric D-1

Uttarakhand in 8H with two highly malefics there : 6L + 11L Venus and 7L + 10L Mercury with kendraadhipati dosha and svagrihi in own sign while lord of 8H-mid Moon in 10H with no aspect on 8H.

Sookhma Chart : Vidishaa-centric D-30

Uttarakhand in 4H with lord Moon exalted but in killer 2H. Sun and Jupiter are benefics in lagna with high aspect on 4H, but they have exchange relation with malefic lagnesh Mars as 1L + 8L in 12H. Lagnesha in divisionals has special significance if it is related to a house under consideration. "U" had vedha from Moon, Sun and Jupiter, latter two transmitting the malefic influences of Mars. Final result is mixed, which is tilted to malefic due to highly malefic effect of D-1 and high weightage of D-1.

Praana Chart : Merucentric D-1

Kenya time : 17:33:53, 16 June 2013. Uttarakhand in killer 7H with 10L Sun enmically there and combust Mars (1L + 6L).

Next Praana at 20:00:13 also malefic : Uttarakhand in 7H with 10L Sun enmically there with two combust planets.

Praana Chart : Merucentric D-30

Uttarakhand in 3H with 5L exalted Moon. 5L exalted Moon is highly benefic, but in 3H it becomes a malefic. Its lord Venus is also highly malefic : 3L + 8L.

Next Praana at 20:00:13 also malefic : Uttarakhand in 6H fourstrong malefics there : 11L Ketu, 2L Rahu, 5L + 10L Venus which is bad if in 6H, and svagrihi Mercury which is bad in 6H; and "U' viddha in SBC by three malefics : Sun 8L , Moon 7L and Jupiter 3L + 12L.

Praana Chart : Vidishaa-centric D-1

Solar entry time 20:06:15 IST on 16th June just before the first cataclysm at 20:15 pm. Uttarakhand in 7H and 8H, both malefic. 7H had 6L + 11L Venus and 7L + 10L kendraadhipati dosha Mercury svagrihi (but malefic), conjunct with strong malefic Mercury (kendraadhipati dosha) and 12H strong moolatrikona Rahu and weak Ketu. Highly malefic Saturn 11L + 12L retrograde in 12H moolatrikona has high 77% aspect there too.

Praana Chart : Vidishaa-centric D-30

Uttarakhand in 8H with lord Moon exalted in 6H : SBC vedha on "u" by Moon, Sun and Jupiter. Sun and Jupiter are benefics, although not relatives of lord Moon. On the whole, D-1 is highly malefic and D-30 is mixed, but D-30 is weaker than D-1. Praana chart lasts for ~25 minutes. Next Praana Chart had Uttarakhand in 6H : deaths continued.


Thus, worst phase appears to be 15 June noon to 18 June morn, after which afflictions continued but on much reduced scale. With the use of Praana charts, we can compute the timings of maximum magnitudes of disaster. Merucentric chart made for 6:55 am IST (4:35 Kenya time) 17th June when next major cataclysm occurred at Kedarnath, the place was in 2H in both D-1 and D-30 which meant Bhaavottama. Bhavottama of a malefic house increases its malefic powers immensely. Therefore, most of the survivors of previous night's tragedy were killed in the morning.

We can use half-degree charts also, whose buttons are given in World and India maps, to find half-day charts.


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