Rain Forecast For 2013 4

Forecast Published in Newspaper

Here is rain forecast by me (Vinay Jha) given to Dainik Jagran, the most widely read Hindi newspaper, on 24th May 2013 which was published on 27th May 2013 after much trimming which destroyed much of the materials in my forecast. For instance, I had predicted destructive rains in Uttarakhand and adjacent regions, as well as forecasts for all regions of India for the year, but it was deleted by the editor who was interested only in forecasts about eastern UP ("Poorvaanchal"). Yet, whatever truncated portion it published has come true. For instance, my prediction of first monsoon rains in Poorvaanchal on 7th June came true and the office of this newspaper thanked me on telephone on that day. My major prediction was of arrival of full and abundant Monsoon on June 15, much before its normal time in North India, and it also came true. Unfortunately, some internet astrologers incapable of making their own predictions are spreading false rumours that I predicted drought throughout India. Below this news in Dainik Jagran is my earlier forecast made months ago in which I had predicted drought in some regions and bad (destructive) rains in others. The following news has some inaccuracies due to wrong editing. Readers can use Kundalee Software's medini mode to check the details of monsoons in 2013.

(There are slight inaccuracies in this newspaper report due to summarizing and / or misprinting, but overall predictions are correct: the errors are :

read following dates for solar entry into nakshatras :

Ardra 22 June ; Punarvasu 6 July ; Pushya 20 July ; Ashlesha 3 Aug (misprinted 2 and 8 Aug) ; Magha 20 Aug ; Poorva phalguni 31 Aug ; Uttara Phalguni 14 Aug ; Hasta 27 Sep to 11 Oct for which I had predicted excessive destructive rains in Eastern and Central UP and most of Bihar excluding southern portions and aread around Bhagalpur, but it was cut off by the editor due to space ; for same reason my predictions for the rest of country was also deleted by the editor).


Annual Rain Forecast For 2013-4

Annual Rain Forecast for the whole world is made from Merucentric (i.e., from the meridians of Mt Meru or Mt Kenya) Nirayana Mesha Samkrānti. Suryasiddhāntic and Drik (physical astronomy) charts differ greatly in this method, and only Suryasiddhāntic method works astrologically.

For 2013-4, the astrological year or Meshārambha started on Apr 14, 2013, at 03:04:03.46 IST (Indian Standard Time). D-1 and D-9 charts at this juncture are presented below, in chart form as well as on World map, with respective aspect table and SBC (Sarvato-Bhadra Chakra).



As shown in the picture, Peninsular India lies in 5H (fifth house of bhāvachalita), while the rest of India lies in 6H.

Regions in 6H fare badly in all respects, including rains.

Another reason for deficient rains in 2013-4 in 6H is the fact that none of the seven planets are in watery nādis of sapta-nādi chakra : six planets are in airy nādis and Mercury is in Saumya nādi.

Lagnesh Jupiter resides in 6H in neutral sign which is slightly good for 6H but bad for regions influenced by Jupiter outside 6H, esp lagna region which is in Southern Africa which is not our concern at present.

6L Venus sits in 4H with exalted Sun and moola-trikona Mars. This combination is the most potent factor. 6L Venuc sits in enmical sign ruled by Mars and is therefore overpowered by both strong conjuncts : exalted 9L Sun and moola-trikona Mars which is lord of 4H, 5H and 12H in bhāvachalita. Mars is enmical and Sun is bitter enmical to Venus, hence the overall result is bad for regions lorded by Venus, including entire 6H. Bad means drought or destructive rains. Destructive rains occur if effective planets are foul but exalted &c. Drought occurs when only malefic traits prevail. If both traits are present, as in this case, some parts will see drough and others will see destructive rains ('dushta-vrishti').

On the other hand, 5H is lorded by moola-trikona Mars while conjunct exalted Sun is neutral to Mars, hence benefic by dint of exaltation. But 8L moola-trikona Moon sits in 5H with malefic Ketu, Moon itself being malefic by dint of being 8L. Hence, it will cause heavy rains in 5H covering Peninsular India and Bay of Bengal coastal regions. But Moon is friendly to Mars, hence it will not cause much damage in those regions.

These are general considerations from D-1, to which we should combine results from D-9 and other divisionals.

Regional details from Vidishā-centric National Chart of India

Regional details are to be viewed from Vidishā-centric National Chart of India. Here is the chart for 2013 AD Nirayana Sun's Mesha entry chart :


Same Chart Used for All Purposes

Same Vidisha or Meru chart can be used for all purposes, not only for rain forecasting. Here is one example :

In the above Vidisha Chart (D1), 6H contains Ladakh &c which are facing problems from enemy due to residing in 6H. In SBC, "bh" has Vedha from Rahu while "ch" has Vedha from exalted Sun, moollatrikona Mars and 4L+9L yoga-giver Venus. Hence, Bhaarata is weaker than China in Ladakh.

Similar charts drawn at the junctures of Sun's entry into Nirayana Nakshatras like Ardrā, Punarvasu, etc provide clues for the periods during which Sun resides in respective Nakshatras (asterisms). Kundalee Software can be used to draw all divisional charts on World's and India's maps. It is only a summarised view, details should be made from the Kundalee Software.

Detailed Case Study

Those who want details of this method should read this article about recent Uttarakhand Disaster on 16 - 17 June 2013 :

Uttarakhand Disaster of 16-7 June 2013

-Vinay Jha

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