Jayalalita Jailed :-

Birthdata :
14:34 PM, 24-2-1948, Melukote (12:39:44 N , 76:38:59 E) in Mysore(Karnataka).

Astrological Analysis (based on SSS, ie Shri Surya Siddhanta) :-

D-1 dashaas are MD-Jupiter, AD- Saturn.

In LK (Lagna Kundali) Jupiter is in moolatrikona but malefic because of double kendraadhipati dosha (7L+10L) and in 7H (that is why her 7H was bad and prevented her marriage). Jupiter is worst for 9H where it has highest inimical aspect, hence adharmic acts which sent her to jail.

Without DAC (Dashaa Arambha Chakra), the most reliable method is SC (Sudarshana Chakra). LK has been shown above. SK (Surya Kundali) has Jupiter in 11H as lord of 2H and 11H which gives powerful Dhana-yoga but as 11L Jupiter is malefic, hence ill-gotten wealth.

In CK (Chandra Kundali) Jupiter is in 5H, lording 5H and 8H. Powerful Jupiter in 5H gives her popularity but 8H is bad.

Using Drik, AD is of Jupiter, but using SSS we get Saturn as AD lord. Saturn is inimical to Jupiter and is in neutral sign and retro. In LK, Saturn is 8L + 9L in 2H of maarakesha. In SK, Saturn sits in 6H as lagnesha and 12L. In CK, Saturn is in 12H as 6L+7L. Hence, on the whole Saturn is highly malefic for her. Enmity with Jupiter ensures that only the bad results of Jupiter will be given during Saturn's AD.

D-30 :-

MD of Ketu and AD of Rahu. Both are in 11H in LK and SK, hence CK is irrelevant according to BPHS because Sun sits in Lagna. Rahu is 3L and Ketu is 12L, hence both are malefic, and both are bitter enemies. Therefore only bad results come in Rahu AD.

D-9 dashaas are also malefic and D-10 MD is bad too. But D-10 AD is of Saturn which has VRY. VRY means abrupt rise from down. If the birth time is highly accurate, then D-10 can be believed to be reliable. If so, Saturn AD might ensure quick comeback, but that is prevented by VPC (Varsha Pravesha Chakra) in which D-1's MD planet Jupiter sits in 12H and AD lord Saturn is exalted but malefic as 7L+8L. In VPC-2 (second level, ie monthly chart) MD lord Jupiter is in 6H. But Saturn is in 9H as 1L+12L (hence beneficence balances maleficence).

All these fators show that her birth data is accurate and only a small error may be possible which can be corrected with examination of chief events in her life.


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