Nitish Kumar

Birthdata :-
12:33 noon, Mar 1, 1951
Birthplace Bakhtiarpur, Bihar.
Source :- from a Patna based astrologer's article published in Patna's Dainik Hindustan newspaper nearly a decade ago (and 12:26 noon too)

At present Rahu-Jupiter comes if Christian Year (Tropical Solar Year, never recognized in Indian Jyotisha) is used for Vimshottari. But I use Hindu Religious Year or Lunar year of 360 lunar days (tithis) for Vimshottari since 1997 which gives far better results. Some persons use 13:20 pm as time of birth but it is wrong because it gives Mars MD during 2003 to 2009 which gave him great Rajayoga but Mars is 6L + 11L in 10H and hence highly malefic for 10H. Exalted Venus there neutralizes the malefic Mars, but the final outcome cannot be a great Rajayoga.

Time used by me has Vimshottari timing retarded 7 months back, but the main thing is svagrihi Rahu transferred from 9H to 10H in Bhaavachalita. With Venus and Mars almost neutralizing each other, Rahu gives a rajayoga in its own MD starting in 2010 when Nitish's power strengthened further in Bihar at the cost of its ally BJP, and Rahu gives Rajayoga even during the MD of Mars because among all relatives of Rahu only Venus, Moon, Mars and Saturn are not inimical (Moon in 6H ruled out of rajayoga due to placement in 6H). Venus MD was also excellent when Nitish rose in politics during JP movement and became MLA.

Just after the onset of Rahu MD he got a historic landslide victory in Bihar assembly polls in which no party could get 10% seats to become official opposition. Saturn is yoga-giver, being 8L + 9L + 10L in Bhaavachalita chart and it is close relative of Rahu. Hence, Rahu MD and Saturn AD is yoga giver. Rahu-Jupiter was troublesome because Jupiter was bitter enemy of Rahu. According to Laghu Parashari, planets give their main fruits during sub-periods of relatives. Jupiter and Rahu fall in same Bhaava in Bhaavachalita but are bitter enemies. Hence Jitan Ram Manjhi tried to usurp power. But since 4 June 2015 Saturn's AD has started which gave power to Nitish again.

Hence, Nitish Kumar has a clear rajayoga during Rahu's MD and Saturn's AD, which runs from 4th June 2015 to 11 Mar 2018. But I do not possess the birthdata of his main rival Sushil Modi, hence I cannot compare poll prospects of Nitish Kumar versus Sushil Modi.


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