Amir Khan

Amir Khan : Astrological Reason of present turmoil (Nov 2015, his statement about Intolerance in India):-

Birthdata : 6:10 am, 14:03:1965, Mumbai.

Using Suryasiddhanta, Amir Khan's current Vimshottari is Sun's MD and Venus AD, both sitting in lagna in D-1. Venus is combust, hence controlled by Sun. Sun has bitter inimical aspect on 9H, hence Amir Khan is enemy of Dharma during Sun's MD. After that, he will remain enemy of Dharma during MDs of Moon and Mars too, till 2032, after which Rahu will be good for 9H and he will improve. Sun sits in lagna, hence Chandra Kundali is ineffective in SC (Sudarshana Chakra). D-9's deity of Sun is Raakshasa, hence during Sun's MD he will behave like a demon in the matters related to Dharma.

BPHS's two conditions of Astottari are also fulfilled in his case. Astottari MD and AD are both of Jupiter (since July 2014). In D-1, Jupiter has Dhana-yoga, being lord of both 2H and 11H. Hence, his earnings are at all time high. But Jupiter gives sinful results in 3H, hence he earned through sinful film (PK).

In D-9, Moon's MD is running which is enemy of 9H and neecha in 10H, hence his actions (career) towards Dharma will be inimical as well as debased (neecha) because Moon is neecha in the house of career.

Kaaraka-Dashaa is of Mars which is also inimical to 9H of Dharma.

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