MD And AD Results Laghu Parashari

(Written by S C Kursija) :-

I am giving general rules of MD and AD: Dasha Lagu Parashari
Dasha and Bhukti of same planet
1. When the dasha and bhukti is one and the same planet, he does not give his entire results. The dasha nathaproduce the is to give the results of
a. sign occupied.
b. house ownership;
c. his aspects;
d. Aspect over him;
e. Relation with other house lord;
f. His own natural characteristic;
g. his strength i.e. exaltation, debilitation, combust; navamsha position etc.
The substance is that the whole of auspicious and inauspicious results of the dasha nath (MD) can not be expected in his own dasha and bhukti
2. The dasha natha produce the result characteristic to him in the bhukti of a planet who is related (Sambandhi) and similar in characteristic and quality (Sadharmi)
The planet can be Maraka, auspicious, or inauspicious. or yoga karaka

The Lagu Parashari has divided the planet into:
A, Lagna lord who is lord of kendra and trine also.
B. Lord of trine, lord of 5th and 9th , auspicious;
C. Lord of kendra 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th as neutral;
D. Lord of 3rd, 6tth and 11th, inauspicious;
E. Lord of 8th, , inauspicious;
F. Lord of 2nd and 7th as Maraka;
G Yoga karaka lord of kendra and trine as Mars in Cancer and Leo lagna and Saturn In Venus lagna Taurus and Libra and Venus in lagna Capricon and Aquarius;
H. Lord of 2nd and 12th are neutral i.e. give results according to other sign in chart. In case of Sun and Moon, the lord of kendra or 2nd or 12th give results as per location, conjunction or aspected by lord of house.
I. Atma-sambandhi are those planet who are natural friends, both of them are debilitated, or both of them are exalted, such as Sun-Moon, Sun-Mars, Sun-Jupiter; Jupiter and Mars; Mercury and Venus; Venus and Saturn; are natural friends; Therefore they are Atma-sambandhi. Saturn and Venus are fast friends as where Venus is lord of kendra, Saturn is also lord of kendra, where Venus is lord of trine, Saturn is also lord of trine.
J. Sadharmi are those planets who has the same characteristic. What is character? Character means both are yoga karaka; Maraka; owning kendra, owning trine; owning Trishadaya; owing 2nd and 12th, lord of lagna and 7th; lord of 3rd and 11th; lord of 4th and 10th; lord of 9th and 5th; lord of 6th and 8th are Sadharmi.
K. During the dasha of yoga karaka planet, his full results will occur during the bhukti of another yoga karaka planet as both are Sadharmi; atma-sambandhi who is related to MD .
L. During the dasha of maraka MD and bhukti of another maraka planet, or Atma-sambandhi planet, death or death like situation occur;
M. During the dasha of yoga karaka planet and bhukti of maraka planet, and vice versa, mixed results will occur which are neither auspicious nor inauspicious;
Planets can be classified as
1. Related (sambandhi)
2, Unrelated.
They can be further classified as
1. Sadharmi, yoga karaka to yoga karaka; maraka to maraka, neutral to neutral; Trishadaya to trishadaya;
2. Adharmi, / Virudha-dharmi /Asambandhi Yuga karaka and inauspicious planet; auspicious and inauspicious planet; a yoga karaka and maraka planet; auspicious and maraka planet; etc.
3. Anubhaya-dharmi. (Neutral) are maraka and inauspicious planet; an inauspicious planet and a neutral planet; or maraka and neutral planet;
We can draw the following results:
MD and AD related/sambandhi results of MD
MD and AD anubhaya reduced MD results
MD and AD virudha dharmi very few results.

MD and AD unrelated Sadharmi MD results;
MD and AD anubhaya dharmi mixed results
MD and AD virudha dharmi less mixed results
For example : MD trikona lord and AD trishadaya lord, MD is auspicious and AD is inauspicious and unrelated results will be according to the nature of nature of the two lord who is stronger and mixed.
If the MD trishadaya lord is related to AD trikona lord, or trikona lord is related to 8th lord, there will be very few trikona lords results, there will be mixed results,
If MD is yoga karaka and AD is unrelated anubhaya lord, there will be auspicious results first, and mixed results later on or neutral results.
If MD is maraka, AD is unrelated anubhaya , there will be first malefic results and later will be neutral results.
Therefore results will depends on relation or not relation, Sadharmi and Virudha dharmi.

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