David Cameron

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Astrodatabank gives following birth data for UK's prime minister David Cameron :
POB (Place of birth) : London, 51:30 N, 00:10 E.
DOB (Date of birth) 9th Oct 1966, 6 am with DSt (i.e., 5 am normal GMT).
Astrodatabank rates the birth time at "A" level of Rodden rating, which means any error in time, if at all present, must be small.

The following astrological analysis is made with default settings of Kundalee Software (which are SSS ganita, lunar year of 360 lunar days or tithis for Moon based dashaas like Vimshottari, and even sign reversal in ten out of sixteen divisionals as recommended in BPHS),

which can also be obtained with :

JHora > Preferences > Related to Calculations > Set Calculations options as recommended by Vinay Jha
(but in JHora, D-1's bhaavachalita is wrong under my name, and D-2 also).



His marriage took place on 1 June 1996 with Samantha Gwendoline Sheffield, the daughter of Sir Reginald Sheffield, 8th Baronet and Annabel Lucy Veronica Jones (now Viscountess Astor). Ketu and Jupiter were both neecha (debilitated), hence they were controlled by their sign-lords. Ketu was friendly and its lord Venus was fast friendly to 7H in D9 , they were mutually conjunct and Mars was also conjunct with them, Mars was a yoga giver as 5L+10 and friendly to 7H. AD lord Jupiter was debilitated, and therefore controlled by its lord Saturn which was seated in 12H having VRY (vipareet raja yoga) as 8L in 12H. SD amd PD were also auspicious, but let us restrict ourselves to tthree levels of Vimshottari only because there may be few minutes of error in birth time, although Astrodatabank declares the time to be highly reliable.

D-9's Vimshottari (computed on the basis of D-9's Moon) was Ketu-Ketu-Jup as MD:AD:PD.

Alternative Method

Using Drik (physical astronomy), popular method of D9 according to commentators of BPHS (Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra), and D-1's Vimshottari imposed on D9, this event cannot be explained, because D-1's Vimshottari is Ven:Ven:Mars:Mars, with Venus being 3L+8L in 3H in D9 and therefore strongly malefic, and conjunct with Mars which was weak in enemy sign of Venus. Even if popular D9's own Vimshottari is used according to its own Moon using Drik, this event cannot be explained due to malefics ruling the Vimshottari : Merc:Moon:Rahu because Mercury was 3L+12 in 11H and therefore highly malefic with kendraadhipati dosha and in 11H, and debilitated Moon controlled by bitter inimical aspect of malefic Venus which was strongest conjunct of weak Mars which lorded Moon, and Rahu was debilitated and 12L and having full bitter inimical aspect of its lord Mars and of malefic Venus.


First Child

His first first child Ivan Reginald Ian was born on April 8, 2002, and had a severe case of epilepsy and cerebral palsy.

D-7's Moon-based Vimshottari had MD-AD-PD of Moon-Ven-Moon. Since Sun and were conjunct, LK (Lagna Kundali) must be discarded and SK + CK (Surya Kundali and Chandra Kundali), both being identical should be used according to rule of SC (Sudarshana Chakra). In SK+CK, Sun and Moon were in Lagna of D7 which was Mesha. Sun was a benefic, being 5L and exalted, but the MD lord Moon was 4L, with kendraadhipati dosha, and conjunct with another malefic 8L Ketu, and Lagna lord Mars was malefic as 8L and seated in 6H. Influence of two male planets Sun and Mars on Moon prevented Moon from giving a girl child during its dashaa. Out of all planets sitting in lagna or aspecting or lording it, only Sun was a benefic, while all other conjuncts were malefics (Moon, Ketu), lord Mars was malefic, and all others having significant aspects were malefics : Mercury was 3L+6L with 36' or 60% inimical aspect on lagna, Saturn was retro and 10L+11L with 39' or 65% aspect, and Rahu was 11L in 7H with 49' aspect. Therefore, lagna with Mesha was highly afflicted, but exalted benefic 5L Sun made the child survive for six tears.

D-1's Vimshottari was Venus-Jup-Ketu. Venus was combust in 12L Sun, Jupiter was malefic as 4L+7L (kendraadhipati dosha) but exalted with svagrihi Moon in 11H, and Ketu was 3L in 3H of malefic Mars in 12H. Mesha was in 8H of death, causing brain problems. Combining D-1 with D-7 gave serious implications, esp for head.

Death of First Child

This child Ivan died on 25 Feb 2009, when D-7's Vimshottari was Mars:Venus:Rahu as MD:AD:PD. Mars was 1L + 8L in 6H, hence malefic, while Venus was killer as 2L + 7L in 3H, and Rahu was 11L in 7H and therefore malefic and killer.

D-1's Vimshottari was also malefic for child on the day of death of first child :- D-1 had Sun in lagna and therefore CK (Chandra Kundali should be ignored. MD planet Venus was sitting in lagna as debilitated (neecha), combust in 12L Sun, while AD planet Mercury was yoga gover as 1L+10 L but had 37' inimical aspect on 5H and was sitting in 2H (therefore, only malefic part of Mercury's fruits could be imparted to its enemy's bhaavas, and malefic trait was its residence in 2H), and PD planet Saturn was 5L+6L but killer in 7H.


Second Child

19 January 2004 (Birth of daughter Nancy Gwen).

D-7's Vimshottari was Mars:Mars:Sat:Ven; and D-1's Vimshottari was Ven:Sat:Sat:Rahu.


Third Child

14 February 2006 (Birth of son Arthur Elwen)

Fourth Child

24 August 2010 at 12:00 noon in Truro, England three weeks prematurely (Birth of daughter Florence Rose Endellion ; time approximate).



An estimate of his worth is £3.2 million, though this figure excludes the million-pound legacies Cameron is expected to inherit from both sides of his family.
In October 2010, David Cameron inherited £300,000 from his father's will.


Political Career

Entry into Parliament

MP since 7 Jun 2001.

Leader of Conservative Party

6 Dec 2005, Cameron won leadership of Conservative Party.

Prime Minister for First Time in 2010

On 11th May 2010, David Cameron became Prime Minister, heading a coalition government, his party lacking 20 seats from majority.

D-1's Vimshottari

Vimshottari planets were Ven:Ketu:Sat:Moon
Sun being in lagna in D-1, Chandra Kundali should be ignored in SC.
Venus was debilitated and combust in 12L Sun in lagna, but both sitting in raja yoga giver sign of Mercury which was 1L+10L in 2H, although with no aspect. A house lord with no aspect has normal influence on its house equivalent to 50% aspect of non-lord planet, provided other factors are normal.

Ketu was 3L in 3H but in the sign of Venus in bhaavachalita, and the most friendly planet of Venus was Ketu. Hence, although Ketu itself was not good, it gave the benefic or friendly fruit of Venus according to rule of Laghu Parashari.

Saturn was in its own sign in 7H, although of mixed nature being 5L+6L, beneficence being more than maleficence and it was neutral to 10H with 69% aspect.

SD planet Moon was in its own sign with exalted Jupiter, although Jupiter had kendraadhipati dosha.

Thus, the overall results were mixed, but there were yoga giver effects too.

D-10's Vimshottari

Vimshottari sequence was Moon:Mars:Saturn.
Sun and Moon were conjunct in 8H of LK (Lagna Kundali) of D-10, hence their sign Karka should be made lagna according to rule of SC (Sudarshana Chakra).

MD planet Moon was in own sign in lagna.
AD planet Mars was raja yoga giver as 5L+10L in 3H.
PD planet Saturn was benefic as 7L (kendraadhipati beneficence of natural malefic) but malefic as 8L, hence mixed, but in 5H which increased its beneficence. But AD planet Mars had highest friendly aspect on Saturn, and both conjuncts of Mars (Venus and Jupiter) also had fast friendly and friendly aspects on Saturn respectively, and combined aspects of these three planets was significant.

Annual Chart

VPC-1 (i.e., annual chart) :-
D-1's Vimshottari planets in VPC-1's bhaavachalita chart were as follows :
MD planet Venus was neecha in 12Hm hence VRY.
AD planet Ketu was 2L and in fast friendly sign in 10H of politics.
PD planet Saturn was raja yoga giver as 4L+5L in 12H, while 12H itself was benefic due to its lord Mercury sitting there in exaltation, and Saturn was neutral to Mercury and therefore not harmed by dint of sitting in 12H.
PD planet Moon was 10L in 8H but in moola trikona which gives both good and bad results.

Monthly Chart

VPC-2 or monthly chart was also largely benefic but with slighly mixed fruits.
MD planet Venus was in own sign in 12H, hence mixed, but as raja yoga giver 4L+5L in bhaavachalita.
AD planet Ketu sat in lagna owned by Mercury which was in 10H having 55% neutral aspect on Ketu.
PD planet Saturn was 8L+9L, hence mixed, but in 3H which increased the beneficence, while AD planet Ketu was friendly to it.

We must combine all these results, which are mostly benefic but with some mixed results too, resulting in hung Parliament.

Won General Elections in 2015 with Absolute Majority

On 7 May 2015, Cameron retained his Premiership and won a majority in the House of Commons.

D-1 and its Vimshottari

D-1's Vimshottari Planets were Sun:Ketu:Sat:Merc

Sun was 12L, but conjunct with combust and debilitated Venus, which made Sun effective lord of 2H and 9H also which were actually owned by Venus. Moreover, Sun and Venus sat in rajayoga giver sign of Mercury which was 1L+10L.

Ketu was in 3H in sign of Venus, hence controlled by Sun.

Thus, MD and AD was benefic for 10H because Sun was friendly to 10H.

PD planet Saturn was 5L+6H which made it neutral, but placement in kendra 7H was good excepting for health, and Saturn sitting in its own sign made it yoga giver. It was retrograde too which further increased its strength. Saturn had 69% neutral aspect on 10H.

SD planet Mercury was raja yoga giver as mentioned earlier.

PrD Venus was controlled by Sun as mentioned earlier. We may, however, ignore finer levels of Vimshottari due to slight uncertainty in birth time.

VPC-1 or Annual Chart

D-1's MD planet Sun was 8L, but in 9H conjunct with 9L Mercury which was 6L+9L. There neecha Venus cancelled the benefits of Mercury being in own sign, but this cancellation was compensated by rajayoga of Venus which was 5L + 10L. Both Mercury and Venus were combust in Sun, therefore in effect Sun controlled theor houses including lagna and 10H and also got the benefit of rajayoga on account of 5L+10L, but some malefic fruits were also there on account of 8L and 6L.

This overall result of LK (Lagna Kundali) should be combined with similar results of SK (Surya Kundali) and CK (Chandra Kundali).

In SK, Sun was 12L, but rajayoga of Mercury 1L+10L and Venus 2L+9L made the Sun benefic because those combust benefics gave their fruits to Sun due to combustion.

In CK, Sun itself was a benefic being 5L in 7H kendra. Mercury was malefic but friendly to 10H, and Venus was 2L+7L killer but fast friendly to 10H, while Sun was neutral to 10H.

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