Verification of Vinay Jha's Rain Forecast by NASA

Climate branch of NASA headquarters at GSFC (Goddard Space Flight Centre), at Goddard, Maryland, USA

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I ( Vinay Jha) had sent two fortnightly rain and flood forecasts in advance to Dr TN Jha, Patna's regional director of IMD (Indian Meteorological Department) for the whole month of September, 2006, who later reported that he could not properly verify the rain forecast for the whole country due to time constraints but had verified my flood forecasts which proved to be amazingly true. He encouraged me to write up and present papers at international seminars.


I used to send fortnightly and annual rain forecasts to 615 weather scientists all over the world for the forthcoming financial year. A scientist from NASA's headquarters in USA mailed me that NASA would spend time on verifying my so many rain forecasts only if I send him some previous forecast which had been published prior to the forecast period. All my published forecasts were in Hindi, hence I sent him the forecast in English which was sent to IMD. He verified it against actual data and reported that my forecasts were "smart" and "good" , but advised me that mere forecasts would not do, I must publish my results in the form of scientific research paper. Here I attach the screenshot of this verification report sent to me from NASA headquarters There are three topmost scientists at the helm of Climate branch of NASA headquarters, one of whom is Dr Yogesh Sood, whose report is attached here.

Call by Royal Met. Society for Paper

I prepared this scientific paper suggested by Dr Yogesh Sood later with a view to get it published in the journal of Royal Meteorological Society of UK, because the Chief Executive of that organisation, interested in my forecasts and my techniques, asked me to send my paper to his journal. On the right is the scanned copy of his response.


Acceptance of Vinay Jha's Paper by CAOS, IISc, Bangalore

But few weeks later, I got an invitation from CAOS, IISc ( Centre for Atmospheric Sciences, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore) to send my scientific paper for evaluation ( because I had mailed a lot of my rain forecasts to all concerned scientists there). My paper 'A New Approach to Rain Forecasting' can be viewed (click this link : I sent this paper to CAOS, IISc, which was accepted by referees. On the right is the scanned copy of acceptance letter sent by the Dr GS Bhatt, Chairman of India's premier scientific organisation in this field, who also invited me to participate in the forthcoming international conference "Celebrating the Monsoons ". Later, CAOS also sent me video recording of my presentation of this paper at Tower Hall inside Indian Institute of Science campus in Bangalore on July 24, 2007, at the aforementioned international conference.


Consensus about Suryasiddhanta to be the Basis for National Panchangas

A 2-day conference-cum-workshop was convened at Sampoornanand Sanskrit University of Varanasi on 17-18 Oct 2005 in which it was unanimously decided after long discussions that Suryasiddhanta and its updated Makaranda Table must be the sole basis for national level panchangas.
This conference was organised by various organisations and was convened by Dr Nagendra Pandey, currently Head of Dept of Jyotisha in Sampoornanand Sanskrit University of Varanasi. Over 200 famous astrologers and academics from six Hindi speaking states participated.

Senior astrologers at this conference were :

Dr Nagendra Pandey, currently Head of Dept of Jyotisha in Sampoornanand Sanskrit University of Varanasi.

Dr Shukadeva Chaturvedi, retd. Head of Dept of Jyotisha in LBS Kendriya Sanskrit Vidyapeeth ,Deemed University, New Delhi.

Dr Ramchandra Pandey, retd. Head of Dept of Jyotisha in Benaras Hindu University or BHU.

Dr Radhakant Mishra, presently Head of Dept and Head of Faculty of Jyotisha in KSD Sanskrit University

Dr Chandrama Pandey, Head of Dept of Jyotisha of BHU (Banaras Hindu University)

Pt Hiralal Mishra of BHU, who is the seniormost panchanga maker of Varanasi.

Dr Satyendra Mishra , editor of Vishva Pancjanga of BHU.

Dr Chandramauli Upadhyaya, now Reader (later HOD) in Dept of Jyotisha of BHU (Banaras Hindu University), and sole Trustee of Kashi Vishvanath Mandir at that time.

Dr Arun Kr Pandey , editor of panchanga published by Sampoornanand Sanskrit University.

Pt Shrikant Tiwari,Pt Ajay Mishra, both panchanga makers of Varanasi.

Dr Gita Sharma, Murari Vajapeyi , both panchanga makers of Chattisgarh.

There were nearly 200 important astrologers and scholares all of whom cannot be named here. It was an epoch conference, which resulted in publication of Suryasiddhantic panchangas from Orissa, Chattisgarh, UP, Bihar, etc., as well as in rectification of old panchangas on Suryasiddhantic principles.

Suryasidhhantic panchanga making software was demonstrated at the workshop there by me. As a result of this conference, many new Suryasidhhantic panchangas were started from various states of India on the basis of this software.
This conference decided that all existing panchangas should be reformed on the basis of Suryasiddhanta, although only one university has decided to do so after this conference. There were many proponents of modern astronomy in this conference, but in the end they agreed that for astrological purposes Suryasiddhanta was the best choice.


KSD Sanskrit University decided to accept Vinay Jha's Software

As a proof of correctness of my approach, I am attaching the order of KSD Sanskrit University, a government university in India recognized by UGC, which decided that the method of my software is correct and should be used for rectifying the almanac published by this university. This university was initially reluctant to listen to me and it had to examine the issue after a high court order, which is mentioned in the scanned copy of VC's order at the bottom of this page. Meetings of scholars ("pandit-sabhaa") were held by the Vice Chancellor for three days, and my standpoint was finally accepted. Following is the VC's order after 3 days of debates by experts after a court order. It clearly states the decision :

"University's almanac (panchanga) is based upon original Makarand Table, but henceforth it will be published after due reforms by coordinating it with the software developed by Vinay Jha, for which a 3-member committee is being instituted comprising of HOD, one senior (retd) professor and Vinay Jha, the HOD Pt Ramchandra Jha is being directed to hold meetings of this committee and publish the almanac thereafter". The HOD Pt Ramchandra Jha agreed to abide by this order, but published the almanac without any reforms, and was later replaced with another scholar as HOD and director of almanac. See below this VC-order some points concerned with verification of Kundall software.


Patna High Court Order against KSD Sanskrit University

The above proceedings and order by KSD Sanskrit University was a result of following High Court order which forced that university to probe into my complaints against its Jyotisha Dept and panchaanga.
As far as I know, for the first time any high court ordered the Vice Chancellor to probe into the competence of its entire faculty, after a complaint by me :


—Vinay Jha

(PS : I did not want to advertise my achievements, but some miscreants have started spreading rumours that I am a fraud without any experience in research. Hence, I am forced to put a few of my items here)

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