Four Types Of Faiths In Vedic Astrology

Four Types of FAITH among Astrologers :-

There are four types of response to traditional Siddhantic Ganita in the field of astrology , based on four types of siddhaantic ("theoretical") FAITH :

One is from those astrologers who have firm FAITH in traditional siddhantic Ganita due to their faith in scriptures like some Puranas and ancient Siddhant-Jyotisha texts which clearly prescribe non-physical Ganita.

Next category of response is from those who are open to all sorts of impartial experimentation in the field of astrology for findingh out the correct method. They have FAITH in impartial experimentation to find out Truth.

Third category is from those who are pleased with whatever software they have been using for years and are not interested in any change. Such persons generally keep away from discussions and never ponder over siddhantic astronomy versus physical astronomy. They have FAITH in whatever method, right or wrong, helps them in making a career in astrology and earning money.

Fourth category of response is from those who have too much FAITH in modern physics and think that ancient Ganita was crude and therefore not usable, and they refuse to test ancient Ganita ASTROLOGICALLY, and rest their argument on the Ganita of NASA as the ultimate criterion of Truth in the field of Astrology. There are three sub-categories in this group :

  1. They do not want to waste their time in discussions and remain satisfied with their opinions and softwares they are already using.
  2. This sub-group consists of persons who think ancient Ganita methods should be opposed vehemently in the field of astrology, but they use civilised language, and do not fight fanatically.
  3. This category consists of persons who think it is their pristine duty to eradicate ancient siddhantic Ganita from astrology through fights, false arguments and abuses.

Those who claim to make astrology "scientific" in the sense of modern science must forget retrogression of planets, because modern astronomy is heliocentric and holds that retrogression of planets is merely optical illusion due to observation from Earth. On the contrary, if retrogression is a real phenomenon producing real results in astrology, then astrologers must forget modern astronomy and must believe in geocentricity. Such issues are called "Horns of Dilemma"! Astrologers must decide whether thay have to send Mangalyaana to Mars or find correct methods for reliable astrological prediction.

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