Compatibility Or Melapaka

Melapaka has been wrongly handled by everyone. Birthchart's melapaka works on whole life, but melapaka of a particular month or a particular year or a particular Vimshottari period should be deduced from the Lunar longitude of that particular chart, esp if birthchart's melapaka is weaker than annual or monthly or Dasha-pravesha-chakra for that period. Due to these periodic charts ,there are ups and downs in melapaka between two persons. Moreover, Melapaka should always be used in conjunction with SBC (Sarvato-Bhadra Chakra) of that periodic chart. In marriage, birthchart's melapaka is used because lifelong compatibility is needed.

Astrologers use only D-1 for Melapak, but I use all divisionals and their respective dashaas as well as five levels of VPC (annual &c charts) for lifelong and periodic ups-and-downs in Melapak. For instance, You have 24.5 Melapak with me in D-1, but 28 in D-10 (major achievements) and 25 in D-9 (for Dharmic activities), but only 9 in D-24. Hence, due to high Melapak in D-1, D-9, D-10 etc, you have soft corner for me, but due to low Melapak in D-24 you find no time to test and analyze my work adequately. Do not take this post as a criticism, it is a mere reminder for the vast scope and uses of Melapak which astrologers are ignoring. We always find ups-and-downs in relationships, hence Vimshottari's onset chart's Melapak and annual/monthly melapak are highly significant in real life. To it add Ashtakavarga and we can plan team works in companies, sport teams, etc in a better way rather than depending on lifelong effects of D-1 only. Secondly, computation of Melapak in all softwares and panchanghas are based on slightly crude and wrong methods, Kundalee Software follows Muhurta Chintamani strictly.

Every divisional chart has its own longitude of Moon and of other planets as well as of Lagna. It is wrong to impose Melapaka or Vimshottari made from Moon's position in D-1 on other divisionals. Every divisional's Melapaka and Vimshottari, Ashtottari, Kalachakra dashaa, etc should be made from its own lunar nakshatra. BPHS clearly states twice in the verses on phala of AD of Mercury or Venus during MD of Sun that Venus and Mercury can be situated in 6th or 8th houses from Sun, which is possible only in some divisionals other than D-1. hence Parashara Rishi clearly asks us to make separate Vimshottari tables for each divisional. I use this method for many many years and it works fine. But higher divisionals should be used only when birth time error is small. Since Melapaka is made from Moon, same rule should apply to Melapaka. Annual or monthly chart's Moon should be used for its Melapaka. These short term charts give short term Melapaka, which explain tghe ups-and-downs in Melapaka between two persons. Birthchart's Melapaka of any divisional is lifelong average Melapaka. D-1's Melapaka is for mental compatibility for physical conforts. Birth-time D-24's Melapaka is mental compatibility in educational pursuits. Annual chart's D-24 shows mental compatibility in educational affairs for that year. And so on. Melapaka made from Moon's nakshatra in Dashaa-aarambha chart of a MD or AD shows mental compatibility of that divisional's topic for the period of that dashaa. But dashaa-aarambha-chart is very very difficult to make for Vimshottari. But annual/monthly charts are not difficult to make with reliable accuracy.

-V Jha

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