Indo Pak Cricket Match In World Cup 14 Feb 2015 Adelaide

Analysis of Indo-Pak Adelaide Cricket Match in World Cup 2015
Place : Oval Stadium
Lat= 34:54:55.8432 S
Long = 138:35:46.7412 E
Date 15 Feb 2015
Time of Toss : 13:31
(SSS used)

D-1 :

SBC (Sarvato-Bhadra-Chakra) has vedha of "P" by Jup, Rah, Sat,
and on "Bh" by Moon, Ketu, Sun, Merc.

Rahu is very bad 11L in 6H in enemy's sign,
Sat is 10H+11L in bitter enemy sign in 7H, hence bad,
Jup is exalted and retro but mixed : 9L+12L in 4H, it is more benefic than malefic and its exaltation makes Pakistan strong, but two other vedha planets are malefics.

Moon is 4L (Kendraadhipati Dosha) in enemy sign, but in 9H, hence mixed,
Merc is 3L+6L malefic, but in friendly sign in 9H, hence mixed,
Ketu is 8L in 12H giving VRY,
Sun is 5L in 10H of honour, hence benefic. If only D-1 is considered, it is difficult to decide in favour of any team.

( When D-1 gives mixed or unclear results, D-9 should be used to settle the score of D-1. In D-9, Pak has vedha from Ketu and Mars which are good but not strong, while Bhaarat has vedha from Venus and Rahu, Rahu not strong but Venus exalted 7L+12 : and in 5H where Mars and Rahu sit. Venus was inimical to Mars, hence exalted Venus of India subdued weak Mars of Pakistan. )

D-27 (strength) tilts the balance more strongly in favour of India :-

"P" has vedha from Rahu and Ketu, Rahu 2L in 3H in neutral sign. Ketu has vedha on both "P" and "Bh", hence should be ignored here.
India's "Bh" has vedha from Jup and Venus. Jup is 3L+12L, retro in 6H in neutral sign, hence bad. But Venus is very very strongly in favour of India : it is 5L+10L (rajayoga), exalted, and seated in friendly sign in 3H of Paraakrama (valour).

Hence, balance is strongly in favour of India mainly due to D-27.


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