Birth Chart Of Gopinath Munde

Birthdata and Its Tampering By Astrologers

Birthdate of Late Gopinath Munde is falsely reported by many fake astrologers who invent data for writing cheap articles and books. Pt Sanjay Rath got three different birthdata for Munde Ji, all of which were wrong by many years, on which Mr Rath wrote : "There are three birth charts for Gopinath Munde – all for 18 October but in different years – 1939, 1941 and 1949. Indian politicians need to constantly change their birth dates to remain young and youthful for their voters who demand smart, heroic, dynamic, strong leaders. Since birthdays are celebrated, the date is normally not changed – just the year! Now see the trouble the astrologer has to go through." -( )

The fact is, however, politicians do not change their data to remain young, but astrologers tamper with given data and do not waste their time to find out truth. Late Munde's own website as well as his official records states his birthdate was 12-12-1949. But all three data mentioned by Mr Rath and by other internet sources mention 18 October, although they give various years such as 1939, 1941, 1949, etc. None of these astrologers got the wrong data by Mr Munde himself or his relatives. They invented false data, which is a crime.

Moreover, they report wrong birthplace for Mr Munde, who himself mentioned Nathra village in Parali (Parli) Tehsil in Beed (Bid) district of Maharashtra. Paste the following into your web browser to see his birth place :

Thus, Longitude = 76:28:28 E, and Latitude = 18:57:19 N should be used, which none of these astrologers tried to find in spite of having access to internet which I used to find out Nathra village with just half a minute of effort.

Moreover, Pt Sanjay Rath uses D-60 (shashtyamsha) for swearing-in chart with about four minutes of error in time of swearing-in, although the lagna in D-60 changes every two minutes. When swearing-in had started on 26th May 2014, I had already synchronized my computer's clock with online reliable sources of Time, and noted down starting time of swearing-in of all ministers carefully. Mr Rath did not waste his time on such recording.

But I thank Mr Rath for one thing, his reference gives 7:30 as birth time, although with wrong date and year. Unfortunately, this source (a marathi journal) changes PM to AM. Here is the correct birth time of Late Gopinath Munde :

12-12-1949, evening 7:30 PM.

Analysis of chief events

(1) Death :

Analysis Of Actual Time Of Death

Time of death : accident occurred at 6:26, after which Munde Ji came out of his car, asked for water and said that he needs to be sent to hospital, then fell down, never to get up again due to heart attack (medical report). Hence, the time of death should be 6:27 AM.

At that time, Five Vimshottari planets were :

MD and AD : Saturn, 8L + 9L with 2L Moon. BPHS sats if Saturn is relative of a mārakesh, than Saturn becomes the mārakesh. Here, Moon is mārakesh (2L) and is conjunct with Saturn. Hence, Saturn becomes mārakesh.

PD : Rāhu, which is 9L in 10H in neutral sign of Jupiter which has VRY (neecha in 8H). This resulted in swift rise in politics during Rāhu's and Jupiter's MD (1978 to 2011 Dec), but when Rāhu came in sub-period of Saturn it proved to be killer because Saturn had only two bitter enemies as relatives : Moon and Rāhu. Moon's killer powers had already been seized by Saturn as stated above.

SD : Sun, seated in 6H and 3L, hence a killer. Moreover, among three planets on which Rāhu had bitter inimical aspects, Sun was the only planet to sit in a dushta sthaana.

PrD : Rāhu, because Sun was a bitter enemy of only Rahu and no other planet was enemy of Sun.

Laghu Pārāshari says that planets give their fruits in sub-periods of their relatives. This rule applies perfectly to the above case.

For analyzing serious accidents, illness, injuries and death, make D-1 and D-30 with their respective Vimshottaris, and then compare the respective strengths of ruling planets of dashaas to find out astrological significance. In this case, Sun is most malefic because it has both vargottama and bhavottama yogas in 8H which makes it highly malefic and very strong too. Thus, 8th sign in which Sun was seated, and 5th rasi owned by Sun, these two signs were most afflicted. But maarakesh Saturn was sitting in Leo and Sun's AD in Saturn's MD was running. Therefore, Leo became the most malefic sign. That is why body parts ruled by Leo were most affected. This approach is comprehensive and dynamic. Divisionals should not be evaluated in isolation from D1, and respective strengths should be compared too. This is logical too.

The problem arises when you use Drik and find that such logical rules based on classics do not consistently work, and then you give up classical phalita astrology instead of testing SSS. Try to understand the logic behind my explanations of events on the basis of relations, aspects, etc, but not without testing the arguments with reference to software (Kundalee Software, or JHora with bhaavachalita).

Analysis Of Classical Rule Of Death

BPHS states that MD and AD of more killer planets prevail among three types of Longevity rules, namely Amshāyu, Pindāyu and Nisargāyu, and if none of these three types prove to be killer then other killer planets prevail. In this case, we get Amshāyu in 1992.72 when MD of Rāhu and AD of Venus was running, Pindāyu in 2032.19 when in D-1 MD as well as AD of Mercury was running, and Nisargāyu in 2025.34 when MD of Saturn and AD of Rāhu was running. Venus being fast friend of Rāhu rules out Amshāyu. Mercury being a yoga-giver benefic rules out Pindāyu. Saturn-Rāhu comination being highly killer as shown above suggests that Nisargāyu ought to have prevailed. But Saturn was not merely a mārakesha by dint of seizing the 2L power from its conjunct Moon, it was 8L too (in D1 and D30), that is why Saturn could not wait for Saturn-MD and Rāhu-AD, and it hurried to kill the native in Sat(MD)-Sat(AD)-Rāhu(PD).

VPC (Varsha Pravesh Chakra) Analysis Of Death

VPC-annual (i.e., VPC-1) shows all five D1's Vimshottari planets to be killers : MD-AD was of Saturn which was 2L in VPC-1. PD and PrD was of Rahu which was also 2L in VPC-1. SD was of Sun which was in 12H as 8L in VPC-1.

In SK (Surya Kundali) of VPC-1, Saturn was in 12H and in CK (Chandra Kundali) Saturn was in 8H. Hence, Saturn was a killer in all three SC (Sudarshana Chakra) charts. Rahu was 11L in 7H in CK but in SK it was neutral and 4H in 11H. Hence, Rahu was a killer in LK (Lagna Kundali) and CK, but not in SK. Hence, Rahu was akiller in SC. Sun was killer in LK, but in SK and CK it was itself a benefic but with highly malefic Mercury. On the whole, SC of VPC-1 was killer for Vimshottari planets.

In VPC-2 (monthly chart) Saturn was benefic in LK but killer in SK and CK. Same with Rahu. Sun was killer in 8H in CK, but benefic in SK. In LK it was 7L, hence killer. Leo was malefic in two out of three charts in SC.

VPC-3 started at 22:34 PM on June 1, 2014. Saturn and Rahu were 2L in LK and Sun was 8L. In SK Saturn and Rahu were in 6H and in CK Saturn was 7L +8L while Rahu was 8L conjunct with Saturn. Sun was a benefic in SK but 2L in CK. Hence overall result of VPC-3 was killer status for all Vimshottari planets.

VPC-4 (June 2, 3:48 AM) had Saturn and Rahu killer in all three SC charts : they were together in 7H in LK, in 6H in SK, and 8L in 4H and Saturn was also 7L in CK.

VPC-5 (June 2, 6:24:41 AM, till 6:50:54) had all five Vimshottari planets killers : Saturn was 1L +12L in LK in 9H hence more benefic than malefic, but Saturn was in 6H in SK and it was 7L +8L in 5H in CK. Rahu was in 8H in LK, 8L in CK but 10L in 5H in SK. Sun was 7L in LK, 2L in 12 in CK, but 4L in lagna in SK.

In SC, we need to check LK, SK and CK, and if a Vimshottari planet is killer in two or more charts out of three, then it will remain a killer. Therefore, birt-chart's Vimshottari planets performance in both birthchart and in VPC need to be evaluated. If birthchart's results are reinforced by VPC then the event becomes certain. It is the case with strong events. For weak events, VPV may not confirm the results of birthchart's Vimshottari and then we have to compare strengths which is a complicated affair. Studying strong events like death is easy.

(2) Only three daughters, no son :

5L in D1 is Venus which sits with neech Jupiter. Neech Jupiter is not powerful enough to suppress Venus. In D7 too, Venus and Jupiter sit in lagna. Thus , on the whole Venus and Jupiter control offsprings, but Venus is far stronger, giving daughters only. Neecha (debilitated) Jupiter in 8H gives VRY, but Venus being a conjunct relative is stronger to a neecha planet.

Moreover, current MD of D7 is of Saturn since 2001, in whose MD Mr Munde's daughter Pankaja Palave won the native assembly constituency parali. Saturn is in moola-trikone in D7 in 4H, aspecting 10H of D7.

(3) Spouse :

D1's 7H contains Mercury as 1L + 4L, i.e., raaja-yoga. It was due to spouse, who was sister of Late Pramod Mahajan,that Mr Munde became a relative and confidante of Late Pramod Mahajan and rose in politics. Moreover, during his last year in law college it was Mercury's AD when he came into close contact with Pramod Mahajan's sister.

(4) Politics :

Rahu in 10H and VRY-Jupiter controlloing 10H caused the strongest raajayoga, from 25-12-1978 to 20-12-2011. Mercury has strong raajayoga too, but its MD has to start in 2030, hence Mercury could give its good results only during sub-periods of its friend Rahu and Jupiter (neutral). His raajayoga started on 31 May 1981 when he won Renapur assembly constituency in Maharashta due to Mercury's PD in MD and AD of Rahu by getting 38443 votes in contrast to 33267 votes of Congress ( SD was of Jupiter which also had raajayoga. PrD may be omitted due to small error possible in birth time, although with this birth time we get Saturn in Prd which was killer but 9L in 3H which is highly benefic too.

But he lost next assembly election in 1985 due to killer Saturn's AD in D1 and Sun's AD in yoga-giver Venus MD in D10. But other ADs in Venus MD of D10 were highly benefic due to exalted 5L + 10L double raajayoga of Venus 1981 to 2001. Next MD Sun was not good in D10, moolatrikone Sun in 8H, but then D1 had VRY of Jupiter which suppressed D10. D10 works only when its dashaa-kaaraka planets are very strong.

(5) Father's Death In 1969.

It was Mars MD and Rahu AD in D12 (19-11-1967 to 26-11-1969) followed with killer Jupiter's AD (2L+11L in 4H, but Rahu was a stronger relative of Mars) in which Mars was in 8H of death of parents (because D12 is for parents) and Rahu was neech in 10 of father ruled by lord Mars.

In D1, MD was of Moon which was 2L conjunct with killer Saturn in 3H. Moon in 3H is malefic. Moreover, Moon had 49' (82%) inimical aspect on 10H and same amount of inimical aspect on 9H : 10H in D1 deals with fortunes of and from from father in all divionals while 9H deals with fortunes of and from father in AV according to BPHS. AD in D1 was of Mercury till 10 July 1969 followed with Ketu. Mercury had rajayoga (1L+4L) and it was not inimical to 10H, while Ketu was inimical to 10H and was 6L conjunct with highly malefic 6L + 11L Mars. Hence, although I do not know the month of death of father, it is likely that it should have occurred after July 10 in 1969 due to Ketu.

(6) Education : Law Degree 1971-6

I have also enquired into the so-called fake degree of late Munde, and found that the affidavit contained error in the name of college because it was filled by some assistant, but the degree itself was genuine and awarded by Pune University. Moreover his real college is among top ten law colleges of India. It is worth mentioning that with 7:30 pm as birth time, we find Rahu MD in Vimshottari of D24 when he took degree : Rahu was svagrihi in 2H and its best aspect was on 5H : 44' fast friendly. Hence, in spite of hailing from a poor family, his education was helped by svagrihi planet in dhana-bhaava 2H aspecting 5H in D24 and therefore he could afford one of the best law colleges of India. Incidentally, Rahu was the only strong benefic in D24, hence he left studies after taking a five year BA-LLB degree just few months before Rahu's MD ended.


Thus, all chief events are explained satisfactorily if we accept the birthdate as mentioned by Late Gopinath Munde instead of declaring him to be a liar to remain youthful as Pt Sanjay Rath does. All politicians are not liars and frauds. Unfortunetely for many astrologers, real birthdata fails to explain all chief events satisfactorily if SSS (Suryasiddhanta) is not followed. Therefore, these astrologers try to tamper with the original birthdata instead of testing SSS. Researchers using SSS may use five-level VPC and AV to fine tune the timing of known events for BTR (Birth Time Rectification), which is time consuming.


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