Swami Ramakrishna Paramhamsa

(SSS used)

Childhood till 13 years of age had Jup MD which was weak in D1 but had Bhavottama for D1-4-24 in 5H. But after that, all planets were superb till the end : Saturn was exalted in 9H, Merc was strongest
with bhavottama yoga in twelve divisionals _ D1-2-3-4-7-9-10-12-20-24-27-30. Ketu was exalted in 10H (first half in Vrishchika is exaltation). Venus was exalted as 4L+9L in 2H but Venus MD did not came, he left in Ketu MD because Ketu's sign-lord Mars (exalted) was in 12H, AD lord Moon was 6L and PD lord was in 2H : death during exalted Ketu lorded by exalted Mars, exalted Venus and Moon conjunct with super-bhaavottama Mercury meant either Moksha or very high Devaloka. Birth-room = http://wikimapia.org/#lang=en&lat=22.907047&lon=87.654226&z=16&m=b

Five exalted planets make a Chakravarti Yoga. One of these exalted planets was combust, and so was bhavottama Mercury. Hence complete Chakravarti yoga was broken, yet 4-8-12 houses were superb (4L Venus exalted and 9L , Merc 8L having twelve Bhaavottama yogas, 12H having exalted Mars).

Kaarakaamsha was exalted lagnesha Rahu in 4H, hence Kaarakaamsha was same as Lagna. In 9H of Kaarakaamsha chart sat exalted Saturn (Lagna and 2L) , = Dharmic.

12H from Kaarakaamsha decides chief deity. 12H was lorded by exalted Saturn in 9H whose dispositor was exalted benefic 4L+9L Venus. According to BPHS, Venus affecting 12H of Kaarakaamsha chatt makes one a bhakta of "Gauri" and a "Shaakta".

Exalted Mars was in 12H, but it was combust and therefore weaker than the dispositor Venus Exalted Saturn makes Vishnu-bhakta, which made him disciple of Swami Totapuri (who ordained him as "Paramhamsa). Saturn in 9H of Kaarakaamsha makes "Gurudrohi" (BPHS). Hence, when Swami Totapuri came to him, Ramakrishna (who was not a Paramhamsa then) refused to accept him as Guru and said he had no need of any Guru because the Mother gave him apparitions. Then, Swami Totapuri asked him to get the opinion of Mother ; and Mother told him that bhakti of Kali resulted in Guru coming to his door, and Moksha will be possible only by means of Guru. Then, Ramakrishna agreed to be given dikshaa. But Saturn was exalted hence he agreed to follow the instructions of Guru.

D20 is for Upaasanaa. D20's Vimshottari MD of svagrihi 8L+9L in 8H started in 1850 when he was 14 years aonly, and was followed with rajayoga Mercury 1L+4L in own sign in Lagna till 1885, jus tone year before death. Hence, D20 and D1 reinforced each other. Venus in D20 was neecha but controlled by strong benefic Mercury, hence 5L and 12L lorded by Venus were actually controlled by Mercury. Thus, 4H-8H-12H of D20 were highly benefics and strong, guiding him towards Moksha.


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