Earthquake Of Nepal 25 Apr 2015

Nepal Earthquake


Worst earthquake in April 2015 was on 25th April, 2015 at 11:41:26 IST according to DRIK mode of Kundalee Software based on NASA ephemerides (for details see :-

How to Make Medini Chakras

In Kundalee Software (SSS mode), open "Medini" folder in top-right Combo-box, and then select "MeruWorldChart" in Top-left combo-box. Ensure that the year in left side is 2015. Do not change any other thing and click "SHOW" , you will get annual Prithvi Chakra.

Venus is 4L (lord of 4H or 4th house in bhaava-chalita). Kendra-adhipati dosha of Venus (and Jupiter) are strong according to Laghu Parashai. Besides, Venus is 11L too, hence it is a functional malefic, and worst malefic related to bhoomi-bhaava 4H. Natural malefic in 11H make them functionally malefic. Hence, Vrish rasi appears to be worst affected because Venus sits there.

In Koorma, 8th division is infested with maximum number of planets : Sun, Mercury, Mars and Ketu. Sun is exalted Maarakesha : strong killer. Mars is benefic but cancelled by malefic Mercury, and both are ruled by Sun due to combustion, while Ketu is placed in inimical sign of strong Jupiter which sits in killer house. Therefore, these planets suggest Vrish region within 8th Koorma-khanda to be most affected with bad bhoomi-bhaava.

In Bhaavachalita, worst planets in entire chart are two : (1) Moon : lagnesha in 8H and its sign-lord is Saturn, and (2) Saturn as 7L + 8L and retrograde in bitter enemy's sign of Mars which is combust, hence Saturn is ruled by bitter enemy Sun. Besides, Saturn has enemy aspects from Mars, Mercury, Ketu and of Ketu's dispositor Jupiter ; while Moon is ruled by Saturn. Hence, the effective planets Sun-Mercury-Mars influence Saturn, and Ketu is also inimical to Saturn. Saturn and Moon have Sarvato-Bhadra-Chakra or SBC vedha on "N" which suggests Nepal because it is the only country with initial letter "N" in Vrish part of 8th Koorma-khanda of Prithvi-chakra. Besides, the vowel "E" of "NE" has malefic vedha from Rahu which is 8L and seated in sign of Mercury and therefore ruled by killer Sun. First syllable of a name should be judged in SBC, i.e., first vowel and consonant.

In SBC, all these four Koorma planets Sun-Mercury-Mars-Ketu have common vedha on only one letter : "L", which is the region Lamjung of worst earthquake as well as the region of highest casualties and heavy losses Lalitpur district in which Lalitpur-Patan-Bhaktpur-Kathmandu lie (,_Nepal#/media/File:Bagmati_districts.png).

For Prithvi-chakra at the time or worst earthquake, do not change anything in the data input page of Kundalee and click "NOW" button after entering the Desired Time 25th April, 2015 ; 11:41:26 IST in right hand side boxes, you will get a page titled "Varsha-phala Levels" with following information :

Varsha-phala LEVEL :: LEVEL Number
2 :: 1
3 :: 5
4 :: 3
5 :: 10
6 :: 1 (= Solar Nakshatra number)
7 :: Surya = 10.5777746680657

VPC-1 (first Varsha-Pravesha Chakra) means annual chart, it is not mentioned in this page Varsha-phala Levels.

VPC-2 means second level, i.e., monthly chart, which is "1" or Sun in Mesha.

VPC-3 means Pratyantara of VPC, each of which is of 2.5 solar degrees or 12th part of a sign (one solar month is one sign or one raashi). This VPC-3 is "5", i.e., four Pratyantaras have elapsed and fifth is running, starting with Sun at exactly 10 degrees.

VPC-4 is "3", which means 3rd sub ("Sookshma") of VPC-4 is running and 2 subs have elapsed. Each VPC-4 is 12th part of VPC-3.

VPC-5 is 10, which means 10th sub of VPC-4 is running and 9 subs have elapsed.

To get Prithvi-Chakra from Meru for the moment of Earthquake, restart the software and make annual chart again, do not change anything in annual chart, excepting two things : enter "10.5777746680657" in the large green text box, and then change "1" to "7" in top-left box of the Bottom-Panel, and click "SHOW". In the chart so made, you will find Sun at 10.5777746680657 degrees or Mesha:10:34':40''. In it, you will find same Koorma results as in VPC-1 : Sun-Merc-Mars-Ketu in 8th Koorma-lhanda, of whom Sun-Merc-Mars are worst planets in whole chart, sitting in 12H and Ketu as killer 7L in enemy sign of strongest killer Jupiter which is 8L+11L exalted in 3H : while Mercury-Mars have vedha on all vowels, Sun-Ketu have vedha on "L" (Lamjung, Lalitpur) and "ch" only, while all affected towns had SBC vedha from malefic planets.

VPC-2 was same as VPC-1, being first solar month.

For making VPC-3, restart the program, and after setting year in left side to 2015 enter "3" in top-left box (which is for LEVEL of VPC) of Bottom-Panel, and then leave month number to default "1" in bottom-left box but change Pratyantara number to "5", and click 'SHOW'. You will find Sun at 10 degrees of Mesha, which means 4 Pratyantaras of 2.5 degrees each have elapsed and 5th is running. In the Prithvi-chakra, Vrish falls in 8H with 8L in it. Neecha planet in 8H is VRY (vipareet raja yoga) but exalted or moola-trikona or svagrihi is mixed but eventually bad. Sun-Mercury-Mars are in killer house 7H, Sun being worst malefic 11L, Mars being killer 2L+7L and combust, while Mercury is mixed but in enemy sign of Mars and ruled by malefic Sun due to combustion and conjunction. Koorma results are same as above : 8th khanda has these planets, besides Ketu which is bad in 6H of bhaavachalita. The letter "L" is the only letter with common vedha of all these planets, while "NE" has vedha from Saturn, Mercury and Rahu. Saturn is benefic due to being 4L+5L, but it is in bitter enemy sign of Mars, the latter being combust in exalted Sun, hence highly malefic Sun controls its bitter enemy Saturn with high bhaavesha-aspect (Mars has 100% or 60' enemy aspect on Saturn, and Sun has 46' bitter enemy aspect, while their relative Mercury has 54' enemy aspect). Rahu is placed in 12H and has SBC vedha on vowel "E".

One secret rule must be remembered : while Narapatijayacharya states that pancha-taaraa grahas have only one directional vedha at a time, actually all grahas have all three directional vedhas all the time : left, right and frontal. But their effects were different (not mentioned Narapatijayacharya).

Now, change level box content from 3rd level to "4". leave Pratyantara number to "5" at bottom and change Sookshma number to "3", you will get Sookshma Prithvi Chakra with Sun at Mesha:10:25':00''. Again, effective planets are killer with bad koorma and SBC.

Lastly, change level box content from 4th level to "5". leave Pratyantara number to "5" at bottom, Sookshma number to 3, and change Praana or 5th level number to "10", you will get Praana Prithvi Chakra with Sun at Mesha:10:34':22.5''. Again, effective planets are killer with bad koorma and SBC.

It is easy to see that one has to analyze and compare all 20736 ( = 12 raised to power 4) Praana charts in one year to find out that Praana chart for which all D-1 bhaavachalita and Prithvi-chakra, Koorma chakra and SBC are in conformity with VPC-1 in all other VPC levels. It is a Herculean task for an individual. Governments will spend billions on modern science, although they have no provable theory of earthquakes (Plate Tectonics is a hypothesis which may be true but no one has proven the existence of Plates), but no government will help a team of astrologers, although astrology has a theory, mainly because astrologers themselves not ready to observe strict rules of rishis and are therefore confused.

It must be remembered that only the most significant tools and techniques have been explained above, and other tools have not been explained because they are less significant. For instance, next level of Medini-chakra is Desha-chakra (Bhaarata-chakra from Vidishaa in this case), which is subordinate to Meru-chakra, and if some result in Vidisha-chart is different from that of Meru-chart, then Meru chart prevails but is slightly reduced in force, and if Vidisha chart is in conformity with Meru chart then the effect increases.

Only the LK (Lagna Kundali) has been shown in this article for brevity because people do not read long articles, but in actual practice I use SC (Sudarshana Chakra, including SK and CK also : Surya and Chandra Kundalis). For instance, in Vidisha chart's level-3 and Pratyantara-5, you will find that Venus is the worst planet in bhaavachalita : sitting in lagna in LK but as killer 7L+12L, sitting in killer 2H in SK as killer 2L+7L, and sitting in 12H in CK as 12L+5L. Analyze Koorma and SBC results likewise in Vidisha chart.

Effect of Solar Eclipse on Earthquake


Total Solar Eclipse occurred at Longitude 06°46'57.456 W and Latitude 64°26'23.3974 on 20 March, 2015 with maximum eclipse at GMT 09 h:45 m:39.6595 sec. DRIK mode of Kundalee Software yields following eclipse data for that eclipse :-


GLOBAL Solar Eclipse Time : Total
Max: 2015:3:20 ; 09 h:45 m:39.6595 sec
Time of eclipse at local apparent noon : 10 h:17 m:06.1006 sec
Start: 07 h:40 m:57.3011 sec
End: 11 h:49 m:54.0356 sec
Start of Total/Annular: 09 h:09 m:42.8454 sec
End of Total/Annular: 10 h:21 m:25.3791 sec
Time of center line begin: 09 h:12 m:57.8874 sec
Time of center line end: 10 h:18 m:11.7742 sec

Geographic longitude of central line : -006°46'57.4560
Geographic latitude of central line : 064°26'23.3974

Fraction of solar diameter covered by moon (magnitude) : 1.02125972255827
Ratio of lunar diameter to solar one1.04544162509844
Fraction of solar disc covered by moon (obscuration) : 1.09294819148847
Diameter of core shadow in km : -151.409095607823
Azimuth of sun at tjd : 314.861002791301
True altitude of sun above horizon at tjd : 18.4154199097724
Apparent altitude of sun above horizon at tjd : 18.4640072457784
Elongation(angular distance of moon from sun) of moon in degrees : 7.82259425453309E-04


Astrological Analysis

Now, open Kundalee Software (SSS mode) with any folder excepting Medini, and enter the latitude, longitude, date and time as above (Longitude 06°46'57.456 W ; Latitude 64°26'23.3974 on 20 March, 2015 with maximum eclipse at GMT 09 h:45 m:39.6595 sec).

You will get Sun at Meena:05:19':08.57861" (= 335.31904961491 deg).

Now, re-start Kundalee Software with Medini folder and MeruWorldChart, with year on left side as "2014" because 20 March was before the Nirayana MEsha Samkranti of @015 AD, and then enter "335.31904961491" in large green box, and then enter "7" in small top left box in bottom panel, and click 'SHOW'. You will find eclipse chart for that moment with Meru as chart's centre, in which Nepal Earthquake of 25 Apr 2015 will fall in 12H. But this is not the Eclipse Chart, it is only Meru Chart for that moment.

Now, in the World Map, hover the mouse pointer to find Longitude 06°46'57.456 W and Latitude 64°26'23.3974 on the map which will be automatically displayed in top left green box inside the world map. When you get that point of maximum eclipse, single-click the mouse to get the Elipse chart. You will not find anything indicating fit to called a natural or man-made disaster in Nepal or neighbouring regions. Moreover, the eclipse centre is far away from Nepal, north pf Scotland near Faroe Islands. Lord of Vrish rasi of India-Nepal-China-Japan falls in 9H where Venus sits in Bhaavachalita with rajayoga giver 4L+9L Mars and 4L: Ketu. Besides, Mars and Venus are friendly. Although Venus is malefic, benefic Mars neutralizes most of its maleficence. Eclipse Chart from the point of maximum eclipse has only one significance : 4H of Bhoomi is infested wil killer 8L Saturn which is retrograde and sits in bitter enemy's sign and has SBC vedha on "N". Sun, Moon and nodes are most important in Eclipse. Sun, Moon and Mercury sit in killer 8H
ruled by killer Jupiter 5L+6L+7L in 2H, and Rahu is 8L in enemy sign of Mercury. Sun, Moon and Rahu had SBC vedha on tithi 15, weekday Friday.

But Sun and Moon are together, hence in Sudarshana Chakra method LK or Lagna Kundali should be ignored. That is why LK as mentioned above does not explain earthquake. In SK or CK, Sun and Moon sit in Lagna as 6L and 5L respectively, with double kendraadhipati dosha of 4L+7L Mercury. In solar eclipse chart, Sun is more important than Moon and here Sun is malefic. Venus is great killer : 3L+8L in 2H. Rahu sits in 8H. SBC vedha remains unchanged but planets having vedha on tithi and weekday become more malefic. Saturn and Rahu having vedha of N and E are malefics, 11L+12L and in 8H respectively.

But in Meru Chart for that moment, Vrish sign of India-Nepal-China-Japan falls in 9H (as in Eclipse Chart) but its lord Venus is killer as 2L and sitting in 6H lorded by Saturn, the latter being 5L+6L but in bitter enemy sign of Mars and ruled by strong svagrihi killer Mars which is 3L+8L. BPHS (Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra) states that if Saturn is related to a killer, Saturn becomes the main killer. Here, Saturn is main killer and its bad house is 6H in which Venus sits whose highest aspect is on 9H. Saturn has a SBC vedha on both "N" and "E" of NE-pal, while its ruler Mars also has a vedha on "N" and the sign-lord Venus has a vedha on "E". The only other malefic planet of this order is Jupiter which is 4L+7L (kendraadhipati dosha), retrograde, and sitting in 12H in Sun's sign. Sun also in killer 7H. Jupiter had SBC vedha on "L" (Lalitpur district, Lamjung). Thus, Meru Chart of Solar Eclipse had some relation with earthquake.

Earthquake or any mundane (or natal) event cannot be predicted by any single chart or tool, we must combine the results of all relevant charts and tools, which is a troublesome affair.

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