Bhaavas From All Bhaavas

BPHS (Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra) states that any Bhaava should be assumed to be Lagna and then results of all other houses should be seen accordingly. But such excercizes should be based on classics and not whimsical. Here are examples.

11H (11th House or Bhaava)

11H is 7th from 5H, hence 11H represents "son's wife &c" = पुत्रजायादि. But 11H is Trikona (5th) from 7H too and is therefore part of Kaama-Trikona and represents "Intelligence needed to fulfill Kaama" in general and is conducive for Kaama of the Native.

11H is 12th from 12H, i.e., Haani of Haani = worldly Laabh, but also Loss of Moksha, which means worldly gains are impediments for spiritual gains.
11H is 10th from 2H, both 2H and 10H are paert of Artha-Trikona, hence 11H is conducive for economic gains in general and shows the ways of necessary Karma needed for gaining wealth in particular.
11H is 2nd from 10H, hence 11H is conducive for economic gains in general and Dhana-bhaava for Karma, i.e., 11H gives economic gains of Karma.

11H is 8th from 4H and 4th from 8H, which means it shows the spiritual path (8H) for attaining real Sukha (4H) and real wisdom(4H), and is also the vehicle and basis of spiritual knowledge. That is why BPHS relates 11H to Teerthaatana (cf. Bhaavaadheesha-phala-adhyaaya's 11L).

11H is 3rd from 9H and 9th from 3H, which means 11H is Paraakrama needed for attaining Vedic Dharma opens the door to Bhaagya, and 11H is also Fortune for Paraakrama, i.e., gives fruits of Paraakrama according to good or bad nature of 11H and its lord.

The magnitude and qualitative nature of these fruits depend on Pada charts.


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