Prophet Muhammad


Prophet Muhammad is the most important native who needs to be studied astrologically, more so because he is still influencing the world profoundly.

This is the birthdata of Prophet Muhammad (SSS) which I deduced through a long research based on Islamic sources (date was deduced from research into original Arabian calendar before the Hijri calendar, and exact time was deduced from dashaas) :

DOB = Mar 570 AD (Julian),
TOB = 21:13 Mecca Time (3 hrs east of GMT),
Latitude = 21:25:36 N
Longitude = 39:48:27
Sun = Pi:15:28:52.76
Moon = Cancer:29:52:27.68

Use JHora > Preferences > Related to Calculations > as recommended by Vinay Jha

For D-1 bhaavachalita, do not use JJHora but use Kundalee. For easi chart and all divisionals, use JHora with correct settings of divisionals, or use default of Kundalee, and then you will find all (Vimshottari) events in the life of Prophet Muhammad well explained according to basic rules of BPHS and related texts. The most remarkable thing is four Maha-purusha-yogas in a single horoscope resulting in rajayoga even over fourteen centuries after death ! And a neecha Mercury 9L+12L in 6H (VRY, vipareeta raja-yoga) combust in 11L Sun there. Jaayaakaaraka Venus sits in own sign in 7H is also a maha-purusha yoga. 2L+7L killer Mars exalted in 4H of Land. Kendraadhipati shubha planet Moon in own sign in 10H. Exalted Rahu in 8H. 3L+6L Jupiter in 12H. Six planets are either exalted or in own signs, and seventh is neecha in 6H having VRY ! Eighth planet Sun is not exalted but conjunct with VRY Mercury, while ninth planet Jupiter is weak but controlled by bhaavesha-drishti 100% aspect of VRY Mercury. Hence, all nine planets are exalted or semi-exalted !!! I never saw such a STRONG horoscope for any historical figure. I had tested all chief events in life as per dashaas over eleven years ago and put in an article. But due to sentiments attached, I do not want any discussion on this chart in any public forum, because it is almost impossible to check prejudiced views from coming up in a discussion.

Bhavishya Purana by Veda Vyasa Ji also contains the prophesy about coming of Prophet Muhammad. If Veda Vyaasa Ji deemed it significant enough to be mentioned in a Purana supposedly composed 37 centuries before the actual birth of Prophet, there must have been some reason.


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