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This article is based on Kundalee Software's output, with default options (SSS or Shri Surya Siddhānta for Ganita, using BPHS for Phalita).

Exact Method of Gold Price forecasting is being illustrated in this article, which will be gradually expanded further.

Annual Horoscope of the World

International Gold Prices, like all other international events are regulated by the Prithvi Chakra (called "Padma Chakra" in Narapatijayacharyā, derived from the ancient divine text Ādi Yāmala Tantra) which is the Suryasiddhāntic Horoscope cast at the meridians of Mt Meru (Mt Kenya now) at the moment of Nirayana Mesha Samkrānti. This Prithvi Chakra is to be used not only for Gold prices or rain forecasting only, but for everything possible through astrology.

The relative prices of currencies are regulated by the astrological conditions of different nations according to their placement in different houses on the same Prithvi Chart. These findings have been tested over many years of data.

Here, we are concerned only with Gold Prices. To begin with, we should analyze the annual gold price rise for entire Solar Year beginning with Nirayana Sun's entry into Mesha (Aries), noa-a-days starting around Apr 14, just one fortnight after Financial Year.

The website provides Historic Gold Prices for short and long terms. Let us start with Real Gold Price : 1970 to 2006 .


The picture above is crude, but it is good for finding out the years with great rise or steep fall in real gold price.

Better graphs are available for finer details at same website (such as 2-year gold price or 36-year gold price), but they are not inflation-adjusted. Hence, let us start with this inflation-adjusted graph showing REAL prices of gold.

This picture has been worked on to make it more user friendly, as given in the picture below.


The year starting with Nirayana Sun's entry into Mesha is clearly demarcated in this second picture, and real gold price rise during such years has been given in averaged graph.

Now, let us find out the years with great rise or steep fall in real gold price, and analyze the Meshaarambha charts for those years.

1979-80 : Year with Highest Rise in Gold Price

Start Kundalee Software, select "Medini" in the folders exhibited in right side combo box at top of the initial data input page. Then , select "MeruWorldChart" in the top left combo there. Now, replace the year "1757" with 1979 in the year box on left (not the right side year box which is for desired year in individual horoscopy not needed in Medini Jyotyisha). Now, click "SHOW" without changing anything else, you will find the Suryasiddhāntic Prithvi Chakra on map for that year. Map is not needed for international gold price analysis, it is needed for regional variations according to regions in 12 houses. Hence, D-1 bhāvachalita , D-1 rāsi-chart and D-2 (Horā) charts as shown in picture below need to be analyzed. The picture below shows Suryasiddhāntic charts for Meshārambha Year 1979-80.


Gold is mainly rules by Jupiter, and Jupiter's relatives. In D-1, we find Jupiter exalted in 5H (5th house) as lord of lagna and 10H which is rājayoga of an exalted planet in trikona house. It is almost the best possible situation, and that is why highest rise in real gold price took place in recorded world history.

Why a benefic Jupiter makes Gold costlier ? Because Jupiter stands for wealth : BPHS (Brihat Parāshara Horā Shāstra) says in Kārakādhyāya that Jupiter is Kāraka (significator) for following bhāvas : 2, 5, 9 11, which are for wealth, income, fortune and intelligence without which wealth cannot be gained. Therefore, a benefic Jupiter in World Chart will increase wealth of the world, while quantity of gold does not rise with comparable ratio. Hence, equal amount of gold will be worth more wealth or money, and therefore gold will become costlier if planets affecting it are benefic and strong.

Now, make the same chart with physical astronomy (i.e., Drik), you will comaparatively much weaker Jupiter which has rājayoga by dint of being lord ofg lagna and 4H, but sitting neutrally in 7H with 8L (lord of 8H) Moon.

Similar comparison of SSS with Drik can be made for other years, and it will be clear that SSS works perfectly for all years for which we have reliable data, while Drik does not work satisfactorily with constant consistency.


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