Indira Gandhi

The DETAILED method of Sage Parāshara is being explained here, which was being taught in classes in Karnātaka, Uttar Pradesh, Bihār, etc for a few years. But only those persons can benefit from this method who have patience and unbiased attitude to re-learn this ancient method. There are many parallel methods in Vedic Astrology; the presentation below does not include all those methods. Only the ORIGINAL PARASHARI METHOD is being explained here, using the most fundamental and easiest but correct concepts; details are avoided for limiting this article which will grow in size in coming days. Most important and neglected tools of predictive astrology as propounded by rishis (and mentioned in BPHS - Brihat Parāshara Horā Shāstra) are explained here with illustration : Dashā Arambha Chakra (DAC), Varsha Pravesha Chakra (VPC), Sudarshana Chakra (SC) method and its links to Bhrigu Samhitā and Nādi granthas, etc.
WARNING : those not having many hours or even days to spend on single charts must keep away from DAC and should read only popular tools like birthtime divisionals, VPC, SC presented in this article.

Table of Contents

Received Data

Date of Birth :- 19:11:1917

Time of Birth :- 23:11 IST (Indian Standard Time). This is the time propagated online and offline, and it is almost correct.

Biography :- Start from here :

Place of Birth :- Anand Bhawan, Allahabad, India, 25°:27':34".078 N ; 81°:51':36".454 E (exact location of birth-room)

(Note : enter this data into Kundalee software, click 'Map1' button, a new page will open up on which click a button 'Wikimapia', this Google-Earth based online software will open up with the meridian data entered by you at the centre with a cross ; do not use mouse wheel for zooming because mouse will change the centre, use the slider's 'plus' mark at left hand side for zooming-in, you will find Anand Bhawan's room in which Indira Gandhi was born ; if you want to change the place by dragging the map in Wikimapia, locate your place at the centre and click 'Get' button just below 'Wikimapia' button in Kundalee, and the data will automatically fall into relevant text boxes on Kundalee's data form).


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Rectification of birth-time Through Chart-Analysis

Some astrologers say birth time should not be rectified. It is wrong. BPHS (Brihat Parāshara Horā Shāstra) and other classics of Vedic Astrology like Jaimini Sutra provide a lot of methods for rectification of birth chart. But these methods are now not useful because people do not record the events in sootikā (birth) room and ādhāna lagna remains unknown, and the methods of child birth have also been modernized. But we can avail of computers for tuning chief events of life with birth time. For making a fuller use of BPHS, birth time must be accurate upto milli-seconds, as will be shown later in this essay.

Four rules must be remembered before attempting any rectification of given birth time.

Rule-1 : We must try to make minimum possible rectification, and if too much change is wanted then it is better to leave that chart at God's mercy. One or two minutes is too much in most cases, although I have succeeded in finding accurate birth time of persons like Prophet Muhammad whose birth time has not been preserved.

Rule-2 : Lower divisional charts like the lagna chart (D1) should be used initially, and higher divisionals should be tested only after we are sure of accuracy of D1.

Rule-3 : Use only the most important good or bad events for rectification, because strong events provide clear indicators.

Rule-4 : Use only the most extensively tested tools for rectification, like Vimshottari dashā system.

Event-1 : Death

In the present case, let us start with death of Late Indirā Gāndhi. The date is 31:10:1984, and the time is around 9 am when 30 bullets pierced her body, 23 of them pierced through and 7 were trapped inside her body. Her body was brought to hospital at 9:30 and official declaration of death was issued at 14:20 PM ; hence I use the mean time 11:35 am for death. There is slight uncertainty in her time of death, but we will make use of better timed events later in this essay. Enter the date and time of death in the right hand side text boxes of main data form of Kundalee Software.


JHorā software by Mr PVR Narasimha Rāo (Boston, USA) can also be used with Preferences >Related to Calculations >Set calculations options as recommended by Vinay Jhā, but only Kundalee can be used for the best tool of BPHS : DAC (Dashā Arambha Charts) and D1's bhaavachalita chakra. Hence, this essay is based on references to Kundalee Software only.

After entering above data into Kundalee software with default settings (SSS or Shri Surya Siddhānta and 360-tithi year for Vimshottari), click SHOW button to find the Switchboard, and there click the 'MAIN' button. 'MAIN WINDOW' form will open up, in which enter the number of wanted divisional chart (shodash varga) and then click the 'Shodashvarga' button : wanted divisional chart and its peculiar Vimshottari table will open up. For D1, type '1' in the 'Shodashvarga' box before clicking.

(Note : Charts in all pages of this website uses numerical codes explained in first page 'Graha Spashta' of Kundalee software used to denote uchchādi of planets : 9 = uchcha, 8 = moola-trikona, 7 = svagrihi, 6 = in fast friend's rasi, 5 = in friendly rasi, 4 = in neutral rasi, 3 = in enemy's rasi, 2 = in bitter enemy's rasi, 1 = neecha, add 10 to above numbers if combust ; for instance 15 implies combust plus in friendly rasi.)

D-1 : First Divisional (Varga)

Longevity : Amshāyu-Pindāyu-Nisargāyu

D1 birthchart has Saturn with kartari yoga and in nidhana-tārā Ashleshā, and during MD of Saturn death occurred. Mercury sat in nidhana-tārā too, and Moon in Janma-tārā, all other planets in benefic tārās. Saturn, Mercury and Moon compete for killer status, in which Saturn wins due to following reason.

Amshāyu occurred in Rahu MD and Rahu AD (1938.77), Rahu sitting in 6H but having VRY by dint of being 8L (lord of 8H).

Nisargāyu occurred in Jupiter MD and Moon AD (1965.26). Jupiter was not a killer like Saturn (or Rahu) as explained below.

Pindāyu occurred during Saturn MD and Saturn AD (1969.56). If Saturn and Rāhu compete for being a killer, Saturn must overwhelm because of two factors : Saturn is a natural killer, and Rāhu is not a full planet. Saturn was certainly a killer as explained below, and actually killed her but not in its own MD, because AD of same planet does not add any graha-phala while AD of a planet different from the MD planet adds the phalas of both planets. Hence, a killer AD planet under Saturn's MD must be responsible for her death, and Rahu happens to be the worst killer, being 8L and sitting in 6H, other planets sitting in trika houses (6H, 8H or 12H) were 5L Ketu, lagnesha Moon and 4L + 11L Venus, while 8L Rahu was a worse killer. Rahu's lord retro Jupiter was enmical to Rahu. Her death occurred during Saturn's MD and Rahu's AD. After Rāhu, Moon, Venus and Ketu compete for PD-killer, in which Moon qualifies by dint of being in exchange relationship with killer Saturn. There are many details which readers may expand themselves. Although D1 Vimshottari planetary configuration explains death, there may be some other configurations too, for instance including Venus instead of Rahu repeated in SD. Hence, D1 does not give 100% definitive explanation, for we would have to look into Dashā Arambha Chakras (DAC) later.

BPHS commentators have given faulty definition of Shubh / Ashubha vargānka. They consider only the natural benefic or malefic character of the lord of a planet and neglect everything else. It is a wrong shortcut. We should consider placement of a planet in good or bad houses and benefic or malefic nature of the planet itself in which lord of that planet also plays a role. In the present case, we have to compare Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Moon and Saturn (and Rahu if actual AD of Saturn's MD is also reckoned with). Among the Dashavarga, the worst malefic turns out to be Rahu closely followed by Saturn, while Mars is mostly a benefic and remaining three planets are mixed in nature. Since Rāhu is not among MD candidates in Amshāyu-Pindāyu-Nisargāyu and in D1 8L Rāhu enjoys VRY in 6H (8L means lord of 8th house, 8H means 8th house, VRY means Vipareeta Rāja Yoga), it can be concluded that Saturn is the most suitable candidate as a killer and among all ADs (antar-dashās) Rāhu is the worst killer due to its worst nature in Dasha-varga (cumulative weightage of D-1-2-3-7-9-10-12-16-30-60 vargas in deciding the benefic/malefic nature). [ Note : In this chart's SBC (Sarvato-badra Chakra), "bh" is the letter having greatest number of vedhas : from Rahu-Venus-Moon (all three sitting in 6th house) and Ketu (in 12H). Thus, Bhindraanwaale was the most enmical person responsible for her ultimate death. D-30 also has "bh" as the most malefic letter having Vedha from Mars-Rahu-Ketu sitting in 2H, from Venus in 8H, and from 2L Jupiter and Moon in 11th. Five malefic vedhas guarantee death, here we find four malefic vedhas in D-1 and six killer vedhas in D-30.]

Vimshottari of D1


The five levels of Vimshottari at the time of death for D1 are : Saturn - Rahu - Moon - Rahu- Jupiter

Birth-time D1-bhaavachalita chart of Indira Gandhi (Picture on left).

Saturn is lord of 7th and 8th houses (i.e., 7L + 8L), sitting in bitter enemy's rasi in lagna (= 1H).

MD (mahaa-dashaa) planet Saturn is a killer by dint of owning 7H and 8H, and damages the prospects of lagna by sitting there bitter enmically. Saturn's MD had a great rajayoga in real life which is not clear so strongly in birth-time D1 in spite of four argalas of Saturn and exchange relation of all houses and their lords (a rare phenomenon), and will become clear only after rectification when we will be able to construct Dashaa Arambha Chakras.

AD (antar-dashaa) planet Rahu is 8L and sits enmically in 6H, hence a killer.

PD (pratyantar) planet Moon is lagnesha, sitting in enemy's house with killer 8L Rahu in enmical 6H. There, Venus is also malefic, having kendresha-dosha and 11L, and in enmical house. Hence, malefic Moon.

SD (sookshma) planet is again Rahu, a killer.

PrD (Praana Dashaa) planet is Jupiter, 6L + 9L and therefore of mixed nature, but more malefic because of sitting in 11H and lorded by malefic Venus and being retrograde and in bitter enmical sign.

First Stage of Rectification of Birth Time : Using Natal D1

In the VIMSHOTTARI table on Kundalee software, on the right hand side there is a list of five dashaa levels with leftover time of dashaas shown. In Praana Dashaa line, there are two buttons with '<' and '>' captions. Clicking the '<' button will automatically change birth time so that the onset time of running Praana Dashaa is obtained, while clicking the '>' button will change birth time so that the ending moment of running Praana Dashaa is obtained. These changes in birth time will be shown in the input data form's text boxes for birth time, esp the text boxes for minute and second. You must wait for a few seconds because hundreds of repetitions will be needed to compute the correct onset and ending moments.

For getting onset time of Saturn's PrD, click '<' , we get 23:11:46.39669282 as the birthtime needed for getting Saturn's PrD onset time at the time of late Indira Gandhi's death.

Add few seconds to the time obtained above, e.g. enter 23:11:55 as birth time in main data form and click SHOW > Shodash3 > Shodashvarga, and now you will see Saturn's onset time in PrD line of VIMSHOTTARI page. Now, click '>' button and after a few seconds you will find the birth time needed for ending moment of Saturn's PrD for the time of death. In this case, you will find 23:13:03.77415379.

Thus, the duration of Saturn's PrD from onset to ending moment is from 23:11:46.396693 to 23:13:03.77415 as birth time, difference of 77.37746097 seconds.

A small independent text box will automatically open while performing above operations, titled "Degrees of Planets in Selected Varga excluding rasis". In it, Saturn's degree is shown as "Satu : 24.24399". Divide it with 30 degrees and multiply the result with 77.37746097 : you will get 62.531279666 seconds.

Add it to onset time 23:11: 46.396693 , you will get 23:12:48.927972485 as the = time of main fruit of Saturn.

Theoretical basis of this basis is to be found in the initial portion of BPHS's Dashaa-phala-adhyaaya where we are told that the dashaa-phala of a planet is obtained according to longitudes of a planet : if the planet is in initial dreskaana its fruits come early, and so on. The verses are crude but this method is highly accurate, and very slight errors come up. The time of death of Late Indira Gandhi is also not very accurate.

Rectified Birth -Time : Instead of the mean time of death as 11:35 AM, if we use lower limit of 9:10 AM and then upper limit of 14:20 PM as time of death, we get different times for the main fruit of Saturn in its PrD, which show ±4.04 seconds of fluctuation in birthtime from the mean time of 23:12:48.9279725. Maximum amount of error in this time is ±4.04 seconds. Since we are not sure of exact time of death, we must use other events for further rectification. But before proceeding further, let us check the accuracy of above finding on the basis of the most accurate and stringent criterion of Parashari method : Dashaa Arambha Chakras (DAC,or Dashaa Pravesha/Onset Charts).

Second Stage of Rectification : Dashaa Onset Charts of D1

In Kundalee's main data form, enter the time of birth as 23:12:48.928 which is average time obtained above, and in the right hand side boxes for 'Desired Time' in data form enter 11:35 am as the time of death which is mean of both extremes of possible times. After getting VIMSHOTTARI page, click Dashaarambha button, many pages will open up. In the 'Dashaa Timing' page, click 'MD Start' button, following picture will open up.


D1's Saturn MD onset bhaavachalita chart left.

In it Saturn (MD planet) is lord of 6 and 7 houses and sits enmically in 9th house, hence a killer. Killer in house of Dharma means issues related to Dharma will be cause of death or death-like situation. But Saturn is conjunct with Venus there which is neutral to Saturn and is exalted in the house of Fortune, being lord of 3rd and 10th. Hence, although Saturn was a killer for her, it was close relative of exalted Venus and therefore highly benefic for 3rd house of valour and 10th house of power and glory since Mar 1969 when she vanquished old guards in Congress and captured absolute power of a vast country. Saturn had argala in Mercury and Moon whose AD were best periods for her during Saturn's MD.

AD onset D1 bhaavachalita chart at the time of death has Rahu AD with Rahu in 9H. As the time obtained above may have slight inaccuracy due to inaccuracy in time of death, we may introduce slight modifications in birthtime to get more accurate DACs. If birthtime is reduced to 48.886 sec or less (instead of 48.928 sec), we get AD planet Rahu in 8H, and there is no change in any other planetary positions in any DAC chart among five Vimshottari DAC charts. Rahu remains in 8H in AD's DAC for birthtime from 45.0218 to 48.886 sec , and for getting Rahu in next bad house 12H we need to add too much in birthtime. Hence, it is safe to try to find the birthtime near to 23:12:48.886 as the upper limit, not going too away from it on the lower side.

PD onset has 12L Moon in 10H with Moon's PD, 7L Rahu accompanied Moon. Rahu and Moon were malefics but strong.

SD onset chart of Rahu has bhaavaheena Rahu in 6H.

PrD onset chart of Saturn has exalted Saturn in 6H : neecha planet in 6H is yoga giver but uchcha planet there is malefic. Sun there is strong but bitter enemy of dashaa-kaaraka Saturn.

Correct dashaa onset charts for all five levels of Vimshottari must conform to real life events : this is the final litmus test in Standard Method of Vedic Phalita Jyotisha used by hardly anyone now-a-days, although ordered in BPHS. Sum total of all five levels of vimshottari must be added to decide the possibility of an event.

There are two peculiarities in all Dashaa Onset Charts which must be remembered : Dashaa-kaaraka planets have special significance, and placement of a dashaa-kaaraka planet with respect to the upper level dashaa-kaaraka is also important.

Another peculiarity is common to all varga charts, birthcharts as well as dahsaa onset charts : lagna and the house signifying the special attribute of a varga have extra significance. For instance, D7 has special value for lagna (1H) and fifth house (5H).

Drik Siddhanta (physical astronomy) can be opted to test these things. In the present case, Drik Siddhanta gives tolerable explanation for death of late Indira Gandhi, but fails to explain the tremendous rajayoga during the same period of Saturn. One can check it through Kundalee or JHora softwares. We can accept only that birth-time which explains ALL events without any use of twisted logic to prove anything. Following sections of this essay prove that SSS (Shri Surya Siddhanta) explains ALL events admirably according to the standard rules of Phalita Jyotisha.

Third Stage of Rectification of Birth Time : Use Relevant Shodasha Varga

D-30 :
Trinsaamsha varga or D-30 is for Arishta (diseases, accidents, death, etc). Although it is called 30th varga, it is actually sixth varga related to the topic of sixth house (disease) and therefore has 5 degrees for each division and should have six parts, but due to primacy of five planets related to five tattvas (read the article ShodashaVargaSecrets.pdf attached at the bottom of Home Page of one division has been distributed into two other divisions to make them of 7 and 8 degrees, remaining three divisions retaining the average size of 5 degrees.

Therefore, it is not a very high divisional , and after birth time rectification by means of D-1 in the field of death or disease, we must look to D-30.

As done with D-1 above, In Kundalee's main data form, enter the time of birth as 23:12:48.886 (or slightly less), and in the right hand side boxes for 'Desired Time' in data form enter 11:35 am as the time of death which is mean of both extremes of possible times. After getting VIMSHOTTARI page for D-30, click Dashaarambha button, many pages will open up. In the 'Dashaa Timing' page, click 'MD Start' button. Detailed Saturn's MD Onset bhaavachalita chart of D-30 will open up.


Saturn's MD Onset bhaavachalita chart of D-30 is on left.

In D-30 it is Saturn's MD (mahaa-dashaa).

In birth-time D30, Saturn sits in 3H as svagrihi lord there, lord of 4H too, hence a benefic and increasing longevity. AD planet Rahu, which is also PrD planet, sits in its strong friend Jupiter's 2H while Jupiter is svagrihi in 5H, and Ketu also sits with Rahu in its moola-trikona, and Mars sits there in fast friend's house. Thus, MD, AD and PrD do not fortell death, while PD and SD planets are of mixed nature. But Dasha Onset Charts are clearly fatal as shown below. We will find innumerable instances of Dasha Onset Chart giving correct reading while birth chart taking a back seat. It is because birth chart is for entire life while Dasha Onset Charts are of primary importance for relevant Dashaas.

In MD Onset chart bhaavachalita, we find neecha Saturn in 6H (6th house) with Mercury and Venus. Mercury is 8L+11L (lord of 8th and 11 houses) while Venus is 7L + 12L, both in enemy's house owned by Mars which sits in 7H as lagnesha and 6L. These two malefic conjuncts make Saturn malefic and destroy the VRY (Vipareeta Rajayoga) of neecha Saturn in 6th. Moreover, Saturn is enmical to lagna, 2H, 5H and 6H,making Saturn bad in 6th and bad for lagna which are two most significant houses in D30.

In D-30 it is Rahu's AD (antar-dashaa). In AD Onset chart bhaavachalita, we find Rahu in 6th as 3L and in moolatrikona, hence malefic. D30 lord, i.e., lagnesha Jupiter sits in 12H. All these factors make Rahu AD malefic for life.

In D-30 it is Mercury's PD (pratyantar-dashaa). In PD Onset chart bhaavachalita, we find Mercury as 7L + 10L with double kendresha-dosha sitting in 9H lorded by strong Sun there which is enmical to Mercury.

SD (sookshma dashaa) is of Sun which sits debilitated (neecha) in 4H as Maarakesha (2L) in SD Onset chart. Hence malefic for life.

PrD (praana dashaa) is of Rahu which is exalted and sits as bhaavaheena in 6H. Neecha planet in 6th is VRY, but uchcha planet in 6th is bad. MD, AD and PrD lords are in 6th and are killers, which imply killing by enemy.

Thus, D-30 confirms the findings of D-1 and suggests that birth time is almost accurate. Now, with the help of PrD lord Rahu's longitude we can further rectify birth time. But time of death has slight uncertainty, we cannot be too sure of DAC (Dashaa-Arambha-Chakra) of higher divisionals till we examine events with better known timing. For instance, in PD onset above with merely 85 milli-second reduction in birthtime Mercury moves to 8H making it much more malefic.

D-10 : For Analysis of Death !

Normally D10 is not used for analyzing death, but if death is related to career and office, there must be some connection. With birth time as 23:12:48.886 (or slightly less), we get a D-10 with Vimshottari sequence Sat - Rahu - Sat - Sat - Ketu. In birthchart's D10, Saturn was yoga giver due to its exchange relation with exalted 2L + 9L Mars but Saturn was in 2H. Saturn was 11L + 12L and therefore malefic but debilitated (neecha) which made it weak and therefore influenced by the strong relative Mars which was a benefic ; this is how sometimes neecha planets become benefics, but in spite of benefic influence from Mars Saturn was also a killer. Rahu was 12 L and in 2H and therefore a killer. But Saturn's yoga giver nature due ti exchange relation with Mars also resulted in wealth due to 9L + 10L sitting in 2H, and political power on account of having friendly aspect on 10H : Saturn's MD started from 26 Oct 1970. Jupiter was more powerful yoga giver for political career. Hence birthtime D10 does not explain things completely. But combining D1 with D10 makes Saturn a powerful yoga giver.

Her D10 had exalted Mars in 11H having SBC vedha on Sanjay which had vedha from exalted Moon also, while Rajiv had vedha from malefic Ketu in 8H. Hence, D10 ensured Sanjay's prominence in politics.

Now, check Dashaa Onset Charts of D-10 at the time of Indira Gandhi's death.

MD planet Saturn was neecha, retro and 3L + 4L sitting in 7H, Saturn itself a killer badly influenced by its enmical lord Mars (6L + 1L) in 11H having 44' enmical aspect on Saturn. Neech 10L Sun in 12H provided political rajayoga after 26:10:1970 to her (since onset of MD). BPHS says Saturn becomes main killer if related with a killer : here Saturn has an enmical and very high aspect relation with 2L Jupiter.

In AD onset chart, exalted Rahu sat in 8H and was 8th to MD planet. In PD + SD chart, exalted Saturn sat in 8H with bitter enemy VRY Sun, PD planet Saturn was 6th from AD planet Rahu.

D-60 : Problems in its Dashaa-Arambha-Chakra

Shashtyamsha Varga (D-60) requires very high degree of precision in birth time because in birth chart D60 its lagna changes for 2 minutes of change in birth time, but in Dashaa Onset Charts, this duration of 2 minutes gets reduced by many thousands of times. Therefore, birth time error must not be more than ten or twenty milli-seconds approximately for making correct D60 onset charts. In Kundalee's main data form, enter the time of birth as 23:12:48.886 , and in the right hand side boxes for 'Desired Time' in data form enter 11:35 am as the time of death which is mean of both extremes of possible times. After getting VIMSHOTTARI page for D-60, click Dashaarambha button, many pages will open up. In the 'Dashaa Timing' page, click 'MD Start' button. Detailed bhaavachalita chart will open up. Then, make same D60 dashaa onset charts with +4 and -4 seconds in birth time, you will find that lagna in D-60 dashaa onset chart changes by 6 rasis!! Hence, it is useless to make D60 onset chart until we rectify birth time with greater accuracy. Till then we will not use D-60 for rectification because death time has few hours of uncertainty and D-60 dashaa onset is highly sensitive to even one centi-second of change in birth time.

Next Stage of Rectification of Birth Time : Other Events with better Timing

Event-2 : Birth of First Son (Rajiv Gandhi)


Indira Gandhi's birth-time D-7 (Saptaamsha) chart on Left.

Late Rajiv Gandhi's birth date 20:08:1944 at Mumbai, birth time (6:34 Bombay Local Time with one hour for war correction) converted into IST was 8:11:40 am (which may have slight error). Enter it into input data form of Kundalee software and use 23:12:48.886 (upper limit) as the birth-time of Late Indira Gandhi to make D7 (saptaamsha) chart by putting '7' in Shadash3 form and clicking Shodashavarga button.

Late Indira Gandhi's D-7 chart has lagnesha and dhanesha (1L + 2L) Saturn in moola-trikona in 2H(2nd house), with Rahu there as svagrihi and Jupiter as a malefic : in enemy's house as 3L + 12L and retrograde. Mars is also svagrihi in 11th. 7L Moon in 12th meant marriage of her sons not conducive to well being of them. 9L in 8H suggests irreligious bent of mind for her sons.

The strongest planet in her D7 is Saturn, whose MD runs from Sep 1983 onwards, when her elder son became prime minister with record votes, but met a pre-mature and violent death due to Saturn and Rahu in 2nd house. Saturn, Mars and Rahu are lords of 2nd and 11th houses in D7 of Indira Gandhi's birth chart, resulting in tremendous wealth of her son/sons. Although the birth chart D7 has three strong planets, it does not explain the tremendous POLITICAL rajayoga of Rajiv Gandhi, having 5L + 10L yogakaaraka Venus sitting in strong malefic enemy's house(of Mars). Birth charts fail if dashaa onset charts dictate otherwise, because the Rule of Dominance of Short-term (Sookshma) Chart over Long Range Chart operates at all levels in all systems of Vedic Astrology. For instance, MD planet cannot stop PrD planet from giving its fruits if both contradict each other.

Saturn's Mahaa-Dashaa Onset Chart of D7


The excellent rajayoga of Rajiv Gandhi is explained by Saturn-MD Onset chart of Indira Gandhi's D7. It has three exalted planets and one in mool-trikona which caused Rajiv Gandhi's rise to power during Saturn's MD in Indira Gandhi's D7. This chart has exalted Saturn in 7H if Indira Gandhi's birth time is 23:12:48.72750 ± 16.976488 milli-seconds because of the following reason :

Birthtime less than 23:12:48.7105224653 makes Saturn only 11L (lord of 11th house) and not 10L in D7's MD-DAC (D7 means 7th Varga or Divisional chart ; MD means Mahaa Dashaa, DAC means Dashaa Aarambha Chakra, bhaavachalita), although exalted in 7H, which destroys the rajayoga of 10H in Saturn's MD.

And Birthtime more than 23:12:48.74447544 sends Saturn to 6H, killing the rajayoga in Saturn's D7 MD-DAC. These calculations may waste one hour perhaps, but help a lot in understanding lives of creatures as well as in understanding basics of Jyotisha.

The birthtime deduced above gives very accurate phalita results for all events of the above charts change when birthtime is changed from less than or equal to 48.886 sec obtained from uncertain death time to 48.72750 sec, and the range of uncertainty in birthtime is very small, only 16.9765 milli-sec, which can be further tested through other charts analyzed in following sections.

With this birthtime which is more accurate, if we find out the timing of main fruit of Saturn's PrD in D1 for death, we get 7:37:9.76 AM as the time of death of Late Indira Gandhi which is very near the actual time of death. If we succeed in getting the accurate birthtime, main fruit timings of PrD of D1, D30 and D60 should be very near the actual time of death and the divergence should be relative to strengths of vargas and of relevant planets. Time of main fruit can never be accurate for any single divisional because of the interplay of many relevant divisionals and of VPC (Varsha Pravesha Chakras), other relevant dashaas, etc in fixing the timing of an event.

Exalted 11L Saturn in 7H in Dasha Onset chart means spouse was instrumental in tremendous wealth acquired by Rajiv Gandhi. Letter "S" and "R" has Vedha from exalted Saturn in SBC. Hence, during Indira Gandhi's D7 Saturn starting from 1 Sep 1983, her offsprings named with 'S' or 'R' (Rajiv) rose to prominence. Saturn in 7th meant Sonia was instrumental in his income (11L) and rise. 11L Rahu being exalted and having vedha on "O" and "K / Q" means Ottavio Quattrochi was also instrumental in Rajiv's income. But Rahu sat with Moon which also had vedha on same letters. Hence, Rajiv Gandhi's political downfall was associated with Ottavio Quattrochi, political because Rahu and Moon have worst aspects on 10H of political power. Exalted 11L Rahu in 3H harmed brother of Indira Gandhi's son / sons. In SBC of Saturn MD Onset Chart of Indira Gandhi's D7 chart, the letter with highest number of malefic vedhas is "P", which means Prabhakaran had ordered for Rajiv Gandhi's killing. "P" had vedha from Moon, Rahu, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn : seven planets with killer traits : Moon with strong malefic Rahu in 3H, Rahu 11L, Mars neecha and 8L with Venus 2L and 7L killing her sons but moolatrikona Sun there making her sons and grandchildren shine in glory. Mercury in 6H and 3L + 6L (not in own sign) makes strong enemies (VP Singh and others) for Rajiv.

During Saturn's MD in above chart, Mercury's AD was from 2 Aug 1986 to 13 Mar 1989, when Bofors scandal broke out resulting in loss of Rajiv Gandhi's prestige and subsequently of power. It was because in AD onset chart of Indira Gandhi's D7's Saturn MD, highest aspect on 10H was of Jupiter which was very strong being svagrihi and highly malefic by dint of being 3L + 12L in 3H and retrograde. In this chart again, Ottavio Quattrochi had "O" and "Q" viddha from highly malefic planets : Moon and Mars in trika houses and 11L Ketu having vedha on "Q" ; and 8L Sun and neecha Venus on "O". Hence, troubles stated due to Quattrochi. But neecha (debilitated) Venus in 8H means VRY (Vipareeta Raja Yoga), and Venus was 5L + 10L which was also a raja yoga. Therefore, in spite of all odds Mercury AD was excellent for Rajiv.

But next AD was troublesome : Ketu from 13 Mar 1989 to 10 Apr 1990. In this DAC chart, Sun-Mercury-Venus-Rahu sat in 10H but they were neutral or of mixed nature, and 10L Saturn was in 8H, resulting in loss of political power. "Q/K" and "S" had highest vedha in SBC and these vedhas were all from planets related to 10H. Hence, Quattrochi and Sonia were instrumental in downfall of Rajiv.

Next AD was of Venus. Its DAC chart had 5L Moon in 6H. Lagnesha Mars being 8L and conjunct with malefic 11L Rahu, and lagna was infested with highly malefic 3L+6L Mercury. Moon had vedha of "R" while Mars and Rahu had vedha on "aa". This chart suggested death of Rajiva but the hint is not very clear. DAC of D1 clarifies Rajiv Gandhi's DEATH better as shown below.

D1's Vimshottari made for the time of Rajiv's death (21 May 1991, 22:11 IST) had Mer-Ven-Ven-Ket-Sat. MD's DAC had 5L Jupiter in 6H as 2L also, signifying death due to enemy. AD and PD planet was Venus, whose DAC had 5L Saturn in 4H under enmical control of exalted malefic Jupiter which was 3L+6L and retrograde. Hence Jupiter was highly malefic and very strong and had 52' aspect on 5H. SD's DAC had 5L in 12H. PrD's DAC had 5L Jupiter maarakesh (2L) exalted in 9H but exaltation cancelled by neecha Mars (1L + 6L). Thus 5L was united with 2L and 6L.

Enter time of Rajiv's death in input data form's Desired Time and make D1's DACs as explained in preceding para, and then make D7 of those five DAC charts. In D1-MD's DAC's D7, we find 5L as 2L and retrograde also and seated in 7H in bitter enemy's sign, AD and PD's D7 had Jupiter as 5L + 2L in 5H and retrograde, SD's D7 had 8L Sun in bitter enemy's sign in 5H with 6L + 9L Mercury in neutral sign and 5L Venus in 9H but neecha and in exchange relation with Mercury, and PrD's D7 has 5L Saturn in bitter inimical sign in 2H with neecha Moon. Thus, D1's DAC has its own divisional charts functioning well ! Other divisional DAC's have their DAC-D1 working well but their respective higher divisionals do not function properly due to two reasons : low vimshopaka strengths of divisionals and higher birthtime accuracy needed for correct divisional charts for DACs, esp of higher divisional DACs.

It is noteworthy that even after death of Indira Gandhi, her D7 continued to explain events in the life of her son. We will show later in this article that a horoscope works even before the birth of the native. For instance, the DAC chart of initial MD of any native starts much before the birth but operates till the end of MD. SImilarly, other DAC charts before that initial DAC also work. For instance, birthchart of native's father can be checked through DAC of the son.

Pada charts define the means of fruits one gets through main chart. 10th pada chart of D7 of Indira Gandhi shows rajayoga : 5L + 10L being Mars sitting with fast friend Sun as 2L, but these two malefics giving money and power in pada chart meant foul means were used to attain money and power (read BPHS carefully to get the meaning of pada charts, some moderners are inventing new meanings of pada charts).

Jupiter MD Onset in Indira Gandhi's D7 had 10L in 6th and not a single benefic. 2L + 9L Venus in 5H was good and it had vedha of "S", hence this MD (1968 to 1983) was good for Sanjay Gandhi, but in spite of being 9L in 5H Venus was 2L also and killed Sanjay. "R" had vedha from 3L Ketu. Hence, Jupiter's MD had no benefic yoga for her sons.

But Jupiter-MD's Ketu AD onset chart had neecha Ketu in 8H, and yogakaaraka Saturn as 4L + 5L, causing rise of one of her sons during Emergency. Saturn had vedha on anusvaara (Sanjay) and Ketu had vedha on "R". Saturn being more powerful than Ketu (chaayaagrah), Sanjay eclipsed Rajiv.

Next AD of Venus since 10 Oct 1975 had even more powerful combinations : VRY of neecha nodes in 6H and 12H, svagrihi Jupiter in 11H, exalted Mercury in 4H but combust in weak Sun whose vedha of Rajiv marred his prospects while VRY Ketu's (and yoga giver Rahu's which had vedha on all vowels) vedha on Sanjay caused him to flourish.

Rajiv Gandhi's Marriage

: Viewed from Indira Gandhi's D7

All top four Vimshottari levels in Indira Gandhi's D7's DACs were of Jupiter fifth PrD of Saturn, at the time of Rajiv Gandhi's marriage held on 25 Feb 1968 at 1 Safdarganj Road when muhurta for marriage was auspicious around noon.

MD's DAC is very important for Rajiv's marriage because it works for MD, AD, PD and SD. This DAC chart has a malefic 7L : Saturn is 6L + 7L + 5L seated in enemy Jupiter's sign in 8H. But 6H in 8H makes VRY (vipareeta raja yoga). "S" is the letter with highest number of vedhas in SBC : Sun, Venus, Ketu, Saturn and Mars (the last two have right vedha on "S" although in this chart they should have front vedha only, but in actual practice all planets show their influences on all three sides of vedhas, and Mercury has vedha on "o" vowel. Five vedhas guarantee an event, here we find six vedhas, something is guaranteed to happened with someone whose name starts with "So". The planets having vedha are all conducive to marriage excepting Mars. Sun is 12L and sits in 6H : VRY. Saturn is 6L in 8H : VRY. Mercury is conjunct with friend Sun and is 10L : Mercury is a malefic because it is conjunct with Sun andmalefic 10L becomes a benefic. Venus is 2L + 9L sitting in fast friend Saturn's sign in 5H : benefic and related to 7L Saturn. Sun has vedha on "O" vowel too. Hence marriage with Sonia. Ketu sits in 2H and hasfull aspect relation with Saturn. But Ketu sits in 2H and Mars is killer too : 3L + 8L in 7H. Hence, Ketu and Mars suggest death related to marriage. It seems Sonia had something to do with Rajiv's death. For better details, we ought to analyze their respective charts. Knowledgeable astrologers can deduce more results out of India Gandhi's above charts.

: Viewed from D7 of Indira Gandhi's D7-DAC

Now see higher divisionals of this DAC chart (of Jupiter's MD onset in D7 of Mrs Gandhi). D7 had 7L Sun exalted in 3H : suggesting marriage of some offspring of Indira Ji. Mercury 5L + 8L sat in 7H neutrally : both good (5L) and killer (8L). In D9 of above DAC chart, 1L+4L yoga-giver retrograde Jupiter sat in 7H : assuring marriage.

: Viewed from Indira Gandhi's D1-DAC

Indira's D1's MD-DAC shows Indira Ji's fate, but in MD-DAC 5L Saturn was exalted in lagna with full aspect on 7H : implying marriage of her offspring. In SBC, Saturn had vedha on both R and S, suggesting marriage of her offsprings. AD-DAC had 5L Sun in 7H, PD-DAC had 5L Saturn in 7H, SD-DAC had 5L Sun related to combust Mercury which was conjunct with 7L Venus while Moon sat in 7H of Venus, and PrD-DAC had 5L Jupiter in lagna with full aspect on 7H while 7L was in 8H with no aspect on 7H, and lagnesh Sun in 7H was related to Jupiter because jupiter sat in Leo. Hence Jupiter was significant for 7H.

: Viewed from D7 of Indira Gandhi's D1-DAC

D7 of that DAC must be related to her offsprings. There we find exalted yoga giver Saturn 4L+5L seated in lagna of D7 having almost total aspect on 7H and having exchange relation with Venus in 7H : guaranteeing marriage. AD-DAC's D7 has 7L+2L Venus in 8H with no aspect on 7H, but exalted Sun as 5L in lagna had aspecting 7H. Sun was very strong for lagna and 7H of D7 while 7L had no aspect. Hence AD-DAC's D7 was also conducive to marriage but Venus suggested death due to marriage.

: Viewed from VPC of Indira Gandhi's D1

Thus, strong events in life have bearings on many charts. Rajiv's marriage was an important event and could be analyzed in many other charts too, such as VPC (five levels of Varsha Pravesha Chakra). VPC method is explained in following section. Here summary for the current event is being provided : Rajiv's marriage from Indira Ji's VPC.

In Indira Ji's top level VPC, i.e., annual D1 chart, we find 5L+10L yoga giver Mars in 7H suggesting marriage of offspring and D7 for VPC moment had svagrihi planets in lagna and 7H. Second level VPC (=Month's chart) had 5L+10L Venus in lagna aspecting 7H, and its D7 had 7L in 5H and 7H had 8L+9L Saturn being both benefic and malefic.

Third level VPC for 2.5 solar degrees had 5L Venus in 7H assuring marriage of offspring of Indira Ji, while D7 had exalted Sun in 5H, 5L Mars exalted in 2H and 7L Mercury in 9H : D7 being good but no clear proof of Rajiv's marriage. But D7 is weaker than D1.

Yogini Dashaa's DAC : Indira Gandhi's Death

Kundalee Software has Yogini module but no provision for DAC (Dasha Arambha Chakra) has been made in Kundalee. But this software has been linked to JHora so that one can use the facilities of both softwares easily. In Kundalee software, while Indira Ji's file is open, click the "JHora" button. All birthdata will be automatically exported to JHora and JHora will open automatically. Then, click the "Dasas" tab in JHora and then right click in main dasha table window to select Yogini Dashaa. Then, find the dashaa onset time of all five levels of Yogini Dashaa (from MD to PrD), and one by one manually input that time in Kundalee Software to make DAC charts of five levels. Kundalee has better bhaavachalita chart than JHora, hence view the D1 chart in Kundalee and not in JHora (the latter does not give correct chart view of D1 according to SSS, although JHora's tabular data is correct). Following is the summary of five levels of Yogini's DAC charts for Indira Ji's time of death assumed to be 11:35 am, 31 Oct 1984.

MD was of Sankataa (Rahu). Its DAC (D1) chart had 11L Rahu in 3H of longevity : 11L is malefic. Lagnesh Venus being 6L also and seated inimically in 12H while 2L+3L retrograde Mercury was sitting in lagna. In D30, Rahu was in 2H.

AD and PD was of Jupiter. Its DAC (D1) chart had strong malefic Jupiter 2L+11L in 11H. In D30, Rahu was in 2H and D30 had kendraadhipati Jupiter 7L+10L in 7H with extremely malefic Mars as 6L+11L, and with benefic Mercury which was enmical there, enmical to Jupiter. Hence, although Jupiter's Yogini is normally auspicious, Jupiter's nature in DAC made it a killer.

SD was of Venus. Its DAC (D1) chart had lagnesh Venus being 6L also and seated in 7H with 2L+3L Mercury and Ketu. In D30, Venus was in 2L in 7H. Hence, Venus became a killer, although normally it is good.

PrD was of Mercury. Its DAC (D1) chart had kendraadhipati 7L+10L Mercury in 11H with killer 2L+3L Saturn and neecha Sun . In D30, kendraadhipati 7L+10L Mercury was in 6H.

Kaala Chakra Dashaa's DAC : Indira Gandhi's Death

KCD (Kaala Chakra Dashaa) is also relevant for death. MD was of Leo : in DAC of MD Leo was in 2H with Rahu in bitter inimical sign. Leo's lord Sun was 2L+3L in 7H with malefic Mercury as 4L+12L inimically seated and combust. Hence, Leo dashaa was killer.

AD was of Karna (Cancer) which was in 2H in DAC. Its lord Moon was in 5H but with 8L+9L exalted Saturn which was bitter enemy of Moon and therefore Saturn passed ONLY its malefic influence to Karka as 8L. The benefic influence of Saturn as 9L should pass to its friends only.

PD was of Karka which was bhaavaheena in DAC, i.e., Karka was not in the middle of any bhaava. Besides, Karna was lost between 11H and 12H, placement in both these houses is bad for Karka (11H is bad for Moon). Its lord bhaavaheena Moon was in 2H. Bhaavaheena planeta is most malefic. 6L exalted Saturn was also there with Moon. In D30 Moon was 12H, Karka in 3H of longevity.

SD was of Kumbha (Aq) which was in 2H in DAC, 2L Saturn exalted but combust in 11H with two malefics : 6L+7L+9L Mercury and 11L strong svagrihi Ketu, while Saturn was in 6H in D30.

PrD was of Mesha whose DAC had Mesha in 5H and 5L+12L Mars was a benefic in lagna with benefic Jupiter. But exalted 3L malefic Rahu was seated bitter inimically in 5H.

Varshaphala Method : Indira Gandhi's Death Reviewed With Rectified Birth-time

With this birthtime which is more accurate, if we find out the timing of main fruit of Saturn's PrD in D1 for death, we get 11:47:31.3 AM as the time of death of Late Indira Gandhi. Surprisingly, D60's Dasha Arambha Chakra of all five levels of Vimshottari prove killer for this birthtime and death time : MD planet Jupiter 2L in 7H, AD planet Ketu as bhaavaheena in 2H, PD + SD planet Saturn 3L + 4L exalted in 12H and combust in bitter enmical VRY Sun , and PrD planet Venus as 1L + 8L in 2H.

Let us test the accuracy of this rectified birth-time with a parallel method : Varsha Pravesha Chakras (VPC). Like Vimshottari &c, VPC also has five levels, three of which are explicitly mentioned in Sudarshan Chakra chapter of BPHS : (1) main VPC when Sun returns to the longitudes of birth-time Sun, (2) Maasa Pravesha Chakras by adding 30 degrees to VPC, (3) again dividing 30 by 12 and adding 2.5 degrees to Maasa Pravesha Chakra to get Pratyantara or Vidashaa chakra (the former is the term mentioned in BPHS), (4) again divide 2.5 degrees by 12 to get charts at the intervals of about 5 hours, and (5) then again divide it into 12 parts to get charts at intervals of nearly 25 minutes. Sixth level has not been tested as yet. This method works wonderfully. There is no use of testing Tajak Neelakanthi based on spurious sources, although the VPC of Tajak is based on Mean Sun of Surya Siddhaanta (which is wrong, True Sun should be used).

In present case, take Indira Gandhi's birthtime as 23:12:48.7275 seconds and enter 31:10:1984, 11:47:31 AM as desired time in Kundalee software and click Varshaphala button in Switchboard. Examine the D1's Vimshottari planets in VPC, you will find MD planet Saturn as 6L plus 7L which makes it killer, followed with AD planet Rahu as 7L conjunct with bitter enemy 12L Moon, PD planet Moon, SD planet Rahu and PrD planet Saturn : all dashaa-kaaraka planets killer.

Then, make the Maasa Praveshha Chakra by clicking that month's button whose onset date (21 Oct 1984 in this case) just preceded the event (death). MD planet Saturn as 2L plus 3L which makes it killer and it is conjunct with double kendresh Mercury 7L + 10L in bhaavachalita which is combust in neecha Sun , followed with AD planet Rahu as 3L sitting in 6H, PD planet Moon as 8L, SD planet Rahu and PrD planet Saturn : all dashaa-kaaraka planets killer.

Then, make the Pratyantara Praveshha Chakra by clicking the appropriate time printed in red in "VARSHA-PHALA VIDASHAAS" form automatically opened by clicking any Varsha or Maasa phala buttons mentioned above. In present case, one should click 84,10,28,23:28 and then 84,11,00,11:19 one by one, they are Vidashaa or third level Varsha-Pravesha Chart dashaa (i.e., VPC-3), annul being VPC-1 and monthly being VPC-2). 84,10,28,23:28 means "84" for 1984, next "10" for October, 23 for date, 23:28 for time, 00 date means last date of previous month (i.e., 00 Nov = 31 Oct). These VPC-3 charts are effective for nearly 2.5 days. In VPC-3 chart of 84,10,28,23:28 by clicking at this time we get MD planet Saturn as 7L plus 8L and is combust in neecha maarakesha Sun, followed with AD planet Rahu as 8L , PD planet Moon as lagnesha in 6H, SD planet Rahu and PrD planet Saturn : all dashaa-kaaraka planets killers.

But next Pratyantara chart of 84,11,00,11:19 is also malefic : MD planet Saturn 2L + 3L with 7L Mercury and 12L Ketu, AD planet Rahu as 3L, PD planet Moon as 8L in 2H. She was shot in previous Pratyantara but the last Sookshma level chart at 6:20 AM has Saturn and Moon with some benefic traits (Saturn combust in malefic Sun and Moon in Saturn's house with high aspect of Saturn make them malefic, Rahu in 8H, hence Vimshottari planets are malefic, hence shot, but Sarurn as yoga giver and Moon as 5L saved her in this VPC-3, she died in next VPC-3.) which suggest she must not die in this Pratyantara's Sookshma dashaa or VPC-4 whose chart is same as that of VPC-3 discussed above, hence her most probable time of death is after 11:19 AM when next Pratyantara of ~2.5 days began and death took place in first Sookshma of this Pratyantara which lasted for 5 hours. First Praana or VPC-5 in this Sookshma has same chart as of Sookshma, while second Praana starting at 11:44:14 AM has almost similar D1 bhaavachalita and it is difficult to decide which Praana is worse ; one can view the bhaavachalita chart of VPC-5 by clicking the time in black in "VARSHA-PHALA VIDASHAAS" form, after which a small black form with Praana or VPC-5 twelve timings in white print will open, clicking any one of those twelve white timings will open respective VPC-5 chart. Since D1 of both VOC-5 are equally malefic, click their "Shodash" button and check respective D-30 charts of VPC-5 level, second VPC-5 is more malefic (for Vimshottari planets of birthtime D1). Hence, death took place during 11:44:14 to 12:09:09 near the Noon, which conforms our earlier conclusion from timing of main fruit of Praana-dashaa at 11:47:31 AM. D60 of this VPC-5 is also malefic for these Vimshottari planets (Saturn, Rahu, Moon). Hence, 11:47:31 AM seems to be the most probable time of her death with 2 minutes of uncertainty due to 17 milliseconds on uncertainty in birthtime.

VPC technique is capable of enabling us to find out the exact time of approximate events, and if exact time of events is known it will help us in rectifying birthtime, as evinced by five levels of VPC illustrated above. VPC technique is more fruitful if used with Sudarshana Chakra, I have shown here it with lagna kundali only. I am using VPC techniques for many years (without any reference to Tajak Neelakanthi), but one extra point must be mentioned here. I have used D1's Vimshottari in D1 as well as in all VPC bhaavachalita charts, but it is only in very strong cases like death all charts may point to same conclusions. Mostly we find D1 Vimshottari planets conflicting with the astrological fruits of same Vimshottari planets in VPC charts : in such cases we have to find out whether D1 Vimshottari planets are stronger or VPC planets are stronger : for strength we should use the ranking of main strenth from 9 to 1 in Kundalee software, 9 for uchcha, 8 for moolatrikona, 7 for svagrihi, … 1 for neecha. Shadbala should be used only when main strength is same.

Event-3 : Second Son Born (Sanjay Gandhi)

Late Sanjay Gandhi was born on 14:12:1946 at 09:27 IST (may be slightly wrong). MD-AD-PD in Indira Gandhi's D7 were of svagrihi Mars, moola-trikona Shani and again Mars, much better than Rajiv Gandhi's chart. Hence, Rajiv could not eclipse his younger brother. Another noteworthy point is that the best MD onset was of Saturn in Indira Gandhi's D7, during which Sanjay Gandhi rose to prominence, follwed by Rajiv Gandhi later. Why ? Because dashaa-kaaraka Saturn in Moola-trikona had vedha on both "S" and "R", but also on anusvar, hence giving more weightage to Sanjay. Secondly, "R" had vedha by malefics neecha Mars and killer Venus.

Death of Sanjay Gandhi

He died few minutes before 8:25 am on 23 June 1980. In Indira Gandhi's D-1 chart, Vimshottari sequence was Sat : Moon :Sat : Sat : Sun.

With birth time as 23:12:48.7275 seconds, Saturn was 7L + 8L, in bitter enemy's rasi in lagna, Moon lagnesha and enmically in 6th with 8L Rahu and 11L Venus, Sun 2L. Hence, all five levels of vimshottari were ruled by killers. Birth-chart succeeds in explaining the event here BECAUSE dashaa onset chart does not oppose the birth-chart. In dashaa onset charts, we have MD chart with Saturn in enemy's sign as 6L + 7L, AD chart with Moon enmically in 12H, PD and SD with Saturn as 7L + 8L in 3H, and PrD with Sun as 3L + 4L in enemy's sign in lagna. Hence, all five were killers.

Son's death must be analyzed through D-7. For the time of Sanjay Gandhi's death, D7 chart of his mother had Jup - Mars - Mars - Venus - Sat as Vimshottari planets. Dashaa onset charts had following results : MD onset had 5L + 8L retrograde Jupiter in lagna under full control of lagnesha Sun in 7H as a killer, and Sun was in house of Saturn which sat in 8H. AD + PD onset had Mars in 12H with 5L and others. Hence, yoga giver lagnesha in 10H could not prevent misfortune. SD was of Venus which was 4L + 9L and svagrihi, but lagnesha Saturn was 12L too and resided in 8H while 5L Mercury languished in 6H, and bhaavaheena Sun destroyed the prospects of 5H while bhaavaheena Rahu sat in 7H aspecting lagna. Hence, inspite of good dashaa kaaraka, both lagna and 5H were highly malefic. Moreover, four planets sat in trika houses and 2L +11 L Jupiter sat in 7H with bhaavaheena Rahu. Excepting the dashaa kaaraka, all planets were killers, hence they overwhelmed the benefic dashaa kaaraka. These combinations cannot be changed through rectificatioin of birthtime, because if we try to make the dahsaa kaaraka malefic, too much of rectification will be needed which will make all other charts wrong. PrD planet Saturn is 8L + 9L with highly malefic Mars as 6L + 11L, double kendresha Jupiter enmical to Saturn and Rahu which is normal but weak in comparison to these three planets. Lord of 3H harms lagna by sitting there as a malefic 3L. And 3H is infested with 2L killer Moon.

Political Career of Indira Gandhi

Birthtime D-1 : Political Career

Birthtime D1 chart is given in the first picture on this page above.
Whether we use Drik Siddhanta or SSS, all 12 houses of D1 are controlled by mutual house ownership EXCHANGE (Parivartana) yoga, due to exchange relationships between Sun:Mars, Moon:Saturn, Jupiter:Venus, Mercury:Ketu. This is the most important feature of D1. Next most important point is the fact that among all planets in D1, Mars is the most powerful and best benefic giving three boons :

Sun as lord of 2nd house has exchange relation with Mars in parama-mitra and abhisheka tārā which is lord of 5th and 10th, the latter being a rajayoga (kendresh plus trikonesha). Both Sun and Mars are fast friends of each other, hence this exchange relation is highly benefic for all those houses which are influenced by them : 2nd house of wealth, 10th house of political power, 4th house of home and vehicles, 5th house of progeny; and by friendly aspects of high magnitude 9th house of fortune. These are the most benefic and strong houses in her D1 chart. Mars has bhāvottama yoga in D1 and D10 which enhanced the rājayoga.

Other planets excepting Rāhu have exchange relations but all of them are in enemy's house or in bitter enemy's houses, excluding Mercury which is in friendly house but combust in an enmical and strong Sun. Mercury as lord of 3rd and 12th is malefic and killer, it sits in nidhana taaraa too. Therefore, while Mars and Sun cause rājayoga for her children, Mercury killed them prematurely. Saturn in nidhana taaraa caused her own death. Standard rules of Vedic jyotisha can be applied by the readers to illustrate more features of her D1 chart.

Birthtime D-1 versus its Saturn Dashā Arambha Chakra

Saturn Dashā Arambha Chakra of Birthtime D1 chart is given in the second picture on this page above.
During the main part of Indira Gandhi's tenure as prime minister, D1's MD planet was Saturn 7L + 8L seated bitter enmically in lagna and in exchange relation with lagnesha Moon in 6H of bhaavachalita : no rajayoga resembling with her supremacy in Indian politics during Saturn's MD.

But same chart's MD Dashaa Onset Chart of D-1 had 6L + 7L Saturn sitting with exalted 10L Venus in 9H lorded by svagrihi Mars as 4L + 5L in 4H : three very strong rajayogas at once! Thus, Dashaa Onset Chart was hiding the rajayoga which birth chart did not reveal.

Birthtime D-10 : Political Career


Birthtime D-10 Chart is shown in the picture on Left. It explains Indira Gandhi's political career in which we must take help from DAC (Dashaa Arambha Chakra) charts of birthtime D1 too. Hitherto only D-1 and occassionally D-10 have been used for studying political career of politicians. Here, a new tool is being used in detail which throws far more and better light on events : Dashaa Onset Charts of D-10.


Saturn's Vimshottari Dashā Arambha Chakra of Birthtime-D10

Father's Chart Viewed from Offspring's Chart

Jawaharlal Nehru's Horoscope Checked from Indira Gandhi's Horoscope :

Enter late Jawaharlal Nehru's birthdate 14 Nov 1889 and time 23:21 (few minutes uncertainty due to differences in various sources) in Indira Gandhi's file opened in Kundalee in "desired time" boxes. Then, SHOW > Main button in Switchboard > Shodashvarga button in MAIN WINDOW > Vimshottari button in same window > Dashaarambha button, you will get "Dasha Timing" page with five buttons for five levels of Vimshottari's DAC charts. Click the "MD Start" button, you will get Ketu's DAC for Indira Ji's D1. Details are following.

Indira Gandhi's D1 for checking Father's Birthtime

MD-DAC :- Mars is 10L + 5L and is neecha in lagna with Moon, Saturn and Rahu. Rahu and Saturn are in bitter inimical signs, while Moon is lagnesha and in own sign. Hence, Moon is strongest, and Mars is weakest by dint of being neecha. Therefore, Moon controls the houses owned by Moon. Therefore, 10H was auspicious for Indira ji.

AD-DAC :- Mars was 10L + 5L and neecha in 12H, hence VRY (vipareeta raja roga). Moreover, Rahu was in moolstrikona there too, neutral to 10H. Hence, 10H was very good.

PD-DAC :- Mercury was 10L + 1L in lagna, raja yoga for 10H.

SD-DAC :- 10L Mars was in 8H but with only 13' aspect on 10H while Sun was sitting in 10H and neecha Sun was in sign of Venus in 9H which was in moolatrikona and 4L + 9L, hence Venus had double raja yoga and was controlling 10H through its relation with Sun.

PrD-DAC :- Mars was 10L + 5L, hence raja yoga for 10H, and it was in 3H which makes Mars benefic and strong.

Therefore, all five D1-DAC charts had strong rajayoga for 10H.

Indira Gandhi's D12 for checking Father's Birthtime

MD-DAC :- 10L Moon in friendly sign in 7H, lagnesha Venus in 10H in fast friend's sign (Venus was 8L too), Venus - Mercury having mutual exchange relation, hence 9L + 12L Mercury in fast friendly sign in 9H was also very good. Thus, both 10H and 9H were auspicious. Sudarshana Chakra (SC) gives clearer results but we will see SC later.

AD-DAC :- 1L + 4L rajayoga giver Jupiter in 10H, although 10L Mercury in 8H. Mercury had 37'. But Mercury was a malefic : kendraadhipati dosha 7L + 10L. Either Jupiter's rajayoga overpowered Mercury's maleficence, or Mercury's maleficence was inverted by dint of placement in 8H VRY). This case remains doubtful and needs study of many such instances. Nevertheless, a rajayoga giver benefic planet in Jupiter must play its role.

PD-DAC :- 4L Moon was in enemy's sign in 10H, but 10L Saturn was in 5H, though being 11L too. Both these planets were weaker in comparison to Ketu in 10H which was in moola-trikona. In SC, SK (Surya Kundali) had svagrihi Jupiter in 10H. Jupiter has kendradhipati dosha, but 10L in 10H was certainly good for 10H. In SC, CK (Chandra Kundali) had rajagiver 5L + 10L Venus in 4H.

SD-DAC :- Rajayoga giver 9L + 10L Saturn in 4H with good aspect on 10H.

PrD-DAC :- 10L Venus in its moola-trikona, although with some malefic traits and companions. But it was good for 10H.

Therefore, in D12 of Indira ji too, all five D1-DAC charts had strong rajayoga for 10H.

Case Study of Higher Divisionals :

Natal D24

So far, we have studied only lower divisionals like D1, D30, D7, and D10 (D30 is actually not based on 30th part of rasi, but on 6th part at most). We started from lower divisionals because DAC (Dashā Arambha Chakra) of higher divisionals is far more difficult to make than the lower divisionals due to birth time inaccuracies. D24 is a highr divisional and we can test it to find whether the rectified birth time allows us to make a correct D24 conforming to all major events.

Natal D24 Chart (Siddhāmsha or Chaturvimshāmsha Chart) :


In natal D24 best house was 10th with yoga-giver 1L + 10 L Mercury there in own sign : double raja yoga, with 6L svagrihiRahu. Its lagna had 3L + 8L Mars and 5L Saturn was in enemy's sign as 6L, hence her D24 was bad for general education, but for 10H she had more than sufficient Vidyaa : for defeating her political opponents. For its results, we should search for her political climax, when D24's Sun MD was running and its DAC had good lagna and 5H : lagna having 5L and lagnesha in 10H with yoga-giver Mars woth Dhana-yoga giver Mercury.

Dasha Onset Charts of D-24

Indira Gandhi's D24 presents interesting facts about not only her studies but also about events affecting her studies, such as her mother's death and her non-orthodox marriage.

D24's Mercury-MD lasted from 8 Sep 1925 to 7 Mar 1942. In this period, she went to Europe for studying, but DAC had neecha 12L Venus in 5H, and the strongest planet Jupiter was in oen sign in 7H with malefic kendraadhipati doasha being 7L and more malefic by dint of being 11L and retrograde. In SBC, Jupiter had vedha of bh / ph /dh / k while malefic Moon (2L + 3L) in 12H had vedha on all vowels. Hence, Firoz Gandhi was instrumental in interrupting her studies in a malefic manner. 4H had svagrihi Sun but with a malefic 6L Mars, causing illness and death of her mother in this period. 9L + 10 L Saturn was highly malefic due to being seated in 6H, and it was 8L also, and exaltation in 6H made it worse. Mercury was 1L + 5L but in 3H : it was the only good planet in this chart but in 3H even Mercury is malefic. All planets were bad in this chart.

Sudarshana Chakra : Primary Method of Bhrigu Samhitā and Nādi Granthas

Sudarshana Chakra (SC) is the primary basis of all Nādi and Samhitā texts like Bhrigu Samhitā or Deva Keralam or other Nādi granthas, as well as of varsha-phala technique, but this fact is not known and some moderners even refute this value of Sudarshana Chakra. In the section-4 about ‘Varshaphala Technique’ , we had shown five levels of Varshaphala whose timing has been taken from the method mentioned in Sudarshana Chakra chapter of BPHS. But there is much extra material to be used in Sudarshana Chakra which we will study here step by step. First of all, let us deal with D1 and its Sudarshana Chakra Dashās only, then we will go into other details of Sudarshana Chakra, including those which are not mentioned in classics due to space.

First Step : D1 and its SC Dashās

As BPHS mentions, each Bhāva in the chart has one year of its dashā, and therefore each Bhāva-dashā repeats after every 12 years. First, let us prepare the table for whole life. For birthdate on 19 Nov, 1917, let us denote first year as ‘17’ and assign it to first house's dashā, year ‘18’ (1918 starting from solar birthdate) for second bhāva's dashā, and so on, in the following table.

Dashā Table of 12 Houses : Indirā Gāndhi
12 Bhāvas i ii iii iv v vi
01 17 29 41 53 65 77
02 18 30 42 54 66 78
03 19 31 43 55 67 79
04 20 32 44 56 68 80
05 21 33 45 57 69 81
06 22 34 46 58 70 82
07 23 35 47 59 71 83
08 24 36 48 60 72 84
09 25 37 49 61 73 85
10 26 38 50 62 74 86
11 27 39 51 63 75 87
12 28 40 52 64 76 88

Year beginning on solar birthdate in Nov 1983 proved to be her last year, succeeding years are shown in green in the above table. Her last year was the year of 7th Bhāva's dashā according to Sudarshana Chakra system. It will be the year of 7th house in any divisioinal chart (a novel fact, not mentioned in anywhere till now). Let us first analyze D1's 7th house (= 7H) first of all.

Event-1 : Examination of Death

The table above shows six years of 7th house's Sudarshana Chakra annual dashā : 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971 and 1983. Why she did not die in other years and why 1983 (1983 means year starting from Nov 1983) killed her? Let us start with Longevity formula mentioned in BPHS and Jaimini Sutra, used in the initial portion of this essay above under title “Longevity : Amshāyu-Pindāyu-Nisargāyu”, which suggested that Saturn's MD and Rāhu's AD is most befitting for death. If DAC (Dashā Arambha Chakra) is also checked, Saturn as 6L + 7L in Saturn's DAC-MD is worse than Rahu as 6L in 4H in Rahu's DAC-MD.

Now, check the years from 1917 to 1983-84 to find out the worst year for longevity. Saturn influences lagna, 7H and 8H. But 8H enjoys some VRY due to 8L Rahu in 6H, while Lagna has two benefits : it is naturally more benefic than 7H or 8H, and Lagna is influenced by Rahu due to exchange relation of Saturn:Moon and Moon's conjunction with Rahu. However, the line is thin and we may conclude that in D1, i-7-8 houses can be considered to be equally malefic. Hence, we should analyze Dasha-varga to decide this issue, as we did in the case of Amshāyu-Pindāyu-Nisargāyu. Among ten divisionals of Dasha-varga, 7H is malefic in all ten vargas, while lagna and 8H are malefic only in a few. Hence, 7H proves to be the worst off. Here is the reasoning :

D2 : 7L Venus sits as neecha in 11H and is 12L too, while 8L Merc sits in 9H with exalted Jupiter and 1L Mars is exalted as 9L in 3H. Hence, 7H is the only malefic among these three houses.

D9 : Saturn is lord of both 7H and 8H and sits in 2H, hence both houses 7 and 8H are malefics, while Moon sits in 2H and is therefore a killer but less than Saturn because 1L Moon is better than 7+8L.

One can use similar reasoning to check all ten dasha-vargas, 7H has no competition from 1H or 8H. Full analysis is long, and it is sure shot to decide such matters.

In the table of years from 1917-8 to 1983-4 above, there are six years which have SC dashās of 7H. Among those, two were during Saturn's MD : 1971 and 1983, and 1947 was in Rahu's MD. Other three years were in MD's of non-killers or weak killers. Among these three years, Saturn wins as killing MD lord by dint of Amshāyu-Pindāyu-Nisargāyu rule. During Saturn's AD is Saturn's AD, Saturn will be the only planet to give its malefic effect, while during Rahu's AD of Saturn's MD Rahu will add its malefic effect to Saturn's. Hence, Saturn's MD and Rahu's AD during 7H SC Dashaa proves to be the killing year. That year is solar Varsha-pravesha of Nov 1983 to Nov 1984. After this long analysis, the conclusion will be put in one sentence : “this native will die in 67th year of life”. This is the language of ancient Samhitās like Bhrigu-Samhitā and Nādi granthas. These ancient texts do not explain the method, because the whole process is very long as shown here in summary. Only a rishi could write voluminous Samhitā / Nādi granthas explaining thousands of charts. There are spurious texts also, created mostly during 19th and some in 20th century.

Māsa-Phala and Pratyantara Phala : New Dimension in Method of Bhrigu Samhitā and Nādi Granthas

In the analysis above, we found 7H SC Dashā running in 1983-84 year, i.e., 67th year of this native. According to BPHS, now assume 7H as first month of 67th year of this native and find out the monbth of death : 31:10:1984 will fall in 12th month. 12th house from 7H is 6H. Hence, death took place during monthly dashā of 6H when annual dashā of 7H was running. In 6H, three enmical planets are sitting which mar the prospects of this house : Moon, Venus and Rahu. Moon has mujtual exchange relation with Saturn, the arch killer. Thus, relation with Saturn and three enmical planets make 6H a bad house. 8H is weaker because it contains no planet. 12H also contains only Ketu. Therefore, among all Trika / Dushta houses, 6H is strongest and malefic.

Māsa-pravesh took place on 21 Oct 1984 at 11:25:44 am (cf. Varshaphala button in Switchboard of Kundalee software). 4th Pratyantara ended at 11:19 am on 31 Oct 1984. 30 bullets pierced her body at slightly after 9 am and she was declared dead after 2 pm. Hence, both 4th and 5th Pratyantara were malefic. She was shot in last Sookshma of 4th Pratyantara, i.e., 8H Sookshma of 9H Pratyantara beginning at 6:20 am on 31 Oct, and died in first Sookshma of 5th Pratyantara starting at 11:19 am when 10H SC dashā was running, lorded by Mars sitting in 2H of D1. But Mars was also 5L + 10L, ensuring Rājayoga for her as well as for her son at that moment.

No Samhitā or Nādi Grantha uses Māsa or Pratyanata dashā levels due to lack of space, but I have checked this technique over many charts and have found it to work wonderfully provided it is used carefully as explained above.

Transits cannot decide which house dasā out of many will work, because many transits of same planet take place during one's lifetime. Vimshottari is a better guide. But other relevant dashās and transits may help in pin-pointing the event if we can afford the extra time needed for such efforts.

Divisionals are very important in this techniques, because we need divisionals to decide which house is good or bad. Dasha-varga weighs 85% among shodasha-vargas, hence we can neglect remaining 6 vargas for time-saving, but in certain cases D27, D40, D45, etc may be more impiortant, depending on the need. E.g., in case of a conflict D27 will be important. Fot subjects related to mother ,e.g. heritage from mother, D40 will be important.

Example from a Nādi Grantha

Samhitā and Nādi Granthas use Surya-Siddhānta, but modern astrologers tend to use physical astronomy which is incompatible with this method.

The article «Sukra Nadi Grantha -1» , translated by Shri N. Sundara Rajan, appears in Saptarishi Astrology online magazine. It tells us that Sukra Nadi and the famous Dhruva Nadi were composed by Satyacharya (Vikramaditya's navaratna according to legend). At the beginning of this article we find an example chart of “Kubheramsam Thula Lagnam”, about which SA Publisher writes “It is not clear as to which Panchanga (ephemeris) the Rishi must be using and which method of calculation to arrive at the position of planets. An attempt made shows 31st Jan 1829, 01:30 as the approximate time to match Rasi Chart but Navamsa position of Jup, Ketu does not match nor does nakshatra pada of Jyeshta.” But Surya-Siddhānta mode of Kundali Software gives this chart for Feb 1, 1829 AD (12n00, 79e00) 00:55:02 to 01:06:18 am IST (this navāmsha had a duration of 11min:16sec) with exactly same D1 and D9 with even the fastest planet Moon in correct sign, but Saturn and Mercury in one extra sign in D9. The reason is simple : Kundalee Software uses beeja-samskāra (corrections) automatically updated for given date while traditional panchāngas use outdated tables, and beeja corrections of Mercury and Saturn are highest in magnitude and therefore show maximum divergence with the passage of time. Those who understand these nuances of panchānga making will see that this example chart in Sukra Nādi Grantha was created from some traditional panchānga of Tamil Nādu made from Vākya method based on outdated table of Surya Siddhānta. Rishis do not make such errors (of using outdated tables). Secondly, we have to use currently popular method of D9 to match this D9 example of Sukra Nādi, while reversal of sequence in even signs which is default in Kundalee Software gives far better matching with actual events. Thirdly Rāsi Chart and not Bhāvachalita has been used in this Sukra Nādi example, while Jātaka-prakarana of Bhrigu-Samhitā gives fruits of rāshis in each house separately which makes sence only with Bhāvachalita and not with Rāsi chart (with Rāsi chart, referring lagna's rāsi is enough because all other houses have signs anchored to lagna's rāsi, while in bhāvachalita each bhāva has unequal width and therefore we must compute its mid-point separately). These three evidences suggest that such examples were inserted into Nādi and Samhitā granthas during 19th century for updating them, and while doing so astrologers used currently prevalent crude variants of Suryasiddhāntic panchāngas and crude astrological practices. Use of Drik Siddhānta (physical astronomy) by Saptarishi Astrology magazine resulted in birthdate moving back by one day and large errors in D9 without any explanation. Using Surya Siddhānta gives small errors in Mercury and Saturn which are self explanatory because beeja corrections have maximum value only for these two planets, over 6 degrees for Mercury and over 4.6 degrees for Saturn actually, but less in outdated panchāngas. In published version of Bhrigu Samhitā, we find similar interpolations by 19th century astrologers, they inserted examples from currently used panchāngas.

Second Step : Chandra and Surya Kundalis in SC

BPHS states that if Sun and Moon are not in lagna then Chandra and Surya Kundalis should be combined with Lagna-Kundali (D1) and cumulative effect should be judged. In the present case, we have already analyzed D1, let us see Chandra and Surya Kundalis.

Rotate D1 so that Sun falls in 1H (in Kundalee software, in Graha-spashta page type “4” in the text box left of “Zoom-In” button to change 4H with Sun into Lagna). Jup in 8H is 3L and Ven in 3H is 8L, both have exchange relation. Jup is 6H too, hence has VRY by dint of sitting in 8H. Its exchange relation with 1L Venus helps VRY Jup influencing lagna too. Hence, 1H and 8H have some benefic traits, while 7H has its lord Mars as pure killer as 2L+7L and is strong in 11H.

Similarly, rotate D1 to make Chandra Kundali by typing “6” in the text box left of “Zoom-In” button on Graha-spashta page. 12L Ketu sits in 7H and 7L Merc sits in 12H. But lagna and 8H are also malefic : 2+3L Sat in 8H ; and 6+11L Ven and 8L Moon with 3L Rahu in lagna. Hence, Chandra Kundali makes 1H, 7H and 8H malefic, but Sun Kundali makes 7H more malefic than others. Therefore, SC increases the malefic weightage of 7H.

Houses As Varsha-Lagna : What Does It Mean ?

Houses as Varsha-lagna does not mean we should change lagna arbitrarily. It means the total effect of a house should be judged by means of all 12 houses with respect to this house as lagna : this principle is used not only in SC but everywhere. For instance, in Vimshottari system placement of AD planet should be evaluated with respect to MD planet ; e.g., if AD planet is in 6th or 8th house from MD planet, effects will be malefic. It means MD planet is assumed to be in lagna for ascertaining the overall effect of a given house, but it does not mean actual lagna is changed.

Higher Divisionals in Sudarshana Chakra : Further Dimension in Method of Bhrigu Samhitā and Nādi Granthas

Dhruva Nādi mentions use of Navaamsha varga's annual dashaas, which proves higher divisionals also had their annual dashaas. Use of Māsa-phala and smaller divisions like Pratyantara Phala (2.5 days, Sookshma (5 hours) and Praana (25 minutes) is impossible in texts like Bhrigu Samhitā and Nādi Granthas due to volume. Same problem is faced with Shodash Vargas. With only D1 and Varshaphala, Bhrigu Samhitā and Nādi Granthas grow to immense proportions, hence writing and copying similar texts with five levels of SC-Varshaphala and Shodasha Vargas is impossible. But for individual cases, we can use the detailed method which is marvellous and path-breaking. Some examples are provided here. D1 and D10 charts of Late Indirā Gāndhi are presented in preceding sections. Here, examination of D10 chart's SC (Sudarshana Chakra) dashā is illustrated.

She became prime minister of a large country first time on 24th Jan 1966. Then, SC annual dashā was of lagna. It should be remembered that SC dashā is same in all divisionals at any given time.

In D10, lagnesh Jupiter was yoga giver as lord of lagna and 10H, sitting with exalted (uchcha) Moon in 3H, and adhi-mitra-grihi (sitting in fast friend's rāshi) Sun as 6L in lagna. It was a fine combination for lagna of D10 which indicated great achievement in carrier.

From 18th Jan 1966, she had 3H as SC māsa phala, exalted Moon in 3H was superb.

From 23 Jan 1966, 1:54 AM, she had 5H SC dashā. 5L Moon was exalted, having exchange relation with Venus in 5H, giving full control of Moon on 5H. Venus as 3L and 8L in 5H weakened her Parākrama.

During 12:12 PM noon to 17:06 PM, she had lagna dashā again, fine as already explained. Thus, we find SC dashās working admirably in D10 for all finer levels of SC dashā. It is a novel use of SC dashā, which can be used correctly only with SSS (Shri Surya Siddhānta).

SC annual dashā repeats every 12 years. Hence, we need to take help from most powerful relevant dashā, such as Vimshottari to find the actual year of event. During Moon's MD, she was a minor but played important role as leader of Vānar Senā. D10 cannot give better job to a child. Next was Rāhu's MDE in D10, which was 12L with debilitated Saturn, hence not yoga giver. 12 years before 24 Jan 1966 was also Rahu's MD again. Hence, 1966 was the first chance for her SC lagna dashā to take effect in unison with Vimshottari. Finer levels of SC dashā do not pose this problem, they have only one ocurrence of one house during one period of upper level dashā.

DAC (Dashā Arambha Chakra) of D10 with SC gives more clear-cut results, but it is difficult to make DAC as already demonstrated above.

D27 relates to Strength, hence can be used in political affairs. In this case, 24 Jan 1966 had annual dashā of lagna with lagnesha Saturn exalted in 9H of D27, monthly SC dashā of 3H had exalted Sun in 3H, pratyantara 5H had 5L Mercury combust in exalted Sun in 3H, and pratyantara was again of lagna. Hence, D27 worked well with SC dashā.

For very strong events, birth charts suffice as shown above, otherwise we need to cast DAC for Vimshottari &c.

Now, we should examine one important problem with SC Dashā, never attended to by anyone. SC annual dashā of a given house recurs after 12 years, but Indirā Gandhi ruled continuously since 1966 for 11 years. Does it mean all her 11 years had good annual SC dashās?? If so, why she did not rule for most of the remaining years of her life? In D10, 1H (lagna), 3H and 5H are good as already shown. Let us examine some other important years of her political life through D10's SC annual dashā.

After 1966, 1967 was the year of 2H with exalted lord Mars in 11H, 1968 with 3H dashā and exalted Moon in 3H.

In 1969, she won the great challenge to her supremacy by splitting the Congress party and winning the majority to her side, including 24 MPs of CPI. It was the year of 4H in SC dashā, with no planet in 4H and Mercury as 4L in 9H having high mutual aspect relation with exalted 5L Moon in 3H.

1970 dashā of 5H was was lorded by exalted Moon.

1971 was a glorious year in her life when 6H dashā was running, with no planet in 6H and 6L Sun in lagna as a fast friend of yoga giver 1L + 10L Jupiter sitting with exalted Moon in 3H of valour.

1972 was the year of Mercury's 7H, with fate similar like 4H of Mercury (1969). 1973 was the year of Venus, having exchange relation with exalted Moon. 1974 was the year of 9H, with lord Mars exalted in 11H and Mercury sitting in 9H with high aspect relation with exalted Moon. 1975 was the year of 10H lorded by yoga giver Jupiter sitting with exalted Moon. 1976 was the year of Mars with exalted Mars in 11H. But 1977 was the year of 12H with its lord Saturn neecha (debilitated) in 2H, conjunct with 12L Rāhu.

1978 was the year of lagna, but unlike in 1966 when lagna's dashā was backed with yoga giver Jupiter's D10 Vimshottari MD, 1978 Vimshottari was of neecha Saturn. 1979 was of 2H, lorded by exalted Mars, but debilitated Saturn was now more potent due to its Vimshottari MD having best aspect on AD planet Venus.

However, 1980 was the year of exalted Moon, which overruled the negative influence of birthtime D10's Vimshottari Saturn which was already weakened due to DAC (Dashā Arambha Chakra) Saturn as yoga giver (4L + 5L) and controlled by svagrihi Venus. Birthtime D10 Saturn was also not wholly bad as it had exchange relation with exalted Mars : hence neecha-bhanga of Saturn, but it destroyed the neecha status only and did not make Saturn strong and benefic enough to give her the highest political power of a large nation. Thus, we find birthtime chart not able to explain events satisfactorily. DAC and SC explain things better (and so does VPC).

In the example of D10's SC, only the lagna chart has been shown above under SC, but it is easy to add Moon's and Sun's charts. For instance, in the annual chart of Jan 1966 Sun sits in lagna while exalted Moon makes lagna of Chandra Kundali good. Thus, SC further reinforces the results of SC.

So many examples as given above are enough to show that SC dashā is a powerfu tool for forecasting if used carefully with Vimshottari, divisional charts and VPC, and we can fine tune events with precision of minutes of time.

But VPC (Varsha Pravesha Chakra) cannot always explain everything on its own. For instance, take the case of 24 Jan 1966 when she became Prime Ministyer for the first time. 10H had 8L Moon, but as a fast friend, 10L Mercury was in 12H with enemy svagrihi Ketu and 9L Sun. But MD planet in D1 as well as in D10 was jupiter which was yoga giver in VPC as 1L + 4L but was weak by dint of being in enemy's sign and had enmical 90% aspect on 10H. The only saving grace was 67% fast friendly aspect of moola trikona Saturn on 10H. In māsa phala VPC chart, this benefic influence of Saturn increased to 83% aspect on 10H and exalted Mars also became conjunct with Saturn as a friend. Thus, VPC is a helpful tool if used as a part of chief instruments : DAC and SC which are the two most important instruments of Vedic Jyotisha, none of which is used by overwhelming majority of astrologers. If exact birthtime is obtained with rectification, then use DAC, otherwise use SC with help from AV.

SCD Example : Birth of Rajiv Gandhi

In Kundalee Software's data input form, enter the birthdate and time of Rajiv Gandhi and proceed to make SCD (Sudarshana Chakra Dashā): the five levels of SCD are following houses in dashā sequence : 3, 11,10, 7, 4. Let us examine it in SC of Indira Gandhi's D-7.

Annual SCD was of 3H. In LK (Lagna Kundali) 3L Jupiter was conjunct with Saturn : Saturn was in moola-trikona as lagnesha and 2L. SK (Surya Kundali) had 3L Saturn which was in moola trikona in 4H. In CK (Chandra Kundali) 3H had its lord Saturn sitting there in moola trikona. Hence, SCD of 3H was highly auspicious.

Monthly SCD was of 11H. In LK, 3L Mars was conjunct with Sun as 4L too. In SK11L Mercury was killer but in the sign of Sun which was with svagrihi Mars, hence Mercury was under strong influence of svagrihi lagnesha Mars. In CK, 11L Venus was in 5L but malefic, but lorded by svagrihi Mars which was suffering in 12H. Hence, in spite of killer condiitions in CK,overall results of 11H was highly benefic.

Third level of SCD was of 10H, whose lord Venus was lorded by svagrihi Mars in 11H in LK. In SK, 10H contained Mercury which was lorded by Sun conjunct with svagrihi lagnesha Mars.

Fourth level of SCD was of 7H. In LK, 7L Moon was languishing in 12H, although lorded by Jupiter which was conjunct with moola-trikona lagnesha Saturn. In SK, 7L was Venus, lorded by svagrihi lagnesha Mars. In CK, 7L Mercury was in Sun's sign which was conjunct with svagrihi Mars in 12H. Hence, CK was not strong but sum total othree charts was highly favourable.

Fifth level of SCD was of 4H. In LK, 4H contained raja yoga giver Venus (5L + 10L) which was lorded by svagMars in 11H. SK, 4H had its lord Saturn in moola trikona. In CK, 4H was lorded by lagnesha and 4L rajayoga giver Jupiter which was conjunct with strong Saturn in moola trikona.

Hence, all five levels of SCD were controlled by two svavargi planets Saturn and Mars : in D7 of Indira Gandhi, only these two planets were svavargi (svavargi means in own sign, in moola trikona, or in exaltation). D7 of Indira Gandhi was itself svavargi because its lord in LK was Saturn in moola trikona. Svavargi of lagna in divisionals is used to compute special yogas of divisionals.

Special benefit of Sudarshan Chakra

There are cases when DAC is almost impossible to make due to uncertainty in birthtime being too great to be rectified through the method outlined at the beginning of this article, and birthchart is useless for Vimshottari and similar dashā systems due to great difference in predictive results of DAC and birthchart. Thus, neither DAC can be made, nor birthchart can be used with Vimshottari &c. The problem is componded if VPC also fails to explain events under such cases (because we do not know which planets of Vimshottari are important in VPC). Then, only two avenues are left : Transits (AV or Ashtakavarga &c) and Sudarshana Chakra, both being explained in the second part of BPHS as instances of simplified tools for Kaliyugi fools (who cannot rectify birthtime properly). Now-a-days, adhāna and sootikā room records are not kept, hence traditional methods of birthtime rectification cannot be used, and the modern method explained at the beginning of this article can be used only if the error is small. If birthtime is not too wrong by many hours, Sudarshan Chakra can be used for significant events for D1, while higher divisionals require greater accuracy in birthtime but even D24 requires birthtime accuracy of 5 minutes.

If DAC can be made, it is the best tool of astrology, otherwise use SC with help from AV.

Can Father's Horoscope be Recreated from Offspring's Horoscope ?

Let us check Jawaharlal Nehru's birth from the charts of his daughter.

Type 14:11:1889 as Desired date and 23:21 as Desired Time in right hand side top text boxes of Data Input Form, and get DAC (Dasha Arambha Chakras) of D-1 and D-12 in Indira Gandhi's horoscope.

In Indira Ji's D-1 at the time of Jawaharlal Nehru's birth, you will find Vimshottari sequence as Ketu, Moon, Merc, Ketu, Saturn.

In DAC's MD chart, Mars is yoga-giver as 5L + 10L, but neecha in Cancer sign. But its lord Moon sits in Cancer with Mars in lagna. Hence, 10H is in complete control of a benefic and strong Moon.

In AD chart, Saturn is yoga giver as 9L + 10L in 4H having high aspect on 10H.

In SD chart, Mars is yoga-giver as 5L + 10L, getting further strength by sitting in 3H, with 100% aspect on 10H.

In PrD chart, Jupiter is 7L + 10L, sitting in 7H in its own sign with another strong graha : Ketu in moolatrikona.

* * * * * * ***

Now' let us check the same with Indira Ji's D-12's DAC charts.

In Indira Ji's D-12 at the time of Jawaharlal Nehru's birth, you will find Vimshottari sequence as Rahu, Venus, Sat, Jup, Sat.

DAC's MD chart (Rahu's MD) has 10L Moon in 7H and lagnesh Venus in 10H in fast friendly sign, Venus having ecgange relation with Mercury, the latter sitting in fast friendly sign in 9H in conjunction with Mars. And 10L Moon sits in sign of Mars. Hence these planets are related closely to each other and benefics, esp for 10H of father in D-12. Lagna of D-12 represents parents, which is Venus.

DAC's AD chart has Mars 5L + 10 L neecha in 12H : VRY. Sun sits in moolatrikona in lagna.

PD has 7L + 10L Jupiter in its own sign Sagittarius in 7H. 9L Rahu sits in Moolatrikona in lagna.

SD chart has 10L Moon in lagna in Tula while its lord Venus also sits there in Tula, thus controlling lagna and 10H as a strong benefic.

PrD chart has 10L + 3L Venus in Tula in 3H.

Thus, in Indira Gandhi's D-12 chart, Vimshottari can be back projected to find out the birth time of father. This method has been tested in other charts which have correctly rectified birthtime for DAC (Dasha Arambha Chakra). But all such cases I have checked so far belong to fathers or brothers having great yogas, which help in this method. It may help in recreating lost or absent horoscopes of family members having uncertain birthtime if one member of the family has highly accurate birthtime appropriate for DAC. Indira Ji's rectified birthtime is highly precise, but inappropriate for D-60's DAC. I have rectified my own birthtime with accuracy of a millisecond and all events get fully explained with all divisional DACs including D-60's DAC.

Kāraka Dashā

Birth of Sons

Kāraka Dashā is mentioned in classics like BPHS but not used, mainly because of confusion created about Chara Kārakas and the Kārakāmsha chart due to interpolations in Jaimini Sutra which mentiones opinions of "others" (such verses have been interpolated into BPHS too). If such "opinions of others" are ignored and opinions of Rishi Parāshara is valued, there will be no difficulty in identifying the Kārakas and creating the Kārakāmsha Chart. First read the article Kārakas which describes original method of identifying Kārakas. Then use the Kāraka-Dashā as given in JHora Software created by Mr PVR Narasimha Rao, in which first select and save Preferences >Related to Calculations >Set calculations options as recommended by Vinay Jhā and then Dasas>Other dasas> right click to select Karaka Dasa. For using both Kundalee Software and JHora simultaneously, it is best to open Kundalee Software first, and then click "JHora" button in it to automatically open JHora and automatically transport birthdata from Kundalee to JHora. **But remember the naming and significations of Kārakas according to the article Kārakas and do not follow the names of Chara Kārakas as given in JHora, follow only the mathematical table of Kāraka Dashās in JHora.

For Birth of Rajiv Gandhi, here is the sequence of five levels of Kāraka Dashās according to JHora :
Level-1 : Jupiter's Kāraka-dashā, 5H and 9H which is Putra-kāraka according to BPHS but JHora calls it Pitra-kāraka, actually both are correct.
Level-2 : Saturn, AK (Atma-Kāraka) or 1H dashā.
Level-3 : Saturn, AK (Atma-Kāraka) or 1H dashā.
Level-4 : Jupiter's Kāraka-dashā, which is kāraka of 5H and 9H and is Putra-kāraka.
Level-5 : Mercury's Kāraka-dashā which sits in 5H, but is 3H+12H Kāraka.
Thus, all five levels are related to Kārakas of Putra, Atma and Gyāti in Indira Ji's birthchart D1.

For Birth of Sanjay Gandhi, here is the sequence of five levels of Kāraka Dashās according to JHora :
Level-1 : Jupiter's Kāraka-dashā, 5H and 9H which is Putra-kāraka.
Level-2 : Mercury's Kāraka-dashā which sits in 5H, but is 3H+11H Kāraka.
Level-3 : Saturn, AK (Atma-Kāraka) or 1H dashā.
Level-4 : Moon's Kāraka-dashā, which is kāraka of 6H and 8H and is Gyāti-kāraka (close relative).
Level-5 : Jupiter's Kāraka-dashā, which is kāraka of 5H and 10H.
Thus, all five levels are related to Kārakas of Putra, Atma and Gyāti in Indira Ji's birthchart D1.

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-Vinay Jhā

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