Sensex Forecasting

I stopped posting predictions for stock market long ago, because it is very difficult and needs many hours of painstaking efforts to produce reliable predictions, but due to malefic planet in my own 4H , I receive abuses from some jealous astrologers just because my predictions proved to be true. But here is one evidence showing the reaction to my correct prediction from non-astrologers : not a single like for my correct prediction, but 18 likes for a non-astrological prediction by Mr Rajat Bose who is a talented person with long experience in this field. His prediction also proved to be correct and I had supported his prediction in my prediction, but my prediction was more subtle because I pointed out the time after which the most significant upward swing for that day will take place (I used 5-hour windows). My prediction mentioned 13:31 pm after which major upswing was to occur, while the post-event data showed 13:25 pm, hence an error of just 6 minutes (but there is 5-minute crudity in this post-event "data").

Prediction by Mr Rajat Bose, and then by me (my prediction was posted at 2:43 am on 16th Apr 2015 which can be seen at the bottom of this screen capture on facebook page) :-


And here is post-event data (index was at a plateau till 16:10 pm, after which there is no data) :-


-Vinay Jha

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