Sensex Vs Gold Comparison

This article shows how to get Sensex (BSE or Bombay Stock Exchange) and Gold price predictions using Kundalee Software, and how to compare their differences for same country (India). The following case study is for the period mid-March to Apr 14, 2015 AD, and to be exact this period is Nirayana Sun's residence in Meena Rasi during the Nirayana Year 2014-5 (last solar month). The horoscope is drawn with the longitude of Mt Meru (Mt Kenya) 37:18:18 East of Greenwich and its latitude which is zero or Equator. To draw this horoscope with Kundalee Software, start the program, select the folder "Medini" in top right combo, and then select "MeruWorldChart" in the top left combo. In the input boxes, do not change any entry, excepting the year box of left side, where change the year to "2014". Do not touch month, day or hour, etc. Thereafter, in the small yellow box among the top left portion of lowest panel, change the value from "1" to "2". If value is left to be '1', you will get annual chart or VPC-1 (Varsha Pravesha Chakra level-1). For value '2' , you will get chart for nirayana solar months. Now, change the number of solar month from default '1' to '12' in the left bottom yellow box, and then click 'SHOW' button on top right of the input page, you will get D-1 as well as the same chart on World Map. For other divisionals on map, click the MAIN button on SWITCHBOARD form, and then input the number of divisional chart and click the Shodasha-varga button. Here we are considering D-1 monthly chart for 12th month or when nirayana Sun is in Meena rasi.

Following is the graph of BSE's SENSEX for this month, and the Gold price graph in INR (Indian rupee) is shown on the same picture (websites from where these data have been taken are depicted on the same picture. Mar 15, 2015 was Sunday, hence the graph starts from Mar 16 morning till Apr 14 morning, because Sun in Meena ended at 9:16:38 AM IST.


In the D-1 chart of this month, India's southern half, including Mumbai (Bombay), and East India fall in 4H (4th house of bhaavachalita) and rest of India falls in 5H. 5H, therefore, is less significant than 4H, but all parts have their roles to play. Cusp of 5H is lorded by Mercury which is 6L also, hence functionally neutral and in lagna, but most of India's portion in 5H fall in Vrish owned by Venus, and most of India in 4H also fall in Vrish. Hence, Venus is most important, also because there is no planet seated in either 4H or 5H. Venus is a functional benefic (as well as natural benefic) by dint of owning 4H and 9H, and sitting in friendly sign of Mars, but in 3H where Venus gives bad fruits, hence overall benefic fruits of Venus get vastly reduced, also because in bhaavachalita Mars and Ketu sit there. Mars is 3L (malefic) and 10L (benefic), hence neutral, while Ketu sits in enemy sign. Overall effect is benefic but not too marked, which is depicted by moderate rise in SENSEX from 28437.71 to 29044.44 from morning of Mar 16 to morning of Apr 14, 2015, a rise of 2.144%, shown by deep blue line in the picture above.

But this monthly graph of Sensex is not linear, it drops to lowest level at 27457.58 on the morning of 26th March (red dot number-1). For such finer levels of Sensex, you need finer level of VPC, e.g, VPC-3 or Pratyantara of VPC which lasts for 2.5 degrees of Sun or twelfth part of a solar month. It will call for astrological analysis of twelve horoscopes of twelve VPC-3 charts during one solar month, which will take some time, and for further details you will need VPC-4 (one chart for about 5 hours) and VPC-5 (one chart for about 25 minutes). But there is a shortcut which will give a reliable monthly graph without going into VPC-4 or VPC-5. This method is called "Chakra" (for it there is a 'Chakr' Button on each divisional chart giving time in Standard Kenya Time), but on the world map too you can get the same result by moving the mouse pointer in a circular path round the central circle in the middle of the map, and viewing the changing aspects of planets with changing positions of mouse on various dates mentioned at the bottom of the map in IST. When the mouse pointer is in the last portion of 7H on the world map or in the Chakr, you will find Saturn's aspect to be 60' or 100% and at that point the date at the bottom of map is 26th Mar, 2015, nearly 4 am IST. This is the time for worst fall in Sensex. Saturn's aspect then is in red which means bitter inimical aspect. Saturn is lagna-lord and 2L too, but retrograde in bitter enemy sign of Mars and having high aspect of Mars. There are other malefic planets, such as Moon which is more malefic than Saturn because Moon sits in 12H, but Moon does not have bitter inimical sign anywhere, and its worst aspect is 45' which is inimical but not bitter inimical. Other planets have smaller inimical aspects on any part of globe. Hence, Saturn's 100% bitter inimical aspect causes the worst dip in Sensex. This Chakra method can be used for all levels of VPC in Medini or natal charts, and also in all other charts but with care, taking into account influences of other divisionals &c.

Gold price is easier to predict, because it is controlled only by Jupiter (including relatives of Jupiter). Jupiter's highest inimical aspect in biiter inimical 24' (40%) aspect on 30th Mar, 11:24:56 IST at the end of Kanya sign which is also shown in a table (this table is shown in the map in southern Atlantic Ocean). Now, look at the graph in the picture above, you will find a steep fall in gold price just then (red dot number-2) from a high peak, although the overall rise in Gold price during the entire month was positive and more steep than the rise in Sensex, mainly because Jupiter was exalted as 11L and 12L sitting in Kendra. Sitting in Kendra is benefic, while 12L is bad, but 11L is good for income although bad for other affairs.

You will also find that the peak preceding this abrupt fall on 26th Mar (red dot number-3) coincided with last portion of 7H in which exalted Jupiter was sitting. Although Jupiter was not in last portion of 7H, last portion of 7H had higher fast friendly aspects of exalted Sun, Mercury (and Moon) ; all these combined influences more than cancelled the negative influence of full aspect of bitter inimical Saturn there. Influences of exalted Jupiter were combined with those of fast friendly exalted Sun in last part of 7H, while fast friendly aspects of Mars (and Moon) compensated for the high inimical aspect of Saturn.

Next peak on Apr 3 (red dot number-4), following the steep fall, coincided with 100% aspect of Jupiter and zero aspect of Saturn.

It is just an example. You can try your hand on other examples. But you cannot gain any money from this knowledge unless your personal horoscope allows you. SSS (Shri Surya Siddhanta) must be used to get correct predictions, Drik (physical astronomy) will not work in these fields.

While finer levels of VPC will give better minute details of the graph, D2 and D9 will be effective when very strong planets in those divisionals have their time of the Chakra. D9's Chakra will help in minute-to-minute graph, because the whole 12-rasi chart of D-9 in gochara runs for approximately 13 minutes only, one rasi of D-9 in gochara will give graph of about 67 seconds. I have tested these phenomena during many years of studies of actual data.


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