Prediction Of Death

Prediction of death is believed to be the most difficult part of astrology. But if ancient rules of Suryasiddhantic Ganita and Phalita of BPHS (Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra) &c are strictly followed, it is not impossible.Concise sample-horoscopes of celebrities are being presented here, whose birth time and death time were well known. Details may be seen by using the free Kundalee Software. The most important rule of Amshaayu-Pindaayu-Nisargaayu (in BPHS and Jaimini Sutra) is used here, in connection with Sudarshana Chakra, divisional Vimshottari dashaas and VPC (annual charts).


Napoleon Bonaparte

Birth Data

Birth date 15:08:1769
Source :,_Napol%C3%A9on_I
Time (LMT) 11:30
Latitude 41:55:04.692 N (exact room of birth)
Longitude 08:44:19.716 E (exact room of birth)
Death 5:5:1821 , 17:50:30 +/- 30 sec ( but there may be slight inaccuracy because British authorities kept him in secret confinement.

Vimshottari Configuration at the time of Death

Amshayu = Rahu:Mars ; 1815.43 AD
Pindayu = Merc:Sun ; 1844.53 AD
Nisargayu = Merc:Merc ; 1837.29

Actual Death = Sat:Sat:Moon (MD:AD:PD of Vimshottari)

Analysis of Death

Death : problems in abdomen, arsenic poisoning perhaps.
Rahu in 2nd house and maarakesh Mars(lord of 2,7) suggest Amshayu at first glance to be effective, but Rahu is a benefic (5L). Merc (lord of 9 & 12) was combust in Sun (lord of 11) of mooltrikona in 10th house, hence Pindayu and Nisargayu ruled out because if either Sun or Mercury is a killer then Saturn must seize this property of being a killer by dint of being related to them (conjunct). BPHS states that if Saturn is related to any maaraka (killer), it replaces others to become a maaraka. Here, Saturn has relations with 12L Mercury which is enemy, 11L Sun and is sitting in the raashi of its bitter enemy Moon. D-1, however, is not very clear about the maaraka, but D-30 has Saturn as 2L + 3L and conjunct with enemy Moon which is 8L, hence Saturn proves to be the worst maaraka. Its mutual Parivartana (exchange) Relation with Moon and Moon's abode in the house gave Moon a role in death. Again, Moon had greatest influence on Saturn due to Bhaavesh-drishti relation of 60'. Hence Sat:Sat:Moon is worst killer dashaa. In D-30, Venus being 6L+11L is worst malefic, hence D-30's Vimshottari is Sat:Ven:Ven.

It should be mentioned here that in Trinsaamsha kundali (D30) which is important for diseases and death, Saturn is lord of 2nd and 3rd houses while Moon is lord of 8th house and both are conjunct which increases their maleficence in D-1, and both have bitterly enmical yuti (conjunct) relation in 10th house of Virgo, while Rahu is sitting with exalted Sun (hence Rahu not a killer). Saturn and Moon in Virgo caused probems in the abdomen. In D-1 too, among all the houses owned or inhabited by Saturn and its nearest relatives, the worst house was 12th which had Virgo. D1 and D30 both explain Napoleon's death. Due to D30, Rahu of D1 could not cause death.

AL of D-1 had Saturn in 6H while Moon was in 12H, hence Vimshottari sequence Sat:Sat:Moon is confirmed by AL too in which Virgo is also badly placed in 8H and owned by combust Mercury in 6H. But AL of D-30 had AL-lord Sun exalted in 9H, hence hence whatever be the illness of Napoleon, others (including the jail authorities) believed him to be healthy and robust till he died. In AL of D-30, Saturn was 6L + 7L in 2H with 12L Moon (D-1's Vimshottari) while Sat:Ven:Ven was Vimshottari sequence of D-30 and Venus was also malefic in D-30's AL being 10L + 3L , and in AL chart Mercury as 2L+11L sat in 6H having exchange relation with Saturn : all combinations are killer. Among all these charts, Virgo comes out to be worst afflicted sign, hence abdomen problems.

VPC (Varsha-Pravesha-Chakra or annual solar return chart) had in D-1 Saturn 2L+3L in enemy sign in 10H, Moon 8L in 11H and Venus 6L+11L in 8H, while annual chart's D-30 had Saturn 2L+3L in 2H, Moon 8L in 11H and Venus 6L+11L in 6H, and Virgo's lord Mercury having double Kendraadhipati Dosha in 12H. Monthly chart had Saturn 8L and Moon 2L in both D-1 and D-30 and Venus in 8H in D-30. Third level of VPC had seven planets together in 10H, although in two signs !


Adolf Hitler

Birth Data

Birth date 20:04:1889
Time (LMT) 18:30
Place : Braunau sur Inn,Oberösterreich,Austria
Latitude 48N15:23.9616
Longitude 13E02:23.0712
Death 30:04:1945 , 15:30 PM.

Vimshottari Configuration at the time of Death

Amshayu = Sun:Mer/Ket 1913.82 AD
Pindayu = Sat:Sat ; 1967.07 AD
Nisargayu = Jup:Moon ; 1960.6 AD

Actual Death = Rah:Ven:Mer:Moo:Moo

Analysis of Death

None of the three fulfill criteria needed for death : Amshaayu caused by Sun which is malefic 11L in killer 7H, but exalted and in D-30 it is auspicious as being 5L in 11H ; Pindaayu caused by Saturn in Saturn, which is auspicious in D1 by dint of being lord of 4th and 5th houses, and svagrihi (in own sign) in D30 in 10H ; while Nisargayu is caused by Jupiter and Moon, Moon being lord of 10th and Jupiter in its own sign but both malefic, and in D-30 too they are slightly malefic. It seems Hitlers sins hastened his end, otherwise he would have met a natural death around Nisargaayu.

We must look for worst planets in horoscope, as BPHS suggests. In D1, 2nd house is empty, while three planets reside in 7H in Bhaavachalita (four planets in Rasi chart), of whom Sun is exalted. Lords of five killer houses 2H, 6H, 7H, 8H and 12H are Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury. Mars and Jupiter are in own sign. Hence, Venus and Mercury qualify as the worst killers in D-1 because they are lords of bad houses and placed in killer house 7H. Venus is 1L + 8L and in enemy's sign, and its partial auspiciousness by ding of being 1L is washed away by means of its killer status in D-30 where it is 2L+7L, retro, and in 3H where Venus gives bad results. Mercury is also malefic in D-30 : 3L+6L. Saturn is auspicious as it is 4L+5L in D-1 and in own sign in D-30, and Jupiter is in own sign in D-1 and 9L in D-30, hence Venus and Mercury must operate as killers during sub-periods of Rahu which is a strong killer in D-30 being 11L in 7H with 8L Ketu in the sign of killer Venus which is 2L+7L in 2H and retro. Rahu is not a killer in D-1. But we have seen that Jupiter and Saturn cannot be killers, hence Venus and Mercury killed him during sub-periods of Rahu's MD mainly because of killer Rahu in D-30. In D-1 too, Rahu is controlled by Bhaavesha-drishti (lord's aspect) relation of its lord Mercury which is combust in a malefic enemy Sun (Sun is exalted and 11L, and it is inimical to Mercury, hence only its malefic traits would influence its enemy Mercury, while its benefic trait coming from its exaltation would influence its friends).

It is noteworthy that Rahu is 5L and in moola-trikona in 10H in D-1, hence its MD helped his fast rise to power. Hitler had five planets in exaltation, moolatrikona or in own raashi, four of which had high aspects on 10th house ; it is a weak or short-term form of Chakravartin Yoga. But Rahu's relations with killers in D30 killed Hitler, when AD and PD of those killers came in Rahu's MD. Why he shot himself in the head is related to most killer planets Venus and Mercury residing in Aries (7th house) in D-1, and lord of Aries Mars being 8L also in D-30.

In VPC's D-1, Rahu was 11L, Venus and Mercury in 12H. In VPC's D-30, Rahu was 6L, Venus 2L and Mercury conjunct there, although auspicious. But in Gochara all killer Vimshottari planets Rahu, Venus and Mercury were in 12H from birth-time respective signs. Sum total of all charts indicate sure death.

I use SC (Sudarshana Chakra instead of LK or Lagna Chakra alone), but here for space saving I have shown only LK. In D-1, Rahu was 11L, Venus 2L+7L and Mercury 3L+6L in SK (Surya Chakra), while in CK (Chandra Chakra) Rahu was 3L, Venus 6L+11L and Mercury 7L+10 (kendraadhipati dosha). In D-30, Venus is good in SK and bad in Ck, hence bad Venus in LK overwhelms. Mercury has kendraadhipati dosha in CK, it is mixed in SK, hence the maleficence of LK is reinforced ny CK. Rahu is good in SK and bad in CK, hence bad Rahu of LK prevails.


Jawaharlal Nehru

Birth Data

Birth date 14:11:1889
Time (LST) 23:36 (Standard Time then)
Latitude 25N26:17.4336
Longitude 81E50:11.4792
Death 27:05:1964 at 13:44

Vimshottari Configuration at the time of Death

Amshayu = Ven:Jup ; 1920.46 AD
Pindayu = Rah:Rah ; 1952.28 AD
Nisargayu = Mar:Sat ; 1947.09 AD

Actual Death = Rah:Ven:Sat:Jup:Ven

Analysis of Death

Three types of Longevity give three contenders for Vimshottari MD : Venus, Rahu and Mars.

In D-1, Moon sits in Lagna, hence LK (Lagna Kundali) is sufficient for SC (Sudarshana Chakra) and we need not see SK (Surya Kundali).

In D-1 Mars is benefic by dint of being 4L+9L but sits in 2H.
In D-1 Venus is 3L+10 and sits in 3H but in its Moola-trikona.
In D-1, Rahu sits in 11H as 7L but in its Moola-trikona.

In D-30 LK, Mars is 1L+8L and sits in 6H in neutral sign. In SK, it is 7L+12L but sits in 5H in neutral sign, and in CK (Chandra Kundali) it sits in 7H as 2L+9L in neutral sign.
In D-30, LK, Venus is 2L+7L and sits in 11H in fast friend's sign. In SK, it is 1L+6L but sits in 10H in fast friend's sign, and in CK (Chandra Kundali) it sits in 12H as 3L+8L in fast friend's sign.
In D-30, LK, Rahu is 11L and sits in bitter enemy's sign in 8H. In SK, it is 10L but sits in 8H in bitter enemy's sign, and in CK (Chandra Kundali) it sits in 10H but as 12L in bitter enemy's sign.

Hence, Rahu and Venus contend for greater maleficence in D-1, but Rahu is greater killer because it is 7L while Mars is ruled out in D-1 as killer because it is a benefic in LK and sits in benefic house in SK and CK too (Mars is good in 3H).

In D-30, Rahu is greater malefic in comparison to Venus in LK and SK, while Venus is worse in CK. Thus, Rahu is greater killer in D-30 too.

Hence, death seems to be most probable during Rahu's MD. It suggests Pindayu to be more probable. But Pindayu shows Rahu AD in Rahu MD, whereas Laghu Parashari states that the chief fruit of a planet in given not during its own sub-period but during sub-period of its relatives. But in the present context, we have to re-define it as thus : the killer fruit of Rahu is to be given during the sub-period of next killer planet. Next killer planet, as we saw above, is Venus. In the same way, Saturn is unquestionably the next killer planet. This is what we obtain as D-1's Vimshottari sequence : Rah:Ven:Sat. It is risky to go to finer levels of Vimshottari without careful BTR (Birth Time Rectification) examining all chief events of life, which is a time consuming job.


Abraham Lincoln

Birth Data

Birth date 12:02:1809
Time (LMT) 6:54
Latitude 37N31:51.3696
Longitude 85E44:14.5464
Death 15:04:1865 at 7:22:10 am (

Vimshottari Configuration at the time of Death

Amshayu = Mer:Ven ; 1884.32 AD
Pindayu = Sat:Jup ; 1877.65 AD
Nisargayu = Sat:Moo ; 1871.94 AD

Actual Death = Sat:Mer:Sat:Mer:Rah

Analysis of Death

Amshayu falls in Mercury's MD while, Pindayu and Nisargayu fall in Saturn's MD. Mercury was 58+8L in friend Jupiter's sign in 2H, where svagrihi Jupiter was sitting and Mercury's fast friend Venus was also sitting which was yoga-giver being 4L+9L and exalted. On the other hand, Saturn was 1L+12L in neutral sign of Mars, Mars sitting with bhaavaheena Rahu. Thus, Saturn is worse than Mercury. Since Sun sits in Lagna, CK need not be considered.

Saturn actually proved to be killer, because of its enmical mutual aspect relation with Maarakesh Jupiter (35':44') which was placed in own raashi in 2nd house, and similar inimical mutual aspect relation with maarakesha Jupiter in D-30 too (41':17'). Relation with killer makes Saturn the chief killer according to BPHS.

But Saturn had balanced (sama) mutual aspect relation with exalted Venus (33:25) and friendly mutual aspect relation with Mercury which are all placed in 2nd house of Bhaavachalita (D1). All these relations make Saturn the sole killer, but relation with svagrihi Jup and exalted Venus make Saturn a high class benefic as well, augmented by Saturn's placement in 10th house and lordship of lagna and (12th house). Lincoln was made president by Saturn during its MD.

Now, the problem is which AD in Saturn's MD should be most probable for Lincoln's death. According to general rule, Amshayu, Pindayu and Nisargayu suggest Mercury, Jupiter or Moon. Jupiter is svagrihi, Rahu is samgrihi in 9th house, and Moon is lord of 6,7 and placed in 12th. Moreover, Jupiter and Moon are related to Saturn, Jupiter having mutual aspect inimical relation (35:44')and Moon having Bhaavesh-drishti relation (residing in Saturn's raashi and having Saturn's neutral aspect 49'. Hence, nisargaayu of Moon's AD seems to be most probable in D-1. But we need to analyze D-30 also before coming to any conclusion.

In D-1, Moon, Mercury and Rahu are worst killers after Saturn, but in D-30 LK, Moon is 9L, Rahu sits in 2H as 4L, and Mercury sits in 8H as 8L+11L. Thus, Moon is ruled out. Mercury is svagrihi in 8H. Neecha planet in 8H gives VRY (Vipareeta Raja Yoga), but exalted or Moola-trikona or svagrihi planet in 8H is bad. Moreover, Rahu's lord Jupiter is a benefic, being 5L too. Mercury has a very close relation with Saturn : Mercury sits in Saturn's sign and is aspected 70% (42') by Saturn. Hence, Saturn must give its fruit during AD of Mercury and not in AD of Rahu, the latter not a relative of Saturn. Mercury is the greatest killer planet after Saturn, by dint of residing in 2nd house and being related to main killer Saturn as well as to maarakesh Jupiter. Hence, the rule of Amshaayu-Pindaayu-Nisargaayu here breaks down, and Mercury becomes a killer, after Saturn. Jupiter transferred its killer property to its relative Saturn, as BPHS states. But Rahu being a killer gets a role as PrD planet (Praana Dashaa).

VPC (annual chart) plays an important role in this issue, in which Rahu is a killer by dint of being 7L in 3H, but Mercury is worst as it sits in 6H as 2L+11L. In VPC, Moon sits in Lagna, hence SK need not be considered. In VPC-2 (Level-2 of VPC, i.e., monthly chart), Mercury sits in 8H in LK, in 6H in CK and has Kendraadhipati Dosha in SK in lagna, although Rahu is also a killer but less formidable.



There are many yogas &c concerning Death which sometimes become highly significant. Here only the most important rule (Amshaayu &c) has been illustrated with some examples, using the most reliable method of Phalita Jyotisha (which combines SC of D-1 with relevant divisional and their respective Vimshottaris, plus VPC, all charts taken together cumulatively).


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