Swearing In Muhurta Of New Indian Govt In 2014

Swearing-in time of Narendra Modi's council of ministers

Here is the list of Swearing-in time of Narendra Modi's council of ministers on 26th May, 2014 , with Exact Place (Rashtrapati Bhawan's Lawn) of Swearing-in Latitude 28:36:51.62 ; Longitude 77:12:00.24(deduced from Google-Earth based Wikimapia (starting time of swearing-in is given for all ministers, and ending time is given for Narendra Modi Ji only; one or two seconds of error is possible in a handful of persons, exact clock was used taken from http://www.thetimenow.com/india ; there was a gap of 70 seconds between ending time of swearing-in of one minister and starting-time of next minister) :

Narendra Modi 18:11:17 - 6:13:02
Rajnath Singh 18:14:12-
Sushma Swaraj 18:16:27-
Arun Jaitely 18:18:22-
Vainkaiya Naidu 18:20:05-
Nitin Gadkari 18:21:55-
DV Sadanand Gowda 18:23:43-
Uma Bharati 18:25:27-
Najma Heptulla 18:27:28-
Gopinath Munda 18:29:29-
Ramvilas Paswas 18:31:11-
Kalraj Mishra 18:32:41-
Menka Gandhi 18:34:15-
Anant Kumar 18:35:37-
Ravishankar Prasad 18:37:07-
Ashok Gajpati Raju 18:38:45-
Anant Gangaram Gite 18:40:29--Shiv Sena
Harsimran Kaur 18:41:55--Akali Dal
Narendra Singh Tomar 18:43:22-
Juel Oraon 18:44:54-
Radha Mohan Singh 18:46:55-
Thawar Chand Gahlot 18:48:12-
Smriti Irani 18:49:45-
Harsh Vardhan 18:51:25-
V K Singh 18:53:02--State Minister
Indrajeet Singh 18:54:34-
Santosh Kumar Gangwar 18:56:23-
Shripad Naik 18:57:48-
Dharmendra Pradhan 18:59:35-
Sarvanand Sonval 19:01:03-
Prakash Javdekar 19:02:33-
Piyusgh Goel 19:04:09-
Dr Jitendra Singh 19:06:07-
Nirmala Sitaraman 19:08:02-
G M Siddheshwar 19:09:37-
Manoj Sinha 19:11:22-
Nihal Chand 19:12:48-
Upendra Kushwah 19:14:28-
P Radhakrishnan 19:15:55-
Kiren Rijuju 19:17:26-
KP Gujjar 19:18:52-
Sanjiv Kumar Balian 19:20:23-
Mansukhbhai Basaawaa 19:21:55-
Rao Saheb Daanave 19:23:25-
Vishnudev Sai 19:25:01-
Sudarshan Bhagat 19:26:28-

Controversy About Muhurta of Swearing-In

Many rumours are floating in internet and in media about Mr Narendra Modi's lack of faith in astrology and his selection of a muhurta which is inauspicious. All these rumours are fuelled by incompetent astrologers who do not study classics of Jyotisha and apply their ill-informed common sense. One news said Modi Ji's astrologers were frauds who suggested bad muhurta. But Modi's astrologers are not frauds, they are using some prevalent customs which say Mars in 12H is good, and disregarded Bhāvachalita. Here is what they did :

**Five Limbs of Panchānga at the time of Mr Modi's Swearing-in :-

Vāra = Monday is auspicious.
Yoga = Shobhan is highly auspicious.
Nakshatra = Bharani is good.
Karana = Vanija is good for many activities.
Tithi = 13 Dark , bad for many activities, good for a few.**

By advancing the date, Amāvasa would be nearer which is worse. But going backward, no better yogas were abvailable : Saturday and Sunday were worse Vāras while Friday was as good Vāra as Monday but there was Vishkambha Yoga and after 16:37 pm there was Vishti (Bhadrā) Karana too. It was Vishkambha Yoga which was taken to be bad, although Muhurta Chintāmani says only some initial moments of Vishkambha are inauspicious, and there was Amrityoga but only near Sunrise. Whole day, here was lost Tithi Dashami which is inauspicious. Previous day had Thursday but Ashtami tithi and Vaidhriti Yoga which are highly inauspicous. Hence, 26th May proves to be the best among all candidates in whole of May month.

My objection was only about the wrong moment at 18:00 PM, not about the date which was most auspicious. Malefic planets in Dushta bhaavas are regarded to be good for some activities. Hence, rāshi-chakra for 18 pm on 26th May has Mars and Sun in 12th and 8th houses respectively, while Saturn was exalted and therefore Modi Ji's astrologer might have taken it to be a benefic in lagna.

On the whole, it is the best selection by Modi Ji's astrologers. I had already sent a message to BJP leaders that if timing is advanced by few minutes (18:01:34.5 pm to 18:04:59.3 pm is best) , Mars will go to 11H and will be more auspicious. But in Bhāvachalita four planets including nodes were in Dushta places, for which graha-shānti should be done. Modi Ji actually advanced the timing by few minutes, but the President was few minutes late which put 9L in 6H. But lagna was not bad since an exalted Saturn sat there. Some astrologers complain that lagna changed at 18:15:09 PM and therefore it is strange that two lagnas were chosen for swearing in of various ministers. They forget that exalted Saturn in lagna made the impact of lagna's lord comparatively insignificant.

It is noteworthy that the nakshatra at the time of swearing-in was Bharani which is "Mitra / Sāmudāyika" Tārā in the natal chart of Mr Narendra Modi. Next Tārā would have been better, being Parama-mitra or Abhisheka Tārā, but other essentials for muhurta were bad. Ghāta-chakra was 100% auspicious for Mr Modi. Hence, 26th May evening was best.

Godhuli Veda for Swearing-In

We should not re-define classical concepts, because we are not rishis.

Godhuli is mentioned in the chapter on marriage in Muhurta Chintāmani, but it is clearly mentioned there that Godhuli time is auspicious for all activities ("syād-ardhāste tapa-samaye godhooliH"). In summer, Godhuli is defined as the time of setting of half of solar disc, which is same as the traditional definition of Sunset.

As per NASA's ephemerides, this time was 19:07:33 PM on 26th May 2014, while as per Suryasiddhanta it was 19:07:15.

Exact Godhuli is the time of Sunset in Summer, but no activity can be performed exactly at that moment, we need some range in time. Three ghatis after Sunset is defined as Sandhyā. Hence, the time before Sunset is Godhuli, because cows return just before Sunset if left to their own instincts.

Swearing-in ceremonies of all ministers took place between 18:11:17 and 19:26:28 (starting time). Mr Modi took 105 seconds to read his oath, but the average time between starting time for all other ministers was 98.5 seconds which included the gap between ending time of a minister and starting time of the next. It proves that swearing-in was well planned to save time so as to finish it before Sunset, yet all the state ministers under cabinet ministers took oath after Sunset, and only one state minister with independent charge was among them, otherwise all cabinet ministers and all state ministers with independent charge (excepting the last) took oath during Godhuli-lagna. Mr Narendra Modi took oath 56 minutes before Godhuli's end. Godhuli-lagna is for two hours, hence starting time for Godhuli-lagna is one hour before the exact Godhuli (exact Godhuli is the mid-point of Godhuli-lagna). Godhuli lagna does not take into consideration lagna-sign and other phenomena which is clearly mentioned in Muhurta-Chintaamani.


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