Aam Adami Party

AAP's Foundation Chart :-

26-11-2012, Noon, New Delhi (Constitution Club :- Longitude= 77:12:47.68 , Latitude= 28:37:10.62)

It is not a complete analysis of AAP's horoscope, only selected topics are investigated impartially (using SSS-Ganita).

Birth-chart of AAP


8L Sun in 10H of politics is bad : its result is malefic political activity and lack of political success. Mercury is 6L+9L there, which is neutral, but there is a debilitated 2L Rahu also which is killer like Sun and Rahu's fruit is debased (neecha) and unethical political activities. 10L Mars is 11L also in bhaavachalita (cusps of both houses are in Scorpio), hence 10L is malefic, and Mesha is not the cusp of any house in bhaavachalita which adds more maleficence to 10L Mars. 10 and planets in 10H give AAP a fighter spirit with malefic intents for India's political system. Moreover, Ketu is also 10L and it is neecha too, which makes 10H further debased and immoral. But strong planets in 10H, of whom rajayoga giver Venus has its Vimshottari running, gives AAP much publicity, some power, and money from donations due to exalted 2L in 9H.

In SBC (Sarvato-Bhadra Chakra), the letters "bh + a" have vedha from Mercury, Mars, Moon Rahu and Ketu. Five vedhas on "Bhaarata", if all of them are malefic, mean death-like situation on India. But Mercury is not wholly malefic, hence AAP's deadly influence on India's political system will fail to completely destroy India, also because current Vimshottari planet Venus is a benefic. Nevertheless, AAP is highly malefic for political health of India.

Vimshottari :-

Current Vimshottari is of Venus, till 26 May 2030. Venus is in moola-trikona and Rajayoga-giver as 4L+5L in 9H, conjunct with neutral exalted 1L+2L Saturn there. Venus is very very good for 4H, 5H, 9H ; and very good for 10H, 11H ; and good for 1H, 6H, 2H in decreasing order, but bad for 3H, 7H and 12H.

AD of Sun is not good because Sun is 8L in 10H, although good MD and PD gave it power in Delhi.

Astrological Analysis of 'AAP' attitude towards RELIGION and Spirituality :-

D-1 :-

1L (=Lagna-lord) sits exalted in neutral sign Tula in 9H, but cusp of 9H falls in Kanya and therefore 9L is Mercury.
Saturn is fast lord of 1H and 2H, hence good to them, but enemy of 3H, 7H and most of all to 12H. Hence, Saturn is benefic to physical and financial aspects as well as for Dharma in whose house it sits.
But here we must not impose modern western notion of Dharma. Vedic tradition differentiates Dharma from Moksha as different Purushaarthas. Hence, Dharma is quite distinct from spirituality, and is best defined by Poorva Mimaansaa as Vedic Karmakaanda, which can be translated in modern sensibility as thus :

Dharma is the ethically proper way of performing Karma to fulfil duties and wishes without harming social and spiritual goals of life.

AAP is well disposed towards such a Dharma, and therefore most of its activists are propelled by a genuine desire to wipe out corruption from public life, and restore genuine Dharma in public affairs. Saturn is the strongest planet in AAP's Foundation Chart, hence this attitude towards Dharma is the most prominent feature of AAP. Moola-trikona Venus sits in 9H too, as benefic yoga-giver 4L+5L. It means Education and Land-use will also receive benefic attention by AAP.

But lord of 9H is Mercury which is 6L also and sits with two malefics in 10H of Karma : 8L Sun and 2L Neecha Rahu, which means the lord of Dharma will prevent the genuinely Dharmic intentions of Saturn from being transformed into actual Karma, because the house of Karma is plagued by 6L, 8L, 2L and a neecha planet, which means that the Dharma Lord will guide the dharmic aspirations of AAP activists towards enmity (6L) with those Dharmic forces which are not part of AAP or its overt or covert helpers, and will use foul and debased (Neecha) methods to fight with a killer instinct (8L, 2L) against other Dharmic forces. The chief target of such an attack by AAP should be judged from SBC of D-1 in which the consonant "N" has vedha from Mercury and Sun which are afflicting Dharma through foul Karma, as well as from Moon which is 7L (killer) in inimical sign and malefic house in 3H, and the vowel "A" of Narendra Modi has vedha from Rahu which is killer and Neecha (Neecha and malific 11L Ketu also has vedha on "A", and Moon also has vedha of "A" vowel). In total, there are five vedhas on "NA". According to Aadi Yaamala Tantra, five vedha is sure shot for Death, which means AAP will fight till Death of either Narendra Modi or of AAP. No other letter receives so many malefic vedhas in SBC. Hence, whether Narendra Modi is good or bad does not matter for AAP, AAP has to oppose him at all costs. 9L Mercury is enemy of both Venus and Saturn. Although Mercury is not strong like exalted Saturn, it has many killer and malefic helpers in 10H and SBC which pool up their strengths to invert the posotive aspirations of AAP towards malefic ends in actual activity.

Saturn and its benefic conjunct Venus are good for 9H but enemies of 12H of spirituality which is lorded by a malefic 3L+12L Jupiter in 5H. Hence, 12H is plagued by two strongest planets as well as by the lord. It means AAP is dead against real spirituality. Moreover, 12L is sitting in bitter enemy sign of Venus in 5H as a retro, which shows AAP's role in the field of education will be against genuine spirituality and will fall in line with what many people call pseudo-secularism.

AL chart (Arudha Pada of Lagna of D-1):

Siddhantic Lagna of D-1 is Makara 24.38 deg or 294.38 deg, its lord Saturn is at 190.05 deg or 255.67 deg after Lagna, hence AL should be at (255.67 + 190.05 =) 85.7175 deg. It falls almost near the cusp of 6H in D1. Hence, AL has Mithuna as Lagna of Arudha. 12H from AL has highly malefic Kendraadhipati-Doshi 7L+10L Jupiter as retro in bitter enemy sign of Venus which is bad for spirituality, which means AAP will use malefic and false means to attack genuine spiritualism (AL shows the MEANS to attain the ends, while D-1 shows the ends to be achieved or received, this view is based on BPHS). But 12L Venus is benefic as 5L in 5H but malefic as 12L, with exalted Saturn which is also mixed : 8L + 9L. Thus, Lords of both 12H of spirituality and of 9H of Dharma are mixed, and mixed MEANS will be employed, but 12H contains highly malefic Jupiter, therefore spirituality will be attaked in foul and false manner.

AL contains 2L Moon which is Dhanayoga. It means APP should get plenty of money through unfair means (unfair because Moon in 11L is malefic), and 11L Mars is 6L also, which increases the foulness and unfairness of financial sources of AAP. Therefore, AAP itself gets money through corrupt means but falsely accuses BJP of corruption (it must not be forgotten that BJP never spared a single major BJP leader if any charge of corruption was levelled, while Congress protected its scandalous leaders, yet AAP is getting support from Congress votebanks and is trying its best to convert anti-Congress movement into anti-Modi movement).

D-20 of Foundation Chart has Lagna afflicted with malefic 3L + 12L Mercury in bitter enemy sign of Moon which its combust in 2L killer Sun in 7H. 12H has 6L+9L retro Jupiter. Therefore, AAP must fight tooth and nail against spiritualism, real religion, devotion, etc and is destined to uphold atheistic secularism. 5H of D20 has 7L+8L Saturn in bitter enemy's sign, while 5L is highly benefic and strong Mars in 10H, which means AAP will act (Karma) for good ethical education, but killer Saturn in 5H will not allow such intentions to fructify : the sum is a mixed attitude towards spiritual and ethical education.

Oath Chart of AAP Govt in Delhi 2015

Swearing-in started at 12:10 noon at Ramlila Ground (28N38:30.0264, 77E13:50.0952) on 14th Feb, CM's appointment by President announced at 12:15 noon. According to Live TV, Arvind Kejriwal starts his oath taking at 12:13:42 pm and ends at 12:16:25 by signing on paper finally.

Oath Chart is Birth Chart of the political establishment or person or government COMING TO POWER WITH THE OATH , and the full longevity of oath chart is not 120 years as in natal horoscopy. The normal duration of that political entity is the full longevity (eg, 5 years for an elected govt or chief minister). Some softwares provide facility for compressing Vimshottari to shorter periods for such charts. Oath chart reflects the POTENTIAL of all future activities in all fields under the scope of that political entity.


Sun is Bhaavaheena in 10H which makes it highly malefic for 10H (bhaavaheena means Leo is not the cusp of any house). Venus moves to 11H in bhaavachalita.

Mars is malefic, and Jupiter afflicts 4H in bhaavachalita. Hence, land sector will be dealt with foolishly.

Jup and Merc are mutual enemies in Oath chart of Kejriwal. Besides, Jupiter is a strong malefic. Hence, in spite of efforts on education and business, the results will be sordid.

Moon has VRY as neecha in 8H in bhaavachalita, and Saturn is benefic (9L+10L) but weak in bitter enemy's sign). Mercury is mostly good and partly malefic (6L). All other planets are malefic.

Using SSS, 5-year compressed Vimshottari (quite different from Drik) gives Merc-Sat as MD-AD planet at the time of Oath (and from over 8 months before that ; Vimshottari is effective even before birth and helps in explaining events of elders in family). Hence, there is a strong wave in favour of Kejriwal till 25th Feb 2015. After that, continuous deterioration will go on accumulating till mid 2018, after which Saturn MD will improve things and next assembly elections will be held under benign planets (Saturn or Mercury) if AAP holds together till then.

D-10's compressed Vimshottari is of Venus which sits in 8H but there Mars sits in own sign. Svagrihi planet in 8H is bad, but that house improves and therefore other planets seated there get the boon. Neech Rahu makes VRY there too which is neutral to Venus. Hence, D-1 and D-10 combine to give a strong Rajayoga currently. But next MD will be of Sun which is benefic 5L in 11H but weak in bitter enemy Saturn's sign, then 4L Moon with Kendraadhipati Dosha in enemy's sign in lagna will start serious political troubles for the whole govt. 3L+6L Merc, then by 10L+11L Sat in 6H


Combine Kejriwal's personal horoscope with this to get a fuller and more reliable picture.


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