Iron Price Forecasting

Previous 30-year price graph of Iron Ore is taken from following website :

30-year price graph of Oron Ore is shown in the picture below :


Red lines indicate the price graph for year beginning with mid-April, for synchronizing with astrological year starting with Mesha Samkrānti. Red dot indicates mid-April (Mesha Samkrānti).

Highest annual rise was in 2009 (mid April 2009 to mid-April 2010). Mesha Samkrānti D-1 chart for this time should be made with Kundalee Software's Medini mode's "MeruWorldChart" by typing "2009" as year and not changing any other default figure. In this year's chart, we find exalted Sun as lord of 9H, Saturn as 2L + 3L in 9H of Sun, and yoga gover 1L + 4L Jupiter in 2H with Rahu. Jupiter is neecha, but under 49' (82%) aspect of Saturn. Hence, Saturn controls 2H almost completely. Saturn is inimical to Jupiter, but since Jupiter is debilitated (neech), it is in complete control of Saturn. This is how neecha planet sometimes becomes highly benefic.

In Horā Chart (D2), Saturn is svagrihi in 5H with high aspects on 2H and 11H.

Although D9 is not used for finances, but its Vimshopaka is high and therefore it may be experimentally tested. In it, we find Saturn exalted in 3H but a malefic. In D60, neecha Saturn is combust in exalted Sun in 11H.

Saturn is related to iron. This year, iron ore price rose by about two hundred per cents !

D-2 is most important for finances.

Worst year was 2011, in whose D-2 chart we find svagrihi Saturn in 6H with three enemies !

Monthly forecasts can also be made from Samkrānti charts. For 2010, the chart shows steep fall in iron prices in first quarter of year starting with Sun's entry into siddhāntic nirayana Mesha. Here is the reason :

Vrish samkrānti's D-1 chart shows Saturn in 6H as lord of 11H and 12H and retrograde : highly malefic for iron and for 11H of profit. D-2 shows 1L + 12L retrograde Saturn in enemy house of Jupiter with house lord Jupiter svagrihi there in 2H : very bad for iron's monetary worth.

Then, Mithuna Samkrānti entry chart also has a highly malefic Saturn : 5L + 6L Saturn sitting neutrally in 12H in D-1, and in D-2 also Saturn sits in 12H as 10L + 11L inimically with house lord Jupiter. In both D-1 and D-2, Saturn sits malefically in 12H : highly malefic bhāvottama, which increases the malefic potential of Saturn.


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