Invasion Of India by Alexander

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(One must have Kundalee software installed in his/her computer for understanding this article fully. It is time-comsuming to upload screenshots at websites and fit them into articles. If readers use Kundalee software to examine this article, case studies can be written speedily.)

In the starter Form of Kundalee Software (version6.7.8 and higher) , select "Medini" in Folder Combo Box, and "VidishaDeshaCharet" in File Combo Box at top of the form. Never change the longitude and latitude, or time in hours, date and month. Change only the year at left side (do not touch date:time at right side of Form which is for Natal Horoscopy only, not needed in Medini Jyotisha). For Varshaphala, leave the default "1" in the bottom text box, and for any other Nakshatra Pravesha Desha-Chakra, replace "1" with the number of wanted Nakshatra (using 27-Nakshatra system excluding Abhijit, starting from 1 for Ashwini).

For analyzing Invasion of Alexander, input "-326" (minus for BC) in the left side Year Box, and click "SHOW" at top right of Input Data Form. You will get the starter page of output in either Hindi or English according to your selection in the started Data Input Form. In the 'Switchboard', click "MAIN" button, and enter the number of Shodasha Varga (Divisional Chart) you are interested in, default is "1" or Rashi and Bhaavachalita chart (D1). D1 modules are used in present case studies. Then click the "Shodasha Varga" button, you will get the detailed chart and relevant tables, with same chart on map in another form behind it.

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