Planetary Return Charts

DAC (Dasha Arambha Chakra) is difficult for Vimshottari, but annual or monthly charts are also DAC. I have found DAC of Transits also helpful, but only in the case of the transiting planet. For instance, when the transiting planet arrives at the exact degree (and minutes and seconds) of birth-time position of that planet (ignoring raashis), cast the chart for that moment, it will give chief fruit due to that transiting planet (according to Phaladeepikaa). Phaladeepikaa says chief fruit of that planet is given at birth-degree. I examined many transit charts and found DAC of such charts to be useful for the transiting planet. For instance, Jupiter arriving at beginning of a sign is start of a Jovian Samvatsara in Panchaanga, but when Jupiter arrives at exact degrees (ignoring raashis) of your birth-time Jupiter, the conditions of Jupiter in chart for that moment will be effective for Jupiter's effect on you for nearly one year (till Jupiter goes to next Return chart).

Overall condition of Jupiter in the DAC chart of Jupiter's Return to Natal Degrees (ignoring raashis) is effective, and this overall condition of Jupiter should be deduced as per the standard rules of chart interpretation. Effects of all other planets, esp relatives, on Jupiter will be significant. But the complete chart for that moment is irrelevant. It is only the Solar Return chart which is completely significant, and its divisionals are also significant (Divisional charts of solar VPC, monthly and finer level charts upto total five levels). Current Vimshottari planets in Solar Return charts are most important. For more reliability, Sudarshana Chakra should be used in all charts, birth or DAC or Return charts.

I am not talking of Full Circle returns. Ignore the raashis (signs), and take only the degrees with their fraction. It means one sign increment in a planet's longitudes will give next return chart. It is actually not the annual return, but the monthly return. In the case of Jupiter, this Jovian month is actually called a Samvatsara or year because it is almost equal to a solar year.

When Sun completes a full circle, it is solar year. Similarly, a full circle of Jupiter is called a Yuga. This chart will be effective for nearly 12 solar years (12 signs of Jupiter, to be exact). Saturn's full circle chart will be effective for 29.5 years.

But solar charts are more important. Charts cast at the onset of Divya Varsha (Divine Year) are effective for 360 years, and help in understanding long-term movements in human history, as rise of Islam, downfall of India, etc, which cannot be explained by means of annual and other charts. I have studied thousands of such charts for many decades. Divya chart also has inner levels, eg Divya monthly chart is for 30 years. Make the Divya month's chart from Meru for 1999, and study Saturn's influence on various regions with the help of SBC, and you will find out why China's steel production is much more than the combined production of all its chief rivals.


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